My Favorite Launch for March!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I try a TON of products! It’s actually insane! The other day at a beauty seminar for skin, when a woman asked me what skincare products I was using, I told her it changes monthly! A product that I just recently started to use and LOOOOOOOOVE is the Hydra Beauty from Chanel! I have been waiting for this to launch to tell everyone about it! I actually love it so much, that I use it in my beauty kit for clients as well! I am so impressed with how it works on literally everyone’s skin type and creates an incredible amount of hydration that leaves their skin feeling super healthy!

As a makeup artist, it’s SOOO important to have hydrated skin that creates a great canvas for makeup and this works every time! I know the product has blue ginger and a ton of other amazing ingredients that help improve blood circulation, etc. BUT I love the way it makes my skin look and feel! Nothing leaves my skin feeling as hydrated as this product does without being greasy! I use the creme for my skin as well as the skin of my clients, but if anyone has oily skin, the gel is awesome as well! I use both in my kit and it NEVER fails! I’ve been using this for about a month and my skin has never been better! I’ve also been using a serum, which I will be talking about soon!

Check your local Chanel counters for exact launch date


11 Responses to “My Favorite Launch for March!”

  1. 1 nafisa

    Hi huda ….hav been usin Lamer fo 4 yrs now …..can u compare dis product to Lamer ?

  2. 2 Roula

    Hi Huda!

    I have also been using LaMer. However I think ingredients are key to long-term hydrated and healthy skin. Do you see an advantage over LaMer’s ingredients?? Thank youuu!!

  3. 3 hadeel

    Hi Huda what moisturizer do you recommend for around the eye area?

  4. 4 mjdzz

    hey huda ❤

    huda if I am going out in the morning and want to apply a sunblock..what do u recommend like putting a hydrant then a sunblock and then the make up :S..and which sunblock you recommend? thnks huda loveee ur bloggg

    • 5 Mais

      Hi mjdzz,

      May i share my own experience with you, as I had the same concern before sometime and I asked an expert, she advised to hydrate first (with a day cream or light moisturizer) then apply your sunblock and finally your makeup.
      I tried many sunblocks and Avène was the best. It’s so light, doesn’t cause any oiliness or breakouts and it’s perfect under the foundation.
      There are two the tinted and the clear one. I prefer the clear as the tinted one changes the color of the foundation and makes it more whitish

      • 6 mjdzz

        super thnks alot mais :))

  5. 7 Alwiya Abdallah

    OMG for a second, I read Hydra as Huda and I was like Chanel made Huda Beauty Creme?????!!! :O :O LoL! My badd 🙂
    I love youu to bits Hudaa ❤ ❤

  6. 8 jamia

    hi huda i have a question please reply :

    i have oily skin and when i aply make up on my face it doesn’t stay longer than one hour , even if i apply a base and make some powder at the end. what do u recommand me?

    • 9 hadeel

      hi Jamia, if you like i can recomend you a product that works fine it’s Urban decay spray they also have a version for oily skin, you can find it at sephora.

      • 10 jamia

        Hi hadeel thank u so much i Will try it !!!

  7. 11 Maryam

    Hi Hadil, just wanted to say thank you. I used what u recommended and it was awesome. Many thanks.kisses.

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