OMG! Possibly the MOST Exciting Collabo in Beauty History!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Guess who’s collaborating?……Ahhh!! I’m BEYOND excited!!!

I looove the 50’s and 60’s for beauty and Marilyn Monroe was one of my favs! I am so excited that MAC has announced it will be doing a collection just for makeup inspired my Marilyn Monroe! The collection will be released in October, but I am over the moon!! 🙂

How excited are you? What collection would you like to see a collaboration with?


10 Responses to “OMG! Possibly the MOST Exciting Collabo in Beauty History!!”

  1. 1 Sara Mattar

    Channel maybe…

  2. 2 samra

    Oh oh oh… Omg.. We will get all shades of red lipsticks 🙂 and jet black liners with flary lashes 🙂 I love

  3. I’d love MAC to do collaborations with a tonne of people but most especially Jessica Rabbit (I can imagine red glitter and burgundy lips!).

  4. 4 Nu Nu

    omg ! SOOO looking forward to it !! the goddess of ELEGANCE, BEAUTY and GRACE!…and make up inspired by her !!cant wait !!

  5. 5 hadeel

    i like Audrey Hepburn style but am not sure if she was actress at the 50’s or earlier

  6. 6 Mitsa

    I would love for them to also do Elizabeth Taylor also? and Sophia Lauran. All three of these women were the most iconic personalty in beauty. I don’t think that stars of today will ever look like the stars of yesterday. I mean they dont have that natural beauty about them.

  7. 7 Mary Monroe

    OMG no way best news! I love Marilyn Monroe she’s my fav beauty Icon! So excited for this can’t wait!

  8. Can’t wait!! This should be a great collection!

  9. 9 thedarlingcastaneda

    I second Hafsa’s answer, I think a Jessica Rabbit collabo would be AMAZING!! Loves it! 🙂

    ❤ & Perfection~~ Darling.

  10. Haifa Wehbe collaboration 🙂

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