Vitamin HB | Clear, Gorgeous, and Beautiful Skin With Roses!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ok, so while I was in Paris, I actually spent a lot of time with some gorgeous Parisians! Of course being beauty bloggers, many of them had their own natural remedies! I was so shocked to find out that a few of them contributed their perfect skin to two things, Green Tea and Rose Water! I recently posted about how amazing Green Tea is and I have personally seen amazing improvements in my skin when I drink regularly, but Rose Water is something I am definitely getting more into! I actually love this recipe for a natural DIY Rose Water Spray! It’s super easy and you can use it as needed! This is great for stabilizing skin, especially oily skin! It also helps keep your skin flawless and if you have any blemishes or open wounds (including from acne or sunburn) this is awesome to help cool and heal!



Handful of rose petals (I used dried rose buds, which worked beautifully)
2 cups spring water, boiling

In a bowl, place the roses and pour water on top. Cover with a plate and let sit for a few hours. Using a strainer, drain water into a spray bottle and keep with you. You can use this several times a day!


11 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Clear, Gorgeous, and Beautiful Skin With Roses!”

  1. 1 kiran

    I have Rose water purchased from store, will that be as effective as the home made version? Also, I’ve heard Rose water can be used as a toner? Is that true?

    thanks in advance.

    • Yes to both! 🙂 Store bought rose water is fine! Just mix 1/2 cup rose water with 1 cup water! It’s a great very gentle toner! 🙂

      • 3 kiran

        thank you for such a quick response.
        Also, I was planning to use rose water as a toner at night time; so after leaving my toner on for few minutes, can I apply moisturizer over it, or do I have to wash it off in order for my night creams to properly seep through my skin? Thanks again, Huda.

  2. 4 Mary Monroe

    Yay excited! This past week all I’ve been doing is trying all the natural beauty remedies you post &i love them! I have oily skin so i’m excited to try this!

  3. 5 Sabina Paul William Walker

    I am soooooo trying this! It sounds amazing. Love you Huda and all you’re beautifying tips. xxx The best beauty Guru in the world :* ❤ xxx

  4. 6 ruby

    There is a Malaysian Rose tea which is to DIE for!!!

  5. 7 miSsyUAE

    I loved it !!!!!
    thnxxx huda !!!

  6. 8 tai

    This is awesommeeeee . thanks huda 😀

  7. 9 husniye

    Hi Huda,
    I have heard that Rose Bud Tea is also good for skin. Is it true?

  8. I ❤ Rose Water!
    The Indian lady where I get my eyebrows threaded, always uses rose water on my skin after she is done. She says it helps to relax the skin; therefore, prevent any blemishes from coming out because of the irritated skin.

  9. 11 Shaikha

    Huda … where can i find the rose petals?

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