Awkwardly Bad Hair Days–Celeb Edition


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Who doesn’t have them, I think I actually had a whole year of bad hair days after a bad keratin treatment! But let’s face it while we are incredibly influenced by celebrity looks, sometimes they show us exactly how we don’t want to look! Here are some celebrity looks that make you think, ‘fire your hairdresser!’


9 Responses to “Awkwardly Bad Hair Days–Celeb Edition”

  1. 1 Maca

    Seems to me like Britney Spears whole life is one huge bad hair day!

  2. 2 Shamoos

    Cher is the worst!

  3. 3 shitsawilova

    Hi huda,

    Tried e-mail u twice (on both e-mails) but the e-mails bounce back…what’s wrong?! Need to get in touch with u

    • 4 Richa

      I had the same problem, but she received the emails, even though we got the failure message

      • I have to fix my email! Darling, I don’t think I got yours shitsawilva 😦 Can you send it again?

  4. 6 Katelynn

    they all look bad! are drew’s ends black? why would she do something like that

  5. 7 Richa

    Lol! Oh dear…. Janet’s poof is out of this world !

  6. 8 nasreen

    I remember seeing Jlo’s hair and thinking she looked mad!

  7. 9 hadeel

    Madonnna i have no words to describe her, the hair the make up her teeth every thing looks scary to me

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