Seriously HAUTE | Hair to Inspire


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Soooo my obsession with Pinterest persist and with good reason! It takes up so much time, but when I have a minute, I like pin:) It’s my new thing! I am soooo obsessed with some of these styles and they are super easy totally wearable every day! I actually will be getting some tutorials from these looks! I love them!! <3<3


13 Responses to “Seriously HAUTE | Hair to Inspire”

  1. Loved the pics n can’t wait for thm tutorial, fish tail braid n the dounut buns r my most loved once

  2. 2 manel

    some of these are seriously hair business ..loved most of the looks but I don’t think I can achieve any of them LOL

  3. 3 manel

    lol I meant “serious” not seriously haha

  4. 4 Zoe

    Love these – can you do a video on how to do some of these styles?

  5. 5 Mary Monroe

    yay excited! I really like the looks also very elegant but also casual at the same time!

  6. 6 bonkasaurus

    Pinterest gives me hair envy! I just tell myself in reality all those girls probably have extensions and hair dressers to do their hair for them. Love the pictures.

    -Bianca at

  7. 7 Misbah

    Huda………….. Plz post tutorials on all these hairsstyles plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I really loved them and wold love to learn them from you.
    Lots of love.

  8. 8 Kerri

    Hey Huda, I LOVE Pinterest too, I’ve been pinning for a while now and have some of the same hair pins as you! Follow me pls? My boards are really cute!

  9. I tried to do the sides braid, love them!!! Please post tutorials video…. Thanks… =:D

  10. Amazing hair, If only I had the time and the dexterity. I can’t wait for my daughters hair to grow so I can practice on her!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing the pics. I have long hair and the hair styles you shared are fabulous. Thanks Again.

  12. There are many different types of hair extension application methods around, some outdated and still in use today by many so called hair extensions experts.

  13. 13 Fajas

    I wish my hair would go longer fast enough when you post your tutorial so I can do the last picture that you have posted on your blog.

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