Drugstore Product of the Week!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

As much as I like some drugstore products, it’s really hard to find one that I want to take with me everywhere! Buuuut, I found one! Yaaay! The Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation is AMAZING! I love the way it goes on super smooth and the coverage is incredible! It also has a really matte finish, and doesn’t look greasy when you wear it all day! I’m actually so impressed because I’ve been using it all the time, even more than my department store foundations, which I did not expect to happen! It just blends so naturally, and makes my skin look so flawless when I wear it! The tones from the collection are also awesome, and don’t turn me gray, which usually happens with drugstore brands for me! It’s been over a week that I’ve been using this product and so far, I am loving this product! I think this is the best drugstore foundation I have ever used!!


11 Responses to “Drugstore Product of the Week!”

  1. 1 alysha

    well after all….Max Factor is an ICON

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    Looks amazing …For me It’s hard to use a drugstore foundation but this seems great

  3. 3 renren

    does it break you out though? my guess is no, but I’m always hesitant, my skin seems to be breaking out a lot these days it’s frustrating me 😦

  4. 4 Bethany W

    This foundation sounds amazing especially for a drugstore product! Does it last a long time? I’ve been looking for a drugstore foundation that is longg wearing, would you say this is? x

  5. 5 Fashion

    which shade of foundation you use?

  6. 6 Amna

    Huda is there a covergirl alternative to this, I live in the States and they don’t sell max factor here 😦

  7. 7 Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    Ooo it actually looks like you don’t have ANY foundation on whatsoever!

  8. 8 rere

    what would this be in the states???

  9. 9 Rebecca

    what is the quivalent to this in the USA because i cant find maxfactor anywhere 😦

    • I actually asked and they said they would get back to me soon! I will post it as soon as I find out!! 🙂

      • 11 huds

        On the http://www.maxfactor.com website, they write:
        “Can’t find your fav? TRY COVERGIRL
        If you liked MAX Factor, you’ll love our sister company, COVERGIRL. They’ve got the products, looks, and tips that help you rock your beautiful.”
        …you can even chat w/ a beauty consultant to find their equivalent.
        hope this helps! 😀

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