CONTEST TIME!!!! Saks Super Amazing Beauty Bag!!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my darlings!!!

As you may know by now, I’m kicking off Beauty Week at Saks this Thursday and sooooo excited!!!!! I can’t wait!!! We actually worked together to pick some of my FAVORITE products from the Amazing Saks Beauty Counters and we are doing 5 Giveway Hampers (that’s right, FIVE winners)!!! The products in each hamper are pictured above and are full-sized products thanks to the wonderful people at Saks with a worth 1010 AED ($275)!

The Goody Bag will include:

1 Givenchy Phenom Eyes Mascara
1 Givenchy Le Prisme Eyeshadow in Must-Have Blue
1 Chanel Eyeliner in Black
1 Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Pearl #152
1 Dior Nail Lacquer in Mayan Red
1 Giorgio Armani Master Corrector
1 Guerlain Blush Eclat in Cherry Blossom

All you have to do to enter this contest is tweet:

Can’t wait to see @hudabeauty at @SaksDubai this Thursday, March 1st for their Amazing Beauty Week Celebration!! #saksbeautyweek


You can also comment in the section below why you love Saks Beauty Counters so much! Yes, by doing both, you are able to enter twice! 🙂

To be eligible for this contest you must be subscribed to and following @hudabeauty and @saksdubai on twitter!

Contest Ends February 29th! Good Luck!! Xxx


157 Responses to “CONTEST TIME!!!! Saks Super Amazing Beauty Bag!!!”

  1. 1 samra

    Love saks cos u get to discover new beauty brands and everything new in the beauty market 🙂

  2. Thank u for these fabulous giveaways Huda! You’re an Angel!
    Love your blog,
    Love and Light always,

    • I lovee Saks because they have a fab collection of cosmetics! 🙂

  3. 4 Weaam El Ataya

    I absolutely LOVE Saks beauty counters because they make me feel like a child in a candy store!!! I actually get goosebumps ❤

  4. 5 Gina

    I love Saks Beauty counters because they always have a good selection of cosmetics and fragrances and the sales associates are always ever so friendly to help!

  5. 6 Sian Cook

    I love the saks beauty counters, oddly because they are in a cirrcular setup so I can start on one side and work my way round taking my time to focus on each brand rather than being over loaded with brands scattered everywhere! 😀

  6. 7 Mona

    I love the Saks beauty counters because of the great professional make-up services, customer service and quality of make-up.

  7. 8 Ashna

    I love Saks Beauty Counters and yes I want to win this amazing goodiebag to beautify myself into a goddess! Saks Beauty Counters are selling the creme de creme beautyproducts for us classy ladies and it’s a must to pamper yourself with these products from time to time.

  8. 9 maha

    I loooooveeeeee everything in saks! The products are beautifying ❤ its the best as it offers alllllll you need xx

  9. 10 Dalal

    I love saks beauty counters so much because they have a great variation of make up!! Different brands and different taste! Yet, they all are similar in one thing: elegance! They are all so elegant and never fail to make a girl more than ready for her outing/event.

  10. 11 tara

    Love all the amazing products that are available in saks and the brilliant events they host!

  11. 12 nasreen

    I love Saks Beauty Counters because they have the best selection of products and team up with the best bloggers!

  12. I love Saks Beauty Counters because, they have all the amazing beauty brands under one roof!

  13. 14 RR

    I love Saks Beauty Counters because they literally have every amazing beauty brand to choose from and they staff are helpful and know their stuff! x

  14. 15 Sharon

    love saks because of their tremendous variety of new and upcoming collection and brands ….its the one store that never disappoints !! #BelieveThat

  15. 16 Nehan

    To put it simply, they’re just FAB!!!

    (Following you & SaksDubai on twitter. @Panache03)

  16. 17 Jewel

    At Saks, it’s all about making women look and feel fabulous–all the time, ever since my mother took me to buy my first ever eye liner 4 years ago.I’m always torn between two or more things whenever i go to update my products.Whether it’s clothing or make up, these guys have my back all the time. 🙂
    ❤ Saks 5th Av.

  17. 18 Reem

    I love Saks Beauty Counters (and everything at Saks in general!) because they have a great selection, helpful and well educated staff, and team up with amazing bloggers 🙂 x

  18. Love Saks beauty counters! They have one in my hometown, but not where I love now. I love getting help with me makeup at the Chanel counter!!!

