Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

When it comes to finding the right plastic surgeon, I feel like it is the same as trying to find your prince charming! Most of them might be dishonest, cheat you, and tell you you look great, when you don’t. In all honesty, I think one of the hardest things is actually finding a plastic surgeon who will be honest with you and tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. So that might mean, “no, you don’t need to do a thing”, even if that does affect his pockets. But who’s truthful these days? If honesty wasn’t enough of a hard factor to work with, there’s also the right training, certification and education, good taste, and of course comfortability. Put all of that together and it seems that finding the right plastic surgeon is impossible!

Enter Dr. Khan. Now, I had heard about Dr. Khan for years, seen his work, and when I finally got to interview him I was blown away with not only how professional he was, but how kind. Personally, I grew up in a small town outside of Boston, and plastic surgery is not common there. After being in Dubai, which is a pretty big metropolitan city, you definitely see it quite often. The thing about seeing Dr. Khan’s work, is I never would have guessed someone actually did something. They simply looked fresher, more youthful and definitely more beautiful.

One of the most important things that I thought Dr. Khan shared with me is the level of education that goes into plastic surgery and also how competitive it is. It was really amazing to hear how he went through his education and had to learn everything from the very beginning, which means how to start with reconstruction of the face and body. I thought that was really interesting because I know a lot of women who do visit dermatologists for procedures like Botox and Fillers, who might know where they are putting the needle from the outside, but what about from the inside–it’s important to know where the needle is going on the inside to avoid any damage!

So if I ever were to go under the knife, I would without doubt want to look natural. The last thing I would want is something that looked obvious or botched! I would 100% go to Dr. Khan, not only because he is super kind, and made me feel comfortable, but also because he know’s what he’s doing, and knows when to stop, and most importantly is extremely honest! I guess when it comes to plastic surgery, Dr. Khan is your Night in Shining Armour!

I loved his clinic on Wasl Road!! Didn’t feel like a hospital or a clinic at all! It was very open and fresh and the staff was so warm and friendly! Here are some pictures from his office! If you would like to meet Dr. Khan or the Doctors in his clinic (Aesthetics International), you can pass by the Dubai Ladies Club all day today and get a consultation!


14 Responses to “Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon!”

  1. 1 Latifa Al Shamsi

    Thnx Huds….I just emailed u about a good dr for my frnd…she broke her nose :S

    • 2 khlood

      I know a plastic surgeon in Obagi medical spa in Dubai Mall. his name is Dr Leandro Junqueira and he’s amazing. I tried his work, he is truly talented.

  2. 3 Sunshine

    Dr. khan is not the best at all there are many better doctors. I know this from experience

    • 4 Huda Beauty Fan

      Dear Sunshine, from my experience and experiencing others, he is the best. Sorry it didn’t work for you, but he is one of the only guys in dubai who knows what he’s doin

  3. 5 hadeel

    Hi Sunshine acctually that is exactly what i want to hear someone tried his Job not only interviwed him.

  4. 6 annonymous X

    he is the best because i know manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ppl that have done surgery from him and he is GREAT!I NEVER GUESSED MY FRIENDS had any surgery !especially that he is sooo experienced and HONEST AND WONT LET U COME OUT LOOKING Like plastik,and wont also use u for money and convince u that u need manyyy surgeries like many drs do in dubai to cash in,and ppl should also accept and love themselves before going to a plastic surgeon,like u have to be comfortable with ur self cause a stanless steel won’t help you ,unless u do really need something to be fixed,and also many women that look up for celebs should know that they all nearly had plastic surgery but WONT admit and would say its a diff angle pic or its “contouring” and etc of lies!loving and embracing urself is key for confidence!good luck girls X

  5. 7 Sally


    Why would you suggest something that is haram? Plastic surgery is haram! As muslims we are not allowed to alter our bodies in any way. We must return our body to Allah the same way we received it. I am sorry to say this but all this makeup and skin products will not take you to heaven.

    • Sally,

      Please respect other people’s decisions to be interested in whatever they may wish and to help others in whatever manner they may wish. Allah judges people individually and I’m sure Huda knows this. If you care enough, make dua for her. If not, there’s no need to tell her what is going to “take her to heaven” or what’s not. You don’t know her well enough to make such statements. That is only for her Creator.

  6. 9 selma

    WOOOOHOHOHO SALLY SALLY !!!!! ease up girl , you are not god , he made us and only he can judge us , please don’t be so aggressive

  7. i trust huda and if she said he’s the best DR so definitely HE IS 😉
    thanks huda for sharing many info’s with us i think ur a lifesaver :*

  8. 11 hend

    HEy Huda I love your taste so I will go to him if you like his work!

  9. 12 Mais

    If you don’t like the content of this blog and if you have better things to do in your life why do you simply bother to stop by and comment!

    All women like to be beautiful, no matter how religious or nonreligious they are!! And:
    إن الله جميل يحب الجمال

    Plastic surgery is a very controversial subject and sometimes such a surgery is a necessity rather than a luxury! (what if you fall and break your nose, will you leave it broken and claim it’s haram to fix it!!) this is not how Islam is, so please stop claiming stuff about Islam, because it’s a beautiful religion and it’s not meant to make people’s life difficult by claiming everything is haram!!
    الإسلام دين يسر وليس عسر

    Taking care of yourself, applying makeup and looking beautiful does not interfere with fulfilling your religious obligations and on top of that is something personal between you and God, no one has the right to preach others about what they should/should not do. Start with yourself and leave others alone. We are all adults and we know what’s right from wrong.

    • 13 hadeel

      Hi Mais, some of what you said i agree with but i dont agree about the comparison you made, when i have a brok nose and i want to fix it’s tottaly different from fixing a nose God created me with and its only problem that i dont like.

  10. You can go for Dr Jason Diamond, Dr David Matlock, Dr Marc Mani, Dr John Diaz, all from Hollywood. They are available in dubai.

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