Drugstore Product of the Week!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’ve never been one to believe in spot treatments! To be honest, the only thing that has ever worked for me is the Aspirin Face Mask, but I am in LOVE with the Soap & Glory Dr. Spot! It’s amazing at how fast my blemishes disappear after using this! Ok, so it doesn’t exactly vanish into thin air after using it once, but I did find a dramatic decrease in the size and redness after using it once overnight. Then after a couple of days, my blemishes were literally gone! I used this a few times and also on my hubby and had the same results every time!

So how does it work? It’s actually packed of blemish fighting ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel, Lavender, Castor Oil and a ton of other ingredients that help fight acne and keep skin hydrated! One of the worst things to do to your skin is over dry it! Once you over dry your skin, more oil is produced which can cause more breakouts! So this is kind of the answer to all of those issues! However, the bottle says “immediately after application” and it definitely takes a couple of applications before you get complete results, but after a couple of days your skin will look incredibly better! I love this!!


14 Responses to “Drugstore Product of the Week!”

  1. 1 HMreader

    Is this only face face?

    • 2 HMreader

      for face*

      • No darling! I actually suffer from Backne, but I have it under control now! I actually mix a squirt of this with my face cream, then spread it on my chest and back! It helps keep me clear!

  2. Hi! Where is it available in Dubai?!

    • 5 Naythar

      Hi, you can get it in Boots.

  3. 6 maryam

    Hi Huda, I am a new fan, just wanted to say that you are a star, it’s 2 in the morning and i am still checking out the videos 😉
    Thanks for being so generous in sharing all your beauty tips and experience . All the Best.

  4. Hopefully Sephora carries this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  5. 8 Mary Monroe

    No way this sounds good.. I’ve tried the asprin face mask and honestly it did help… i also suffer from back acne it’s so annoying I’d like to try this product.

  6. I definitely want to try this! Currently I’m in love with proactive

  7. 10 Meera

    Hi Gorgeous 🙂 Where can i find it in Abu Dhabi ?!

  8. 11 Sarah

    Hi Huda- Does this get rid of of the acne marks or just gets rid of the pimples?

  9. 12 Kiki

    Hi Huda! Love your blog and tips.. I’ve been following your posts for a while and always look forward to new tips and product reviews. All these companies need to pay you percentage of sales I’ve bought so many products after your posts..

    I waxed my back 3 weeks ago (bad idea, should have bleached it) for the first time and now I have tiny tiny spots.. more like white heads.. I’ve scrubbed, moisturized.. even used khiels clay mask .. nothing works.. what do you recommend?

    I’d really appreciate a response.. Wait it out? Go see a dermo?



  10. 13 Saudi Love

    Huda LOVE YOU SITE. Even on busy days I make sure I squeeze in your blog!

    Can you please tell me where in the UNITED STATES can you buy these products? Ive been looking for the scrub your nose one as well! I can’t find it anywhere…not even target 😦

  11. 14 Meghna

    Where can I find this in Dubai ?

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