  19. 20 Dori

    Love Saks Beauty Counters cause it makes me feel like a little girl entering paradise. I see new colours, smell new scents… I become new versions of myself…

  20. 21 Hilal

    want to have this box as i love all of them, really want to try Armani products as we do not have in my country yet…i join all the contests i see in your page, since i live in Turkey maybe i am not the correct winner and i can not win anything…but I will be in Dubai after 3rd March and i can colect it from anywhere you direct me…lets wait and see:)))

  21. 22 mariz

    Such an amazing products at Saks Beauty Counters, a must have for all lovely ladies out there! It will be very nice to celebrate beauty with those who appreciates beauty like Saks. Love Saks Beauty Counter specially with Huda complementing it! A great team for celebrating Femininity & Beauty! More power to your blog and to your partner Saks! Keeping us inspired as always 🙂

  22. I love the unique make up colours and being able to experiment without the sales staff stifling you at…love SAKs beauty counters for letting you be creative about make up

  23. 24 Ashley

    They always give the best gifts out with purchases 🙂 So excited!

  24. 25 GlamBeauty

    I love saks because they have niche products that cant be sold everywhere, and its a place that sells everything you want, without having to look somewhere else ❤

  25. 26 Reem

    Hi GorgeouS ,,
    I can’t wait to See U @Saksdubai really .. I will be so happy to meet u soon.

    Saks has a amazing taste in choosing and bringing the unique, exclusive brands and products to their customers. They always impress me with their exclusive collections and amazing promotions, not forgetting to mention the staff that they have is very educated about the products that they have and so friendly and helpful when it comes to finding the right product that the customer needs and search about.


  26. 27 Mamta

    Love SAKS coz thrz no other !!! Love their beauty counters coz they re so welcoming n the staff are real sweet !! N fo crying out loud it’s SAKS !! They re simply the best!!

  27. 28 Zulma Garcia

    All my favorite brands under one roof… Great help….love me some Saks!!

  28. 29 Rachael Alvarado

    There isn’t a asks no where near where I live just an outlet and they hardly have any makeup 😦 but I have bought makeup brushes their before… I’m very excited about the contest the colors are amazing- thank u huda for hosting giveaways for us…

  29. 30 Akshata

    I love the saks beauty counters because they are so unique in their own way . It brings out the beauty that lies within us . Every time you visit those counters , you see new colors, new products which results in new addictions 😉 Always updated with the beauty products ! Best costumer service. The most nice people work at the saks beauty counters. And im not even kidding , they are all so lovely and so up to date with everything. The way they inform you about the products makes you want to immediately buy it . LOVE saks for not only their beauty counters but also for a million other reasons <333

  30. 31 Nancy

    I like Saks because they always have the best stuff first~!

  31. I love Saks Beaurty Counters because they have the best selection of beauty products and fragrances, that I like. Their customer service is very professional and they host fantastic events.. I love shopping at Saks and could spend hours at the Beauty Counters, being pampered.

  32. 33 Samira Khan

    I like SAKS because they offer awesome products …………………….

  33. I don’t have a Saks in London but I can imagine it to be like Selfridges though. I love Selfridges because it appeals to the inner beauty shopaholic in me. There’s nothing like the glass displays, beautiful packaging, luxury beauty products and glamorous staff.

    I can’t wait to go to New York this year to visit Sak’s, I’ll be blowing some serious cash!

  34. 35 Abdul Mannan

    i love saks coz its the best ………………

  35. 36 Mahi

    I’ve actually been to a Saks beauty counter once, because I live in Seattle 😦 but regardless, I loved it, and somehow i stumbled upon your blog Huda haha I know your in Dubai. But i’m literally obsessed with it. As far as Saks goes it’s a lot like Nordstroms, and I love the high quality and customer service of their products. They really do choose there brands, selectively to ensure people the BEST products!

  36. Saks counters always have the nicest people and best products!

  37. 38 hafsah

    Hey huda, I totally love u to bits and I’ve been watching your videos ever since….
    I love beauty counters because you can discover many new makeup products from smoke eye palette too bright pink lipstick….
    Hafsah x

  38. 39 Maria

    I like SAKS because they have a wide range of all the beauty Products…simply awesome..:))

  39. 40 Cristhal

    I love Saks beauty counter because they help you find different items to make us look more beautiful! I feel like such a kid while I’m there!!

