WINNERS For Saks + Bonus Contest!!


Hi darlings!!

As you know by now, I am collaborating with Saks to help launch their beauty week! Thank you so much to everyone who entered our Saks and Huda Beauty Giveaway! I will have some more amazing contest soon, so in case you didn’t win, don’t worry! There will be more! 🙂 If you are in Dubai, please make sure you come down to Saks today from 6-9PM because we will have 5 more contest for some of my favorite Armani Products! That’s right, 5 more hampers of 1000 AED worth of products from Giorgio Armani Cosmetics! ! 🙂 I will also be doing some live demos!! The wonderful people at Saks will be giving a discount of 15% off a purchase of 750 AED or more on all beauty products!! I hope to meet you guys there!!! <3<3<3<3

The winners are:






Comment #110 Reem

Comment #54 Richa


15 Responses to “WINNERS For Saks + Bonus Contest!!”

  1. I dint win this time also 😦 but i will never let go the hope …. congrats to the winners…


  3. 3 winniesunny

    Thank you….u made my day…Yippeee…love u Huda Kattan

  4. 4 Richa

    Congrats everyone!!
    Thank you Huda!! Xoxo

    To say “you’re the best!” is understatement

    Love you!

  5. 5 Richa

    I am trying to email, but I keep getting a failure notice from:

    saying: Your mail message to the following address(es) could not be delivered. Thisis a permanent error. Please verify the addresses and try again. If you arestill having difficulty sending mail to these addresses, please contact Customer Support at 480-624-2500.

    How should I contact you Ms. Kattan?


  6. 6 farahshah

    congrats to all the winners
    but i am so disappointed 😦

  7. 7beebty it was really nice seeing you!

  8. 8 hadeel

    Congrats girls 🙂

  9. 9 Reem

    Yayy ❤ thankk you Huda! How can i get them?? xoxo

    • 10 Richa

      Hey! Congrats doll!

      Did you figure out how to contact ?

      • 11 winniesunny

        Still figuring it out 🙂 Could you?

      • 12 Richa

        Not yet — I am so excited! Lol
        Are you having trouble emailing as well?

      • I’m getting your emails! Not sure what’s going on with the errors, but I’m getting them!

      • 14 winniesunny

        Yup, it’s the same error that I am getting

  10. 15 Richa

    Still getting a failure notice from hudabeauty when I try to send my contact info

    So excited!! Thanks Huda!!!!!

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