Vitamin HB | Under-Rated Beauty!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

We all have those moments where we want to do the right thing for our diet, but it gets so hard to change everything we eat! If you have a sweet tooth as big as I do, then you know, it’s HARD! That doesn’t mean we can’t eat a few good things each day that help promote beauty! One of the healthiest, but under-rated beauty foods (in my opinion) is prunes! Prunes are FULL of antioxidants which keep your skin healthy and wrinkle, scar, and stretch mark free! They also promote healthy digestion and helps keep toxins moving out of your body! And even thought they might be delicious and virtually fat free, you should eat them in moderation (I recommend keeping it at about 2 prunes per day), but eating Prunes is said to be as important as using moisturizer!



8 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Under-Rated Beauty!”

  1. 1 hadeel

    i love prunes and they are easy to find at the supermarkets

  2. 2 BeautyGlam

    Hi Gorgeous! Thank you for this tip(and everything else)! I’m definitely trying this soon! Xoxx

    Looking forward to your February favorites video! Can’t wait to go out and shop for new products! ❤ kisses!

  3. 3 Mary Monroe

    My mom and i were talking about them yesterday! lol

  4. arent the fruit in the picture plums ? Because i always thought tht prunes are the dry version

    • 5 Mahum

      Was thinking the exact same thing!

  5. 6 bonkasaurus

    I am on the same page as evolbeauty. Those look like plums, when i think prunes i think of the dried fruit. I don’t think i have ever seen a fresh prune at a grocery store.

    -Bianca at

  6. All those anti-oxidants can help you prevent many chronic diseases as well!
    Sara from

  7. Hello Beauties, prunes are merely the dried version of plums. So the photo she has, while plums, are the original form of the prunes. Same fruit and soooo good for you. I’ve started eating them regularly and have to say my skin looks so much better and my stomach VERY HAPPY!

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