  40. 41 Rawan Arnous

    Why I love Saks? Why NOT!!! 🙂

  41. 42 JJ

    Hey Huda,
    I live in the Virgin Islands so we don’t have a Saks here : ( To me Saks is the epitome of class and luxury and there makeup just seems really clean and pretty. But the reason I’d like to win is because it would be sooooo awesome knowing that the product came from you. Love you…..

  42. 43 Paloma

    They have everything! Saks is just amazing. So many choices and the employees are always helpful

  43. 44 Zeena

    I love Saks because of all the luxurious products, some of which you really cannot find in other places in the UAE! The entire experience of going to the Saks counter, trying on products and leaving with amazing goodies in a Saks bag is THE best feeling… it’s an entire experience and good girly fun!

  44. 45 Floralba

    CHANEL ,Doir and Givenchy the layout of specialty boutiques within the store, is like visiting a dozen different stores on Fifth Avenue. It can’t get any better! You can find evrything you need in one spot! love it live it shop it! woohooo!

  45. 46 Jamie

    i love saks fifth ave!!! saks is internationally known, but i love it even more because it can be found in both NYC where it all started and also in Dubai. and I loveeee Dubai. two of my favorites places in the world. Saks beauty department as the most luxurious beauty products. the feeling of stepping into a saks is just so amazing. what else can a girl ask for.

  46. 47 dawee

    Thanks huda ❤
    I love saks beauty counters because they have luxurious and high-end makeup products and I can find every product I want there ❤

  47. 48 bebegirl

    Once I spot Saks Beauty counters I have a huge smile on my face and I am completely captivated and fascinated by all the faboulous products. I forget my external stimuli and slowly walk towards the counters with content knowing I will purchase a product that will make me feel like a glamorous girl. I get so excited and can’t wait for my next visit. They keep wanting more and more of the products they offer. Ahhh .. I love Saks Beauty counters! 🙂

  48. 49 Fareeza Afzal

    I love the Sak’s beauty counter because just holding the products make you feel glamorous! The ladies at the counters are also the biggest sweethearts, helping you out with anything. I know when I go to one of their counters, there’s not a chance that I’ll be leaving empty handed! I sometimes watch your videos, and write down each Chanel product you use (my favorite brand) and ask the ladies to pick out each product from my list! Ahhhh, SAKS! ❤

  49. 50 Syeda

    I looooove Saks beauty counters because I feel like they represent glamour and absolute fabulousness 😀 Their products are absolutely gorgeous and everytime I visit Saks I can not help but stop by the beauty counters and take a peek at the products they hold! I’m soooo happy for you Huda and Good luckkk!!!

  50. I love SAKS simply because no matter which brand I’m wanting, what product I’m seeking, they either have it in stock or they will go out of their way to find it for me. That is excellent customer service training at work – something that many other stores could take a page from::) ox

  51. 52 Anastasia

    I love Saks counters because the employees are always nice and knowledgeable and I love trying new makeup products. I also saw a lady with a 3 foot poodle when I was there earlier this week!

  52. 53 Aisha S.

    I love Saks Beauty counters.. all these gorgeous brands with such beautiful colors under one roof, their makeup makes me feel like a princess in my own fairytale! ❤

  53. 54 Richa

    I love Huda!!

    …and I love saks because of their great selection, and great quality of makeup!! Anything you have been searching for can be And the friendly staff is knowledgable, and always able to find and understand exactly why you are looking for. Their makeup is superb, and makes every woman beautiful!!

    Extra note: Huda, you are amazing!! My favorite emails are from your blog– always look forward to them. Thank you for all your tips!!

  54. 55 Ammu

    I absolutely love saks, makes me feel SO beautiful ❤

  55. 56 Kanwal Rauf

    I love the Saks beauty counter so much because it feels like Home. Thats how comfortable the staff makes you feel. 😀

  56. I love Saks Beauty counters because the represent class and glamour. It’s like he Disney Land of make up counters!! Since we don’t have a Saks close to where I am, when I go out to LA, I always visit one out there and I love how I feel when I am there. Saks beauty counters can make anyone feel like a million bucks!

  57. 58 ursula

    What is not to LOVE about SAKS counters, when you walk in to the store its like heaven, everything your eye catches from the first step that you take into the store you want and really you cant resist in bying EVERYTHING. The products there make you feel complete as a woman and then you are ready for everything. If i go in there there is no such thing as a bugdet 😀

    Huda gr8 job with the make up done on those models just loveeee the look!!

