Vote For Which Look You Want to See Next!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Alright guys! These are the requests I have gotten most over the past week! I want to know, which look do you guys want to see in my next video tutorial?!!

Lana Del Rey 1

Lana Del Rey 2


Maya Diab


48 Responses to “Vote For Which Look You Want to See Next!”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe


  2. 2 Camila

    adele and maya!!

  3. 3 NS

    i had requested a tutorial of aishwarya rai bachhan, had sent a picture of her too …..i had also sent emails for so many months regarding bookings and bridal make up….those brides r pregnant now …yet im still waiting about my inquiry on bridal make up and bookings 🙂 plz try to make a tutorial on that picture…coz uv always made make up easy for us…. ❤

  4. 4 NS

    voted! ADELE ! definately

  5. 5 neena

    Adele ❤

  6. 6 Jelena

    Maya !!!!!!!!!!!

    please can you make this tutorial of Aishwarya Rai…..please Huda…..

  7. 7 rere


  8. 8 Nina

    I voted for Adele!

  9. 9 Jasleen

    Adele! ❤

  10. 10 Albanery

    OMG you should totally do all three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please your biggest fan begs 😦

  11. mixture of adele and maya! 😉 🙂

  12. 12 Elena

    ummmm they are all more or less the same but i vote for maya. how about some more arabic looks??

  13. Adele and Maya Diab!

  14. 14 Mais


  15. 15 amna


  16. 16 Sunshine

    Maya please

  17. 17 Meriem

    Maya diab! I would really love to see a heavy eye-liner look where the whole eyes are rimmed with black, I don’t know how to do that 😦

  18. 18 Latifa


  19. Maya Diab ❤

  20. I like the look of Maya the best and like her songs the least , I like the look of Lana the least and like her songs the best 😀 though her second look from born to die is nice , in the video it looks better

  21. 21 Aisha Al A

    mayaaaaa… i”ve seen her once at Abbas & Rabe’e Salon in lebanon.. and she had the make up artist “Ahmad Aseeri” to do her make-up. she’s exteremly tall with extra thick eyebrows.. but her make up and hair are always perfect

  22. 22 Lina


  23. 23 kathy ashraf

    mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyya wanna have this looooooooooook

  24. 24 Latouf

    Adele and Maya! :$ LOVE THEIR MAKEUP

  25. 25 sousou

    maya diab

  26. 26 Sanja

    Huda, you are just amazing! I was wondering when will you do rhis gorgeous Adele look.. 

  27. Looks like I belong to the majority 😛

  28. 28 Fatima

    Maya ! and haifa wehbi for the next tutorial please 😛

  29. 29 miSsyUAE

    Maya Diaaab plz !! 😀

  30. maya is so gorgeous !!

  31. 31 Michelle


  32. 32 Camila

    You should do both at some point if you find the time! Both the looks are so diff from each other, I can’t wait to see how you do that Adele contour on her eye lids bc maya’s looks very much like J.Lo!

  33. 33 Yusra

    Adele, it looks soooo glamorous

  34. 34 Paloma

    Everyone on youtube has already done Adele like…293827329 times.. yeah it’s old

    • 35 Camila

      Yeah but there is nothing like a huda beauty tutorial!!

  35. 36 Huda#1Fan

    HUDA! please do a nicki minaj wonderland magazine makeup tutorial!

  36. 37 fofa

    oh please Huda do Adele’s look…i have been asked you in your twitter to do any of Adele looks..i knew there’s tons of tutorial on YT but we want from YOU <3<3<3 xoxoxo 😉

  37. 38 Hend

    Maya Diaaab

  38. 39 Misbah Shaikh

    hey huda i loved all the looks.I am really waiting for the tutorials.
    XOXO. Misbah.

  39. I’m all for thick eyebrows I love them, but I find Mayas eyebrows way too messy! She should tweeze them just a tad bit so it looks a bit neater. Either way, I like her make-up in that pic so I picked her!! ;p

  40. 41 gego

    maya diab !!

  41. Maya ❤

  42. 43 n

    maya diabb plllllzz

  43. 44 AN

    ADELE! or MAYA

  44. I’d say a combination of Adele’s Eye makeup + Lana Del Rey 1 Lip + Maya’s nose contouring and skin tone 🙂

  45. 46 Maha

    want them all 😦

  46. 47 Sara

    Both Adele and Maya !

  47. 48 Dana

    i love Maya Diab!

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