Favorite Products of the Month!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s time to pick the best products of the month of February! Here are the top picks that I simply cannot live without! <3<3

16 Responses to “Favorite Products of the Month!”

  1. 1 Maryam

    Oh Em Gee!! I absolutely LOVE the Dior lipstick! looks so pretty on you! ❤

  2. 2 Dina

    Amazing list as usual! thanks Huda! I would love to try that foundation so i guess its shopping time!!!

  3. 3 faryanna

    beautiful! Wanted to ask about ur skin tone Huda, what NC r u? What do you recommend for under eye concealer for NC43? Ive been using Mac Prolongwear in NW35,at the same time with my foundation on, you can see the color difference between my under eye and foundation altho I have buffed good snuff. I need something to brighten up the area, not too whitish at the same time.Is layering NC 35 over the NW should do the trick? Pls suggest something

    xoxo farah

  4. your skin ?!

    it got soo much better

    what are you using ?!

  5. 5 Hinna

    Hy huda can u Plz tell me where can I get kerastace fibre which u mentioned firstly ,in Canada???plz do rply

  6. 6 Amna

    Huda Darling, the foundation is not available at drugstore.com

    • I’m so sorry! I don’t know where it went! I just saw it a few days ago! Here is the Covergirl alternative!

  7. 8 Mary Monroe

    I’m thinking of getting the Dior primer deff need it! sounds pretty amazing can’t wait to try 🙂

  8. 9 Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    I had a tonne of products that were my favourite this month ranging from an essential oil scented lotion from a new brand called BLEND collective, Saaf’s Complexion Boosting Serum to L’Oreal’s Chrome Shine eyeshadows!

  9. 10 sam

    hey huda
    frm where can i get the curly cream product?????

  10. 11 Ashna

    Haha I love the way you get excited about beauty products! I will definetly try the the Dior Primer and the Benefit mascara! Thank you for your enthousiasm! 🙂

  11. 12 Kerri

    Huda, as always you look fantastically beautiful! I will now be adding the primer, mascara, lipstick and body scrub onto my list! I’ve just tried a brand called Como Shamballah, their shower gels are fab and Illamasqua liquid liner, much better than my MAC! Trying Alpha H skin products too! xxx

  12. 13 bebegirl

    can’t wait to try the Dior lipstick. Going to mall now to purchase dior primer

  13. 14 bebegirl

    Can you do a look that I could wear to work and still look fab? corporate environment

  14. 15 sam

    hii could you tell me from where can i get the cream for curly hair ?
    is it n dubai mall? which place??
    plzz answer

  15. 16 Asiyeh

    Hi love,what is your nail polish color n brand plllz?

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