  58. 59 Farah diba

    Luv saks coz they make me luv myself,enhance my beauty .i feel so alive and all those beauty products,have so many options

  59. Is it okay if I was in Bahrain :$
    I LOOOOOOVEEEE saks because I never come out of that place without purchasing something FABULOUS!!!! Seriously a few days before leaving on my honeymoon I went there and got sooo many great things one of them was the Giorgio Armani blushing fabric which I’m in love with!!

  60. 61 Mila

    I love asks beauty counters because they have the largest and most current selection of the most elegant brands. The sales professionals and make up artists always have incomparable knowledge and recommendations and you can walk out certain of the products you have chosen. Purchasing a product from a saks beauty counter isn’t just about the purchase, its about the shopping experience.

  61. 62 Sarah

    I love Saks counters because of the wide range of fresh, fun, and in-style products, the helpfulness of the associates that work there, and the welcoming atmosphere!

  62. Love, love , love Saks! Makes me feel super happy when I can purchase something special at Saks. I also tweeted Can’t wait to see @hudabeauty at @SaksDubai this Thursday, March 1st for their Amazing Beauty Week Celebration!! #saksbeautyweek…So wish I was in Dubai for the event. Have fun ladies. Love ya Hudabeauty!

  63. 64 varsha

    I love saks beauty counters because they literally have EVERY brand under the same roof! There’s nothing I can’t find there! And I live right beside burjuman so its like my beauty groccery store which I visit every week!
    The friendly staff is a + point as well!
    Twitter name : cmoon58
    Btw I love you Huda!!
    I’m making my friends watch your youtube tutorials! Pls do more make up ones! Loved the saks purple smokey eye look!

    • 65 Varsha

      Twitter name : cmoon307 ****

  64. 66 AlyaMawaleed

    I love Saks Beauty Counters because whatever product I am looking for I will find it there..

    Thanks Huda ❤

  65. 67 Dina

    I love Saks because they have all the beauty brands that you can image. I also like how they have amazing offers on beauty products!!! i love Saks!!!

  66. I Love SAKS because it is a one stop shop destination,it is one of the largest luxury goods store in the UAE.
    I just ♥ to shop there, its like a new exploration every time i go there and i get to see a wide range of latest,fresh and top most branded cosmetics, fragrances, & fashion for men women and kids, I get so many options in brands at the same place so i just don’t have to run around at any other stores,also like the accessories section a lot actually ♥ all d counters :p

    As you enter the Saks store it has nice atmosphere & ambience & some really nice and helpful sales staff who assist you quiet well all in all great customer service ..

    For me SAKS combines as an entertaining shopping experience with a luxurious yet relaxed environment!!!

  67. I love SAKS beauty counters since its the best way to go through and test out the amazing beauty products both high end and not so high end and you kind of imagine yourself being able to take everything home…but at least we can say we tried it at SAKS 🙂

  68. 70 hadeel

    i love Saks because i always enjoy trying their vast collection of beauty products, Saks has the best beauty brands ever and when i get lost and confused what to buy their sales Lady’s always help and advise me to choose what suits me best and gives me beauty tips if i ask, the store is big the lightning never disappoints me (some stores their lights makes my skin tone looks different so i buy the wrong shade), and never forget the after sale free samples which are great like Mascara or foundation samples not only perfumes,,we all love free stuff specially after spending lots of money 🙂

  69. I love SAKS beauty counter becoz it’s simply – One & Only SAKS as per my below definition 🙂

    S = Simply amazing and sorted products been reviwed by experts.
    A = All brands under one roof readily available,reduce my time and effort.
    K = Kattan Fever 😉 The Huda element in my life surely is a factor to ❤ saks.
    S = Serenity and completeness I feel being a woman after visiting my Fav- Cosmetics-Grocery-Store

    So SAKS… bring it on !!

    Love, Maheen (Mishlywishly)

  70. I love the saks beauty counter because you can find the best makeup or skincare all under one roof and the place usually makes me feel like I am in a candy shop.

  71. 73 Mary Monroe

    Saks beauty counters are amazing always on top of their game. The brands are a dream! They carry all the fab beauty brands possible love them<3!!

  72. 74 Sumaiyah

    I love Saks beauty counters for their gorgeous glossy nail colors, and their gorgeous extraordinary eye shadows! They make me feel so fab! I can’t get enough of it.

