Would You Wear it?!! 24K Nail Polish!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ok seriously, we know celebs spend ridiculous amounts of money on some ultra extravagant things, but this one, I personally think is stupid—sorry! I love super glamorous nails, but this red carpet item costs $5,000. It wouldn’t be so silly if you could keep it on, but every week it goes! And what if you chip it?! Each chip would literally be worth a dollar! The gold nail polish, which is 24K has been in the works for 3 months, making sure to get the right blend of metals and gold dust. What’s wrong with gold nail polish or even Minx! This is just silly in my opinion!


11 Responses to “Would You Wear it?!! 24K Nail Polish!”

  1. Pointless – no-one would even know you had it on unless you told them anyway!

    • 2 Nihal

      And no one will ever believe !

  2. 3 Dina

    And most people might mistake it for plain gold polish or minx anyway! if i chip it, can i sell the broken chips? hahahahaha

  3. totally agree!

  4. 5 shamira

    Waste of money… When v can do better with that money, I guess v all know how much that amount of money is needed by the poor, think about it people before buying it!!! Nails or ???

  5. 6 Hadhod

    Thats the silliest thing ever!!If I had Billions I would never wear it!!!

  6. 7 JJ

    plus…. its ugly!

  7. people dunno where to spend their money no more.. 😛

  8. 9 Mary Monroe

    I’d like to wear it but this is ridiculous

  9. 10 danna

    i would never wear this! waste of money.

  10. 11 Misbah

    wish you could use some word more expressive than ridiculous.

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