Lancome’s Gorgeous Golden Hat Highlighter


By Huda Heidi Kattan

When it comes to makeup, one of the most important parts for keeping skin looking gorgeous and healthy is highlighter! To me, it adds a hint of glow that lifts skin beautifully! I personally never go without it, whether I am going super glam or just simple. I recently tried the Lancome Golden Hat Highlighter from Kate Winslet’s Collection! I love the way it looks, but it is suuuper subtle! I got kind of worried when I saw all the glitter, but it rubs off once you brush the top away. I like the highlighter, but it’s better to use on days when I want it to look more natural! Somehow it doesn’t show up tremendously, but adds this gorgeous sheen to skin! It’s definitely for girls who like super soft highlights and want to use it in more places!


3 Responses to “Lancome’s Gorgeous Golden Hat Highlighter”

  1. 1 Varsha

    I bought high beam like a week ago is it similar to this? pls say yes and make my day:( I really don’t want to buy this one just yet when I have an unopened bottle of high beam at home:(

  2. Huda- thanks for sharing.I am a newbie to beauty education because I though bronzer gives you that extra glow so it is the highlighter? Do you know of any affordable priced highlighters I can purchase ? I have never tried Lancome’s products and not that I can even afford them at the moment so I must stick to drug store products. .


    • 3 rana

      elf gotta glow is similar to nars albatross

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