  73. 75 Farah A.Mo

    I love Saks beauty counters because they’ve got the latest trends in makeup and beauty. And their sales agents are the best- they’re armed with enough knowledge and without forcing you to buy, you actually buy stuff. Rarely happens in Dubai!! Go Saks! And gooo Huda- cant wait to see you next week. ❤

  74. 76 Amanda Abraham

    Saks Beauty Counters portrays a sense of class and exclusivity that is hard to find anywhere else. Beauty at its best. Thank you.

  75. 77 Zakia

    Saks spoils me…. my first stop for all things beauty. Its a shame we dont have it in London but i’m making up for lost time while i’m in dubai

  76. 78 mandeep

    I enjoyed visiting the Saks beauty counter in the states because firstly we don’t have one in Canada. They had a variety of products and there displays were very appealing. Thanks for posting this contest!

  77. 79 Kamla

    I love Saks because not only do they sell top beauty products, they also help you and tell you how to correctly apply them. The makeovers done by Saks beauty are simply transforming!

  78. Well it’s Saks fifth Avenue! What’s not to love. Every girl loves a good brand 😉

  79. 81 Deepika

    Thank u for these fabulous giveaways Huda! Saks has amazing natural shades.

  80. 82 Yamini Batra

    You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that’s what it’s like when I see SAKS Beauty counter! Only It’s better! ❤
    Love and adore Saks counter, i will be so thrilled if i win this amazing hamper! My birthday is approaching too:) xoxo

  81. 83 Hinna

    Hy huda I lov ur work..I relly wana to win this contest.i’ve already tweet abut it..I love saks beauty bcz everything abut beauty n glamour iz my u r my fav guru..i adore u frm botom of my heart..I can’t make myself to stay away from dats why I love saks coz it’s all abut beauty n glamour…

  82. 84 Joelyn

    I love saks cos they have a beautiful range of collections in cosmetics and beauty products. everytime i try out something new from their collection, i discover a new me!! Love SAKS!! thanks Huda for this wonderful opportunity to join the contest. Godd luck to all! 😀

  83. 85 Sabrina

    Greetings from Bahrain! I absolutely adore your blog & I love Saks Beauty counter because that’s where I get my beautifying stash. Not only do they have great products to choose from, but excellent customer service

  84. 86 Najla


    Why I love saks ? plenty of brands are available in it + they collaborate with the most humble and beautiful make up artist ever.

    *Srsly I started to think to become a make up artist just like you.

  85. 87 Zahra

    I love Saks because it’s like every girls heaven where all dreams CAN come true (If you have enough cash of course) hahaha 😉

  86. 88 Ritu S P

    Saks Beauty counters provide a wide range of cosmetics and also top notch service. The staff at Saks helps you decide what’s good for your skin and suggest you products.

  87. 89 Yogita Pagarani

    I really trust Saks staff suggestions. I never knew what makeup to use and was always intimidated by makeup. But once Saks was hosting free makeovers and after trying it, I was blown away. I never knew that I could look so different and transformed!

  88. 90 Rekha

    Saks has wide range of beauty products. They are top quality and great to use

  89. 91 Niveen

    I’d love it because ih has a collectionar with best of the best
    It makes you the most beautiful woman in the world without a need of the magic mirror to tell you dayly that you are the only beautriful lady in the world.
    you are always guiding us to the best things, so, thank you very much my dear
    sometimes I feel lucky because I met you
    thanks again lovely Hoda.

  90. 92 dori

    😦 my last comment seems to have vanished….

    Well, I love Saks because it makes me feel like a princess! There are so many sights, smells, textures that I love to indulge in… And I can transform into different versions of myself….

  91. Being at Saks beauty is an uplifting experience every time – you can go in there feeling like one person, if you had a bad day and leave feeling Fabulous and ozzzing with inner and outer confidence and top of the world…….people notice as soon as you leave the store.

    Everyone, young or old is treated like a beauty goddess and time effort is spent Finding out what is relevant to your face type/skin type before the therapist indulges you with all the lovely potions. I love going to SAKs beauty counter time and time again!

