Beyonce & Jay-Z Post Baby Pics!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

FINALLY! I think everyone was highly anticipating Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby photos and trying to guess how the little soon-to-be-rockstar would look! I love how classy they are, as they may be one of the only celebrities that have not sold pictures of their baby pictures! But seriously, Beyonce and Jay-Z look so different, I think it’s hard to guess how Blue Ivy would look! I have to say, she’s ADORABLE!!! Especially considering she’s a new born, I think she just looks so precious! She’s all B, but I think she has Jay-Z’s lips and hands! 🙂


18 Responses to “Beyonce & Jay-Z Post Baby Pics!”

  1. 1 Muni

    so cute bes strange it has straight hair and mom and dad are not being racist walla shey African American

    • 2 Sara

      SHE’s not an it

    • 3 kinkykurlz

      Ummm, african american ppl don’t all have kinky hair! WTF, you’re right that wasn’t a racist remark just a stupid one….

    • 4 NotanIdiot!

      WOW!!! People like you make me laugh!! Ignorant.

  2. These pictures made me cry…. In another 5 months I’ll have my babies with me just like this :D….

  3. 6 Amna

    Huda post your doll’s pic too…..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. 7 Sabrina

    Genes certainly do skip generations. She has Beyonce’s facial features and definitely her mom’s Tina’s skin tone. That’s going to be one lucky little girl!

  5. I think she looks like Jay Z…she is adorable….thnx Huda :****

  6. omg she is sooooo cute , the look its nt important she is healthy that’s all matter

  7. 10 noornoz

    have u all seen her pic of sittin down while pregnant and her tummy diflating/?:s and being into 3 as if shes wearing a fake belly they r saying its a sergant who gave birth and i believe so !!!check it our on youtube and everywheres news !plus it does not look like them at all !and how is the baby so hairy like this from 2 weeks of birth????plus who cares! pff

  8. 11 mitsa

    yes your right the look is not important, but come on guys how man new born babies have you seen to open there eyes that open. This is like a picture of a month or two month old child not a brand new baby that was just born a few days back. they were only in the hospital for a few days and so clearly it was taken in the hospital room. Just saying. The baby is a gift from Allah(SWT) and no doubt that its cute and sweet. She also does not look like someone who gave birth at all. I know make up and stuff can be applied but you dont give birth and your stomach and boobs do not go back the way it was so fast.

  9. 12 Karen

    That is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen! She’s gorgeous!

  10. 13 Mary Monroe

    I also loved the fact that they themselves chose to put the pictures out and not do it by the magazines very classy! The baby iss sooo cutee, can’t wait to see what she looks like when she starts growing. I also do think that these pictures were probably taken days after the actually birth.

  11. mashallah its so cute ! i love babiessss !

  12. 15 Lina

    So now the power couple have released piks of their angel when do we get to see little Nour?!! Xxxx

  13. 16 Maca

    OMG chill with conspiracy theories. Her body does look like she delivered. Her mid section is wider and she has more chub all over. Even if she doesnt look like she just delivered, it is quite common for first time moms to bounce back quickly.
    Even though i gained some serious weight during my pregnancy, exactly 17 days after I wore my old tightest ever skinny jeans and looked like i never had baby. Some women are like that. Same was with my mom. Doesnt mean anything she isnt all bloated and puffed.
    Also that video, dress folded funky. Whoever was ever pregnant knows that prego cloths has that extra rubbery layer and that could have been what folded.
    And last, but not least there are photos of her prego belly while vacationing in Croatia.
    Baby is adorable and is really racist and rude to say her hair is not curly or she is not dark enough etc..
    My baby has light hair and fair skin and blue eyes and im dark blonde with brown eyes and her father is really dark with black curly hair and dark eyes. Its just rude to suggest baby should look certain way because her parents look like this or that.

    • 17 NotanIdiot!

      Thank you!!! im seriously shocked at what people post!!! everything to them is a conspiracy!! Get a life people! She’s and adorable healthy baby! its non of your business what she looks like or where she came from!! Jeeeeeez!

  14. 18 NotanIdiot!

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