VIDEO | Bobbi Brown Gel Liner Vs Maybelline Studio Liner


By Huda Heidi Kattan

So of course we all know by now we have either tried or heard that the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner is pretty amazing! But how many of you have tried the Maybelline Studio Liner? I wrote about it a while ago, saying it was my favorite drugstore gel liner, but honestly it’s my favorite gel liner, PERIOD! It’s so awesome, I can’t get over it’s amazingness! The texture, the color, the lasting wear, it’s just all around one of the best liners ever! I thought maybe since the Bobbi Brown was more known and a department brand it would be better, I was wrong! LOVE this!!


22 Responses to “VIDEO | Bobbi Brown Gel Liner Vs Maybelline Studio Liner”

  1. Thanks for doing this one. I have the Maybelline one and like it although I did keep wondering if the Bobbi Brown one was just that little bit better. Good to know the Maybelline one is just as good!
    I also love Maybelline mascara – although the Max Factor one you reviewed a few weeks back I have now got and love – it reminds me a bit of the Dior Show (the original one)
    Your blog is fab!

  2. 2 Dee

    Hi Huda! Love your site!! Can you please post something on makeup storage or organization? I would love to know the techniques you use to organize your makeup.

  3. 3 Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    I like the Maybelline liner but I’ve found it to dry out a little and I find myself having to dip the brush into the gel twice to get the whole lid covered. But I do agree about it being better than the Bobbi Brown liner and it’s super cheap!

    • 4 emo0o0o0oz

      put it in microwave to heat it up or in hot water ………sometimes i use eyesealer too 😛 the worst gel liner is makeup forever gel liner….i HATE it!!

      • 5 Hanan

        Agreed! I thought I was the only one that hated MUFE gel liner. It dried up a month after I opened it, the color faded throughout the day even though it was waterproof.

  4. 6 Hanan

    Huda what do you think of the BE Buxom gel liner? I love that it has natural stuff in it and promotes lash growth. I think it worked for me. And it’s super black which I love! I tried to love Bobbi Brown’s liner but kept going back to buxom. Will give Maybelline a try though now! (Though BE would still win in my book for everyday use because it’s ‘supposed’ to be chemical free.)

  5. 7 Mary Monroe

    I purchased the bobbie brown gel liner because you recommended it but i have to say it isn’t the best at lasting long… I haven’t tried any other gel liner but i will grab this up sounds great.. You look so pretty love your makeup really enjoyed this product review video you should make more often.

    I wanted to suggest that maybe you could show us your beauty room 🙂 I’m in desperate need for a makeup organizer and the only one i Loveee is the acrylic clear cube makeup organizer idk where to find like the one seen on the kardashian episodes.. any clue?

  6. 8 Strawberry

    hi huda, i’ve always been wondering…what eyelashes do usually have on?

    not the ones u have on in this video, but the ones that are always on in most of ur recent pictures.


  7. 9 Neha

    Hi Huda! Can you tell me what eye shadows you’re wearing? 🙂

  8. 10 lulu

    hey huda .. can you please tell me what lashes you are using ? i dont seem to get the right ones for me thanks xx

  9. 11 alejandra

    U look absolutely amazing in the pics above! Can u do a tutorial on this look please! ThankS 🙂

  10. 12 S

    I loove this too . Its also only 40 AED and comes with the brush which is great 🙂
    Thanks for the video

  11. 13 Gabriella

    Hey huda! Can you please tell me what blush and eyeshadow you’re wearing? Love your blog! Thank you XOXO

    • Hi darling! It’s actually lipstick! I did this the same day I did my favorite pink lipsticks!! Check out the vid here! It shows what lipstick I used!! 🙂 Xxx

  12. 15 salma

    thank you dear ❤

  13. 16 Maha

    ur nailpolish! i love it

  14. 17 Neha

    Can you please do a tutorial on this look?

  15. 18 zuhra

    just got maybelline eyeliner. i think the brush is too thick.

    • 19 zuhra

      now i just love it! thanks darling!

  16. 20 kk

    Thanks Huda…. I have recently joined ur blog n lemme tell u Baby… am addicted. Been using Maybelline eye studio for a while now. Very Happy my like for eyeliner is similar to urs 🙂

  17. 21 jihane morocco

    I love you so so so much that you look amazing

  18. 22 Reem

    I went out and got all 3 Maybelline eye studio gel’s after watching your video .. My fav is the brown (u should try it), black then blue !

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