  92. 94 maryam

    I love saks because i can have whatever i want , i feel like alice in wonderland, amazing…

  93. I love Saks Beauty Counters, cause of their wide range of beauty products. Its a place a girl can indulge in the luxuries that we all love to experience. It’s pure haven ❤

  94. I love Saks Beauty Counters, cause of their wide range of beauty products. The way you can take your time to choose what you want without being pestered by the salesmen. Its a place where a girl can indulge in the luxuries that we all love to experience. It’s pure haven. ♥

  95. 97 Yasmine

    I love Saks Beauty Counters because they have all the amazing beauty brands, and it is one of the largest luxury goods store in Dubai, some which you really can’t find it in any other places. They’ve got the latest trends in makeup and beauty. and my favorite makeup brands are:Chanel’s eyeliner(it is my favorite eyeliner brand), I love Dior’s Nail Lacquer and gloss in all colors and I really like Givenchy’s Mascara and Eyeshadow and many more…

  96. 98 Meriem

    Because they are amazing 😀 ❤

  97. i wana win tooooooooooo……..

  98. 100 Natasha Chandnani

    I Love Saks Beauty Counters because of the greater variety of beauty brands and the stunning collection of those! The sales ladies have always been helpful in making apt choices of whatever we desire for our skin and self. From the high class of beauty brands to the mesmerizing fragrances, I completely adore Saks!
    The best part of Saks is the customer service provided by the knowledgeable sales staff. 🙂

  99. I definitely LOVE Saks Beauty counters because of their wide varieties of beauty products to choose from. Girls can really enjoy it, the different colors, the assorted scents, the quality of the products is undeniably excellent, it’s awesome!

  100. 102 Mini

    I LOOOVEEEEEEEE asks beauty counters because they have SO much variety, they have my favorite makeup brands like dior and estee lauder under one roof, they have HUGGGEEE variety of perfumes!! i absolutely go crazy when i enter saks!!! the sales people are very kind and helpful which makes shopping so easy and even more fun.

  101. 103 Attia

    I love SAKS because you are associated with it 🙂
    P.S (I don’t live in Dubai )

  102. 104 Saloni

    I love Saks Beauty Counters because their service is amazing! They don’t pester me as I browse and when I need them to, they listen to what I want instead of pushing unnecessary products. They take the time and effort to create a look for me and I love it!

    so excited about the goody bag!!

  103. 105 kirtie

    I love saks when i have time and money on hand to spoil myself !!

  104. Saks counter is known for their amazing display (yes, I get pretty attracted to the display of products and their arrangement!) of the widest variety of high end beauty products. Now, tell me which girl won’t fall head over heels with such a brand who provides such excellent service for their users in turn making them loyal to the company! Much love for Saks ❤ Thanks for hosting this event, sounds so promising!

  105. 107 farahshah

    oooooooooooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooddddd
    my fav product @saks beauty is basq mom to be gift set..its just an amazing feeling when u hear a good news of a baby and this happiness is incomplete without these products it really makes u feel special and like you are soon gonna receive a gift from Allah 🙂

  106. 108 Lina

    I Love Saks same way I Love Huda Beauty cz they both r the leaders when it comes to give us the latest in beauty and fashion

  107. 109 Maimona

    I loveeee Saks avenue so much:))))))

    its ma fav store where I can find everything! their website is amazing

    I can easily find anything I want!

  108. 110 Reem

    I love Saks Beauty Counters because it has literally every product any lady would want to have! HUDA I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU AT SAKS ON THE 1ST OF MARCH.. Couple of days left only… soo excitedddddd ❤

  109. 111 L7en

    loooooved saks coz it has lots of awesome brands. 🙂

  110. 112 Dina Tahan

    I love saks beauty counters because they’ve got everything you’re looking for to look absolutely gorgeous

  111. 113 Dina Tahan

    I love saks beauty counters because they’ve got everything you’re looking for to look gorgeous

  112. 114 Sara

    Saks is my heaven on earth ! I love that they have all the brands I need I never have to search somewhere else !

  113. I love saks beauty counters because they’ve got everything you ask for to make you gorgeous

  114. I love Saks because they have all the beauty brands that I find for my make up. I also like how they have amazing offers on beauty products! i love Saks ❤ And you, Huda ❤

  115. they have so many variety of brands & products it is paradise 🙂 thnx

  116. 118 deepti S.

    Thank u for these fabulous giveaways Huda! I love the products…

  117. 119 marie

    I love Saks beauty counters because they all have the must-have beauty products every girl needs to feel and look beautiful like a goddess!!!

  118. 120 SarahK

    Obsessed with SAKS ever since I was young and lived in LA! Firstly, their range of beauty products is simply outstanding – Its a one stop beauty shop and every girl’s dream!

