Seriously Amazing Argan Oil!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s funny, because most people assume people who look good, are genetically blessed with some beauty super power that most of us can only dream of having! Truth is, there’s no such thing! Ok, well maybe there are good genes, but I’ve always said this and I truly believe, if you take great care of yourself, you will look better than a person with great genes who ignores there beauty needs. Having said that, I have to tell you guys my hair is the HARDEST to do! Seriously. 

When I go to salon, my hair rarely looks good and I’m always that girl that the hairdresser knows they messed up their hair then start freaking out and try to fix! It’s just really difficult! So if a product gives me more control, I am more than just a little excited to try it!

I know everyone has been on a Moroccan Oil craze! Honestly, I’ve been using it for the past 4 years and I love it! The only problem is, you can’t get it everywhere! I recently found an Argan Oil that I think will actually replace my Moroccan Oil! The reason why I love Oil of Morocco is for several reasons! First, I love the fact that it is certified organic Argan Oil, which means less chemicals for my hair, yaay!! Second, the texture is the BEST I have ever felt! It feels like Moroccan Oil, but silkier and more fluid, which means it will coat my hair better and move better through my hair! Third, it has no sulfates or parabans, double yaaay!! I actually just used it while I was in Paris this weekend, and my hair honestly looked so perfect, it looked fake, which is something that NEVER happens for me!! This is a new favorite for me!!

To find where you can purchase this product, click here!


23 Responses to “Seriously Amazing Argan Oil!!”

  1. I can’t wait to try this:) I’m obsessed with Moroccan Oil and any argan oil too.

  2. 2 Aisha

    i didn’t find the oil on the link you posted, they only have the shampoo
    anywhere else i can buy it from?

    • 3 zuhra

      it is there. just search argan oil.

  3. 4 Richa

    What is the difference between argan oil and morrocan oil ?

    • 5 Loubna

      Argan Oil is from Morocco. That’s why they call it Moroccan Oil.

  4. THey don’t have the oil on the site you linked us to . WHere else can I find it in the states?

  5. 7 Marie-Louise

    Hi Huda, you should visit Morocco! It’s such a wonderful country. Go visit the Morocco Mall in Casablanca, it’s so amazingggg. And buy some real Argan Oil in Agadir. I love your blog so much. Big kiss, Marie-Louise.

  6. 8 Alia

    I love argan oil — great for hair and skin!

  7. 9 Marie-Louise

    Hi Huda! Argan Oil is truly amazing, that’s why they call it the Gold of Morocco. I’ve been using it for such a long time, it’s really good for your skin and hair. I buy it in Morocco.
    You should go visit Morocco! Go to the Morocco-Mall in Casablanca, it’s so amazingggggg! And then buy some real Argan Oil in Agadir. Love your blog so much. Big kiss, Marie-Louise.

  8. 10 Myth

    Hey Huda!

    You’ve mentioned in your derma roller video the essentials moisturizer. Where can I get it from?
    It’s really important!!


  9. 11 sheikha

    heey huda,,i always love to check ur blog like daily!! and i want to know how to get a pure, velvet skin because i have like little pimples mark


  10. HI guys!! I fixed the link! Try it again!! 🙂 Also, for the derma roller, check out my post here, it says where to buy!

  11. 13 LR

    I love these more natural products! Please keep the natural reviews coming!

  12. Hey could you please do a post/video on how you use it? I am confused whether I should put it in my hair right before I wash it or leave it on overnight. Also, should I apply it over my entire head or just the ends? And do you use it on your skin as well?

  13. 15 Mary Monroe

    I know moroccan oil is great

  14. 16 farahsha

    OMG its freaaakiinnggg exxxpensiveeee

  15. 17 Sherihan

    My hair colored , damaged ,dull split ends is this oil suitable coz I’ve tried many products but without any result

  16. 18 Sumaiyah

    I heard that this can be used on skin!!??? IS THAT TRUE??

    • Yup! But I recommend sticking to arms and legs! 🙂

  17. 20 salma

    I have it really it useful for the hair

  18. This oil is amazing!!! I had been noticing that my hair looked dull and not as shiny as it used to be. I also thought that it was getting lighter (I have very dark hair and it was starting to look dark brown). I used this oil as a leave in treatment…put some in 30 min before I got in the shower, shampoo and condition as usual and OMG!!! My hair is now back to being dark, it is soft and shiny, great movement and texture. I can’t say enough about this stuff. Works well as a cuticle oil too. I will occassionally used it for an especially dry spot my face or body also. Every once in awhile I get pretty dry under my eyes…put a bit of this stuff on and it’s gone in no time. This may be an oil, but it doesn’t apply like your typical skin/hair oil. It soaks in quickly with no greasy feel or residue. Another bonus is that it has no noticeable odor.Beware: when you use this as a hair treatment you need much less than you think you do!!! The first time I did it I used way too much and had to spend extra time drying it. It is also helpful to shampoo 2x right after the treatment to get any residual out.

  19. 22 Laila

    Do not buy the brand Moroccan Oil, simply because it’s not argan oil from Morocco but from Israel. So if you want real argan oil purchase the one that is from Morocco and NOT Israel!

  20. 23 tima

    oh dear hope the oil that they launched in south africa is not from isreal . paid about 60 dollars R380.00. works well on my hair however as i have curly hair after shampoo i put loads of condtioner and leave in and style my hair works very well to control my hair ….tima

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