MAC’s Most Fashionable Collaboration?!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

In the world of makeup, there simply are no better collaborations than that of MAC cosmetics. I mean seriously–Miss Piggy, Disney Villains, Super Heroes. When it comes to finding the collaboration partner, MAC has that in the bag! And as much as each season surprises me, I am blown away with their recent news to collaborate with Daphne Guinness. Daphne is one of my top 10 (probably top 3) fashion icons, but what I also love about her is her love for makeup! She honestly has some insanely gorgeous looks, especially for lips! She has a signature, which I can totally appreciate–porcelain skin, gorgeous eyebrows, defined eyeliner and stunningly bold lips. It’s classic, tasteful and completely GORG! What do you guys think about the collection? Do you love the pieces? I’m obsessed with the nail polishes and lip glosses! Ugggh!! To die for!! Check out her twitpics, where she gave a little sneak peak!

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4 Responses to “MAC’s Most Fashionable Collaboration?!”

  1. 1 hh

    hi huda
    i send u a question many days ago ? pleaaaaaaaaaas answer it

  2. i hope this comes to UAE
    would love to get my hands on the lip products 😀

  3. 3 FleursSauvages

    I most admire Daphne’s ability to strut around in 12-inch Alexander McQueen platforms! I do think that she makes an excellent, unique addition to the list of MAC collaborators.

  4. 4 mariam

    LOVE for MAC and this collection!! these colors are insane!!!

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