    Thank you for this chance Huda!! Love ya xxx

  119. Love saks, got the most upto date collection of make up and yes i feel like a kid in a candy store!

  120. 122 Yasmeen

    I love Saks Beauty Counters because they have all the amazing beauty brands, and it is one of the largest luxury goods store in Dubai, some which you really can’t find it in any other places. They’ve got the latest trends in makeup and beauty. and my favorite makeup brands are:Chanel’s eyeliner(it is my favorite eyeliner brand), I love Dior’s Nail Lacquer and gloss in all colors and I really like Givenchy’s Mascara and Eyeshadow and many more…

  121. 123 Dana D.

    This is amazing; This beauty bag is full with my favorite beauty brands… I love all of Chanel and Dior’s cosmetics Because they make me look fabulous and great, since I was a little girl I used to always use either Chanel’s makeup or Diors’ and still I do for today because I got used to them!
    I really hope I can win this lovely beauty bag.

  122. I love Saks because they have a huge variety to offer… it cosmetics or anything else.. 🙂 and all this without compromising on the quality. 🙂

  123. 125 Noor Hoda

    Saks ===>> #1

  124. I love saks because it suits my style perfectly!!

  125. 127 Melissa R.

    I love Saks because of their amazing selection!!!

  126. 128 ayesha

    you know saks are amazing when even in the UK they get me excited 😀

  127. 129 Sakia

    I love saks beauty counter so much because I love staring at the makeup and the people are friendly

  128. 130 Nu Nu

    SAKSSSSS!!! even my most over enthusiastic ways of expression wont be enough to describe my passion for cosmetics and SAKS is the ultimate HUB !!!
    there has never been a time when i shopped there and came out with ONLY what i went in for !:D:D i ALWAYS end up buying more than what i came for…(cant blame a girl :):P )
    the latest theing i tried was visionnaire skin corrector…. from lancome.i LOVE LOVE LOVE It. all my cosmetic needs r soo rightfully met here 🙂 there isnt any need to run around anywhere…

    the best out of the rest is all under one roof !! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  129. 131 Rafia Mazher

    Hi huda I am Rafia Mazher from Doha,Qatar,…ur biggest fan ,both on Fb & Twitter,..infact I created my Twitter account just for you,,just now….I have been escaping from the twit bird for…but your tempting contest caught me.. ❤ Hope to Win!

  130. 132 Rafia Mazher

    Hi huda I am Rafia Mazher from Doha,Qatar,…ur biggest fan ,both on Fb & Twitter,..infact I created my Twitter account just for you,,just now….I have been escaping from the twit bird for…but your tempting contest caught me.. ❤ Hope to Win! Twitter : rafia_mazher, FB: rafia.mazher

  131. 133 Reema

    I love Saks beauty counters because..

    * they have the best selection of the newest and top beauty products on the market

    * the staff are helpful and know their stuff

    * Saks as a department store is gorgeous!

    * they’ve teamed up with the best blogger in Dubai for this amazing giveaway 🙂


  132. 134 khunsa khan

    I looooove saks
    because they are the best unfortunatly we dont have saks in holland.
    The service is the best and the staff knows where they are talking about.
    Hope to in this contest 😀

  133. Saks fifth is like heaven on earth for any beauty junkie. They make sure that your beauty needs are taken care of. I always go to Saks to buy my products and always leave the store completely satisfied.

  134. Whenever I am in Saks Fifth Avenue, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I am mesmerised with all the beauty goodies they have to offer and I never leave empty handed. The service at the store is top notch and I always get my Natura Bisse stock from the store.

  135. 137 typefashion

    I love Saks Counter so much:

    It has everything to make you feel like a beauty mogul and a princess 😀

  136. 138 sneha

    I’ve sadly never had the opportunity to go crazy at saks and buy what my cosmetic heart desires, but i am a fan none the less. I love the variety of cosmetics that are available not only in varying colours but also at affordable prices.
    A chance to own cosmetics from, not only prestigious brands but sexy as Dior’s black eyeliner establishment.
    i hope you consider my entry and give me the opportunity to be one of the winners. It would really mean the world to me huda 😀
    Thank you for giving us, your loyal cosmetic warriors a chance at living and basking in the lime light.


