My Rendezvous In Paris!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves!!

I had such an amazing time in Pariii for the launch of Dior Addict Extreme!! Everything was amazing!!  The city has to be without doubt one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen! Everything from the fashion, food, architecture, beauty,  people, EVERYTHING is gorgeous in Paris! I went to some amazing places, but some did not allow any photography at all since they were super exclusive! However, we did go to the Dior house for some makeovers! The place was soooo beautifully decorated! It’s actually where you see a lot of the huge fashion shows, so it was so incredible to be there! Here are some pics from my rendezvous in Pari!

28 Responses to “My Rendezvous In Paris!”

  1. 1 Sumaiyah

    CUUUUUUUUUUUTEEEEEE! I could totally go for my nails done and a lovely show! lol These pictures are gorgeous! totally getting those lipsticks!

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    GORGEOUS pics you look FAB<3 Love all the dresses and the beautiful portrait 🙂

  3. First Class Trip Huda ♥ So beautiful Good Luck & Take Care

  4. 4 Mais

    Beautiful pics!! I’m sure you had lots of fun..Paris is so beautiful. Everything there is fascinating

  5. Wow…Looks like you had a ball! The food-clothes-makeover-loved it all. Look forward to seeing more.

  6. 6 haya

    loved alanoods baders blazer;)

  7. 7 Reema

    O M G!!! thannkkyouuu so much or sharing these photos with us ! Look like you had a blast and you soooo beautiful!! And lost weight<3!!! I'm glad your having fun! Thanks for sharing this trip with us means allllot loveyooooouuuuuu

  8. 8 Alya

    can you please tell me when these lipsticks will be sold in the uae? the dior extreme new ones. i love plaza and lucky

  9. woooow so GORG
    U R so lucky ❤

  10. Ahhh it’s like every girls dream to go to Paris, dress up, shop, eat and go to the Dior house!!

  11. One macaron wasted!!! How funny! Lovely, isn’t it?

  12. 12 Fatma

    Gorgeous Huda!
    i love love your shades, which designer??

    • They’re actually Dior limited Edition, thanks baby!! <3<3<3

  13. 14 Myth

    Hudaaa please tell me where you got your gold sunglasses from! I looooved them!!!

  14. 15 fifi

    hey huda loved your pictures
    can you please give me the name of the restaurant you had lunch at (i guess) with the great view of paris

    thank you

  15. 16 Yusra

    Hi Huda, hope you enjoyed Paris, beautiful pics!

  16. Loved the pics!! thanks for sharing them ❤ Your lashes in the first pic are amazing, which brand are they?

  17. 18 Gina

    huda help! In the picture where you re putting lipstick on you ve got some dark eyeshadow in your eyes’ crease and it’s kind of pointy? I don’t know if im explaining this right.. My point is I can never make that happen because eyeshadow never gives me such a sharp look! how do i do this?!?

    • Haha, yes I do! I used a really gorgeous dark brown, then a pointy small domed brush! It works great for doing this, but really it takes some practice! I will do a vid on this soon, but I want to do Maya and Adele first! But I will do it! Promise!! 🙂

      • 20 Gina

        i’ve got the gorgeous dark brown and i’ve got the pointy small brush, so all im missing now is your tutorial hehe..
        okay i just saw the maya look and it is AMAZING so i guess it’s worth the wait!

        Keep it up gorgeous xxxx

  18. 21 DS

    Paris looks amazing! need to go sometime! and its cute how you spell Champs-Elysees Shanzilize 🙂

  19. Looks like fun times!! Lol….You’re soooo gorgeous Huda!!! Love your blog!!

  20. 23 miSsyUAE

    I so wanna gooo to pariiiiiiiiii 😦

    happy 4 u huda ^^

  21. 24 Anastasia

    you look lovely! Who is that orange shoulder studded blazer by? I luv it

  22. 25 Shadiyah

    Hey Hun! Looks like you had a blast in Paris!! I love the leopard print cardi from your pic on the plane, where is it from? xxxx

  23. 26 Dana

    loving your orange blazer, and i hope you enjoyed Paris! Xx

  24. 27 AlyaMawaleed

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you dior sunnies

    • 28 AlyaMawaleed

      your* =P

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