Tried and Tested | Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I felt compelled to write about this after a few girls over the past week or so telling me they use this and all had the same problem! I’ve been a makeup junkie for a looong time now! I think it really got bad, like to the point where I would say it’s time to check yourself in to a rehabilitation center, for about 10 years now!  When I first started with makeup, a brand that I loved was Bobbi Brown! I’ve always been a brown smokey eye girl! Since Bobbi Brown has an incredible amount of natural tones, it was one of my first brands that I really got into (and by got into, I mean I bought the entire collection).

To me, the Bobbi Brown Concealer was amazing! It had the perfect tone to cover dark circles and was creamy enough to glide on smooth! The only problem I had was it would crease up a storm after just one class (I was 18 and in college, now you know my age!). It was really annoying, but NEVER, EVER did I think to blame the concealer! I thought it was always my skin! Until, I changed concealers of course!

The Bobbi Brown concealer is great for a number of reasons, but to me, it’s not a concealer I would use or recommend to most women because it creases waaaay too much! The formula is smooth and goes on like a dream, but it doesn’t stay put! I’m a concealer junkie, like SERIOUSLY, and this is one I would not repurchase!


30 Responses to “Tried and Tested | Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer”

  1. 1 uma

    which concealers do you recommend for dark circles and for face?

  2. 2 Huma Gull

    Love your Honesty Huda darling… The Best concealer for me is from Makeup forever. I have been using it since last 5 years n its just Amazing. xoxoxo

    • 3 Aisha

      Hi Huma, is it really good? Does it stay with out moving or creasing? And do you put anything under it?

      • 4 Huma Gull

        Hi Ayesha, yes for me the makeup forever consealer has been really good and yes it does not creases.The second better choice is YSL pen type consealer. I like them both 🙂

  3. 5 shitsawilova

    So what concealer WOULD u recommend?

    Bear in mind that some of us use concealers to hide blemishes and not just for the under eye area.

    Also, for some reason I get an error message everytime I try to e-mail u…

  4. 6 Maha

    I’ve been using it for a while and I must say I don’t think i will be repurchasing it either! First I found difficulty trying to apply it without putting too much. At times, I found it to be very oily and sticky. I felt it was pretty heavy especially since i wanted something natural and light because I dont put on foundation for work. Also, I didn’t like the powder that came with it because it made my dark circles look ashy. I’m desperate to find a good concealer and i’m trying so hard to make this product work but it’s just not happening! 😦

  5. 7 Noor

    thanx huda for your honesty, what is the concealer that you recommend

  6. 8 n9na

    whats the best concealer and foundation make you would suggest for wheatish skin tone

  7. 9 Pinkiiiii

    Hii Huda, Loving your Beauty Tips 🙂

    So I used alots of concelars, but still couldnt find the right one ..but i like form what I used only – Bobbi Brown and Touch E’clat from YSL.

  8. 10 Aisha

    Me neither!! It never stays! Most of the time its better for me not to put any concealer than putting the bobbi brown concealer..

    What would you suggest? And is it better to put the green corrector under the concealer?

    Can you do an updated concealer video pleeeeease?

  9. 11 Raya

    is this the same concealer you once posted about?

  10. 12 Mais

    what do you think about YSL concealer?

  11. 13 Basma F

    Bobbi Brown Touch up Stick is fantastic if you prefer more coverage and it doesnt crease.

  12. 14 Sophie El Maceli

    I love the fisrt 15 mins of the coverege which u’ll get specially if u use the corrector prior to it and u’ll have the perfect skin tone colour. Which I adore but then .. It creases too much which disapoints me !!
    I nevr had a concealer which will give a nutural colour as a coverage !

  13. 15 samia

    which concealer would you recommend? im in desperate search and cant seem to make up my mind. really dislike hoarding makeup which i dont end up using 😦

  14. now i am waiting curiously for your recommendation of the best concealer!!

  15. 17 Amna

    This was so tempting , I had to get it, but again the creasing was out of contronl !!!!!
    I will say though that I love the powder that comes with it and I think it is sold seperaty.. Only reason I’m still keeping it around..

  16. 18 UmmZacharia

    Oh my gosh, I’m so glad I read this. I have been on a major concealer hunt that works for me and this was going to be my next purchase but not any more! Thanks Huda for your post on this.

  17. 19 Mitsa

    Yea Huda, I bought this the same reason you gave, because I had always used BB for a lot of things on my face. But I really dislike this Concealer. I tried to change my powder and everything but this never stayed on and it shows the fine lines under the eye so much more then any other concealer I have tried. I am really good at applying eye cream and this still show the lines and it make you look so much older then you really are.

    I do love other things from BB like the Buffer grains. I love this product because you can actually use it with any other cleanser of yours and it turns it has these grains that look like sand and it feels like sand on your face, but it after you finished using it, it makes your face so smooth and younger looking. I also love her Lathering Soap. You can wash your face with it everyday and it does not leave your skin dry after words. I usually use it in the shower along with the buffer grains and it makes for a really good scrubber for your face. Love it. Hate the Concealer

  18. 20 JB

    what concealer would you recommend? I use both, the bobbi brown concealer + bobbi brown corrector. Not that fond of the concealer, but the correcter does help A LOT to correct my dark circles. I’m looking for new concealers to buy after I finish my BB one. What would be a good substitute, that does not crease?

    • I LOOOOVE the Armani Master Corrector! Going to do a video review on conealers and my favorite ones! xxx

  19. 22 Mary Monroe

    I actually remember a post you did on this concealer and you talked about how amazing it was… I actually have bad bags under my eyes Hopefully you do a post on the best concealer out there to help with these bagss it’s so annoying thanks!

    • Hi baby! I did a post on this, but I only talked about the release of the new duo. I didn’t actually review it! I will def do a post on my favorite concealers soon! Xx

  20. 24 Maha Ahmed


    What concealer do you recommend. A lot of us middle eastern/Indian and olive toned girls have dark pigmentation or discoloration on their skin like underneath the eyes, sometimes eyelids and around the mouth area. Unfortunately a lot of concealers tend to make those areas ashy and gray. People have recommended to go with a corrector and then concealer to solve the problem. However, I am not sure where to even start my search, or what brands you would recommend for doing this. You seem to be an olive skin toned person, how do you deal with this issue on yourself or your clients.

    Thanks and I look forwards to your reply.

  21. 25 lulu

    you are right i stopped using mine.. so what concealer would you recommend ? thanks xx

  22. I’ve tried this…. I had the old packaging .. with the powder and oh my the powder went on spoiling my make up bag…. but I’ve liked it mostly now I’m in search for a better concealer….

  23. 27 Raw

    SOO TRUE! i thought it was my eyes toooooo thank youu xx

  24. 28 Jenny

    Hi Huda,
    Have you ever tried to set the Bobbi brown concealer with the powder that comes in the duo now? That setting powder is very different because it is so finely milled. I noticed when I apply the concealer and set it with any random powder it cakes up and moves. However when I use the matching powder or any other powder that is finely milled it tends to keep the concealer put longer…

    • Hi darling!! I did, but wasn’t crazy about it! It could work for some, but did not work for me!

  25. 30 lina

    i bought this concealer and i hate it , on top of the creasing which i cant deal with it at all, the make up artist did not match me to the right color and i trusted her opinion as surely she knows what shes doing but this color is sooo light for me that i cant wear it at all

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