  137. I hope it’s not too late to enter!
    I love Saks beauty counters because of their amazing variety of quality brands. 🙂

  138. 140 Tala

    I LOVE the Saks beauty counter because they always keep you up to date with all the new, best, and most demanded beauty products. Most of the products displayed at the counter have amazing reviews so I trust saks 🙂

  139. 141 Devinder Saini

    Oh my god i love the Saks, they have the most amazing beauty products. i have been to the one in boston, prudential center quite a few times and the people have been amazingly kind and helpful.
    i wish i could meet you. i am from dubai myself, but relocated to the states for education reasons. i just wish i could just meet you one day. your like my inspiration when it comes to beauty. your amazing love ❤

  140. 142 Mahum

    There isn’t a saks in the uk but from what I’ve heard and read, saks beauty counters sound like my idea of beauty heaven filled with rows of gorgeous colours and smells.

  141. 143 Shivani

    Hey Huda
    I absolutely adore Saks beauty counter. I have used Saks for as long as my memory serves me and I really really love all their products because they make me feel sooo beautiful both on the outside and inside. It instills self confidence and glamour that no other products have ever done for me. It really makes life so so much easier for girls in today’s world as they have excellent variety and you don’t have to go to any other store to look for the accessories that you want. In short, their products are fabulous, rejuvenating and sakssssssyyyy and I would not give them up for anything else. wink wink 😉

  142. 144 PrincessS

    I love Saks Beauty counters because they always have a good selection of cosmetics and the sales associates are super friendy and they deliver great customer service to their clients and they also make you feel welcome which is very important to do in retail . I also loveee Huda beauty, your simply amazing and inspiring ❤ xoxo

  143. hi HUda I am a great Fan of you and your blog, I have loved all the tips that you gave on beauty ad love your makeup too
    I am constantly in search of beauty products that are suitable for me, and i found Saks Beauty counters wonderful, great range and lovely colors

  144. 146 sana.siraj

    luv being at makes me feel in paradise…luv ur giveaways…followin u n saksbeauty on twitter (siraj4u21)

  145. 147 Hend

    I love Saks beauty counter because they carry exclusive brands

  146. 148 Delia Pereira

    I love Saks beauty counters because,they have the most amazing and best selection of top beauty brands and products, all under one roof which really makes shopping so delightfully easy, the staff are helpful and knowledgeable and the service is great, which is so important..besides now that you, Huda have teamed up with them makes me more happy that my fav store and fav blogger have got together to give us the makeover of our lives 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you at my makeup heaven store – SAKS tomm!!!

  147. 149 JB

    I love Saks beauty counters because of the amazing selection of products that they offer to their customers; I can always find most of my favorite brands and products in Saks! Also, they have amazing service; the staff is always helpful, especially when it comes to testing products such as foundations (shade selections etc.)!

  148. The staff at Saks are so helpful and honest. They advise which colours best suit your skin tone, show you new collections and teach you how to apply make up – a must for me! (And they manage to do all this without being ‘salesy’!!) Always a winner at Saks! ❤ xx

  149. I love Saks beauty because they got best selection of Beauty product and the best serves which is very important.Thank you for Saks beauty costumer service !!!

  150. 152 Angel

    I love Saks because I can find fabulous makeup there that I can’t find at other stores in my area. The salespeople are sweethearts that truly cater to your needs whether you are a rich girl or not. They recommend the products that look best on You, not just what’s trendy at the time.

    I hope I made it in the contest – it’s still 2/29 east coast time!

  151. I love beauty! Thats the bottom line! We don’t have a saks in Grand Rapids (Michigan) But i love the products they carry and i’d be honored to receive them!

  152. 154 Naomi Rebello

    I love Saks because you always receive the best there 🙂 They have the latest and best brands all in one store! Plus, their staff are amazing and helpful- they advise you on the best makeup and give you tips on how to look your best 🙂

  153. saks beauty counters always have the best stuff & products I love that the salespersons are polite & very helpful 😉

  154. 156 Rafia Mazher

    Hey huda I edited my twitter acconut to rafiamazher from rafia_maher…..I am your fan from Qatar & love your tips & tutorials…one thing I always wanted to tell you ,…that,you look like Kim Kardashian…<3 ..Yes really!…I hope to win the prestgious SAKSHamper as my birthday gift from you !…<3…Inshallah..Love ya<3

  155. 157 Asma


    I like Saks Beauty Counters because it allows me to experience many different brands altogether which is good because it gives me a greater variety and the saler assisstants tell me what is best in any brnad for me, rather than a particular brand only which may or may not suit me…


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