LOOOVING THIS!!! No.1 Product in My Makeup Kit Right Now!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

You know when you buy a product, but don’t really try it out? Then, when you finally do, you realize it’s a godsend…I had one of those moments today! Well, I actually did try this product before and I loved it, but I just started using it again and it’s UNREAL! Today, I had a photo shoot for Bvlgari jewelery for Hia Magazine (a really great luxury Arabic magazine that I highly recommend)! I wanted to give the models a really gorgeous glow so I used the Girl Meets Pearl from Benefit cosmetics on their cheeks to create a gorgeous dewy sheen! I ended up topping it off with Guerlain’s Gardenia Shimmer, which I love and it looked insanely gorgeous on camera! You can use the Girl Meets Pearl by itself or with a powder shimmer to set it, but it’s GORG!

I’m actually creating a seriously gorgeous look for a fashion show I’m doing tomorrow in Abu Dhabi for Mauzan! I can’t wait to show you guys the look, but it’s really fresh and super gorgeous! I’ll be posting the behind the scenes pics for this soon!! Xxx

Here is a pic preview from today’s shoot! Ok, the pic I took suck and the looks look really formal, but it’s wedding makeup! You can totally see the highlight! It’s really pretty and even though it’s quite strong it looks gorgeous and not overdone in person and in the photos!


12 Responses to “LOOOVING THIS!!! No.1 Product in My Makeup Kit Right Now!”

  1. 1 maha

    Looks gorgous..

  2. 2 ayouna

    Do we apply it before the blush or on top of a blush? would love a wedding make up tutorial for us soon to be brides xx

  3. 3 Mary Monroe

    yay excited you should post behind the scenes pictures you do more often .. love the look above!

  4. 4 Samia

    Could you please do a tutorial for this look too? It looks pretty awesome .

  5. 5 Amna

    OMG Huda, you did a fantastic job on the model, please recreate this look for a tutorial, would love to wear this look out.

  6. 6 Basma F

    Amaaazing job on this shoot sweetheart! Makeup was hot stuff and not overly formal at alll!!!!

  7. Dear Huda,
    I hope you’ll use this highlighting combination Girl Meets Pearl and Cruel Gardenia on your next tutorial, please???

    I believe everyone would love to see you using it!!!

  8. 8 B

    Ohmygod! Yes! Please please please do a tutorial on how you did the makeup for the model..she looks GORGEOUS!!! xxx

  9. 9 UK

    please do a tutorial using this product…looks like it would be perfect for a just-got-out-of-bed-looking-so-fresh-and-gawgus day look. would love to c how u use it though as it seems kinda complicated.

  10. 10 UK

    tutorial using this product pwetty please:D

  11. Looks good!

  12. 12 Amerie

    pleaseeee do a tutorial of this look!!!

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