What’s Wrong with This Picture? H&M Uses Fake Bodies, but Real Heads


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know it might seem like there is a lot of photoshop going on lately, and the truth is, it’s just bad photoshop! I’ve said it numerous times that I hate it when magazines, companies and the like make women out to be unrealistically thin or perfect! It causes a plethora of problems not only with our body image, but also the new plastic obsession (which Heidi Montag has mastered fully). A company that has recently admitted to using FAKE bodies for their models and photoshopping real-model heads on them is H&M. Seriously?!! Is this even real? Personally, I don’t understand how a company could do that? Do you not appreciate the human form enough to accept “flaws”? I thought it was really weird, and totally uncool! But What do you guys think? Am I overreacting?


10 Responses to “What’s Wrong with This Picture? H&M Uses Fake Bodies, but Real Heads”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    This is dumb, but these days photoshop and actions like this isn’t viewed seriously I think people don’t give attention to the real or fake in the media, they let it slide and accept what’s put out there.

  2. I agree completely. I think it’s sad. It’s one thing for grown women to view the ads, but when young girls see that and think it’s real, they’re likely to go to great lengths to achieve what those models have. Only problem- it’s not possible.

  3. Yeah this is a bit ridiculous.

  4. That’s for raising awareness! I definitely believe that it is not okay to keep photoshopping women’s bodies to unrealistic results. This is are supposed to be photographs! not paintings.

  5. 5 meez

    cant believe its the same body (fair + dark skin) with different heads!!

  6. 6 charlaine

    Wrong, wrong, wrong! It scares me to think that one day ill be bringing my children up within this environment! Self worth on so many levels is being tarnished 😦

  7. LOL that pic is the same body used 3 times in a row but in different skin tones! I would be S offended if i was the models… this leads people to think that LOADS of women look like this but really its just one used over and over and over…

  8. 8 Realtiy, It bites

    Now that you have raised the subject, it looks to me like the SAME fake body in every shot. H&M admits to using computer generated bodies and adjusting the skin tone to match the face.

    That means the bikini you see is not actually shown on a female figure. I know they pull clothes tight in the back and hold it with a clothespin, stuff in tissue paper to fill it out and otherwise modify the catalog photo you see. Now H&M is saying it’s an industry standard to create the body and entirely fake how the clothing fits.

    The modeling agencies should be complaining about this.

  9. It’s probably easier for the retailer to place clothes on a mannequin and photograph them.


  10. 10 Lexxington

    the average body shape will not fit into H & M clothes. You must be under 14 to fit them or take 2 sizes larger not a true fit

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