Lash Extensions use “Dead People Juice”?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

How many of you have tried lash extensions? I’ll be honest, as tempting as they look, I have not only because almost every girl I know who has tried them never goes back for them again, so of course that’s not a good sign!

After seeing this interview with the adorably HIGHlarious Kristen Chenoweth and David Letterman, I think it’s confirmed, I will probably never try them! Have you tried them, did you love them or hate them? What was your experience?



17 Responses to “Lash Extensions use “Dead People Juice”?”

  1. 1 Hend

    I have tried them, and I DO NOT recommend them at all! they caused my original lashes to fall and I ended up with shorter finer lashes, ugh it is horrible

    • 2 Sultana

      Agree with Hend, my sister in law tried them once, they caused allergies plus she lost her original lashes forever. Not recommended at all.

  2. She’s really FUNNY!

  3. 4 Latifa

    I don’t even apply false lashes so I’ll definitely won’t go for lash extensions .. Dead people’s juice .. eewww that’s insane

  4. 5 Nadia Behrouz

    oh she’s so cute! but no my best friend goes for the niki minas look, she got them, and oh boy.. i remember her screaming while she was pulling them out in class because they were so irritating and were turning out to be really bad!!

  5. 6 Nadia Behrouz


  6. They are gorgeous when on , I wont lie but they dont last long and your own lashes fall out 😦 too high maintenance for me, i prefer to use castor oil and my lashes are long and gorgeous

  7. 8 Mary Monroe

    deff wouldn’t try this, doesn’t sound like a success! I love my green eyes

  8. 9 Sana

    I once tried lash extensions, and yes I would never do it again. When they started falling out in 2 weeks after application, not only did they fall out alone but they got some of my real lashes to fall out with them. Another annoying thing was after they are all gone you feel you are bald in the eyes! because for 2 weeks you felt like you have major lashes but suddenly you don’t (even if you had amazing lashes naturally, you still feel an awkward change).

  9. 10 miSsyUAE

    i’ve tried them twice ! and yes they made my original lashes fall out but i got them back as your lashes grow again if they fall

  10. 11 Nancy

    I wear them all the time and love them! You do have to go back often but not anymore often than if you color your hair or get your nails done. it’s my splurge and i can’t live without them.

  11. 12 Nancy

    I don’t know what she means about the color- i have green/hazel and no issue.

  12. 13 whyyyjen

    I tried them once for a makeup shoot but I hated them. They made my eyes pop but they are too heavy. I felt sleepy because my eyes seem to carry to much load and cannot open as wide as I want. 🙂

  13. 14 maryam

    i’ve tried them couple of times ! and yes they made my original lashes fall out but i got them back as your lashes grow again if they fall…they look great but you have to maintain them every 2 weeks which is a much of cost.
    and if you are using them all the time, you have to give a break of on month every three months.

  14. oh boy! I am glad you did this review, because I have been contemplating getting them some time. I guess not!

  15. 16 Sabrina


    The first time I did them I WAS IN LOVE! I woke up with perfect lashes everyday and it saved loads of time in the morning getting ready. None of my lashes came off when they started falling off.
    HOWEVER, I did them recently at a cheaper place and they were horrible, lost a few of my own lashes. So, it all depends on where you get them done. My advice, spend the money and do your research. They can be wonderful with the proper care (no saunas, no harsh rubbing of the eyes etc.).


  16. 17 Vanessa

    I tried them last summer and like most of you say, they didn’t last long and when they came off it pulled out most of my lashes. I even got a stye! Yes they look gorgeous on, but its not worth it…luckily my lashes grew in quickly!

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