Tried & Tested | Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s really hard to please me! My sisters will tell you, I get to try a lot of products, and it’s very rare for me to find one that is perfect! But nonetheless, I can’t help but always be hopeful that one day some skin, makeup or hair genius out there will answer my wishes and give me a product that will turn my inner princess (in my case, Disney Princess, I love Princess Jasmine), on the outside!

So I’m still waiting, but I have to say, I have found some kick ass products in the process of waiting! A product I just recently started using and I have to say, it REALLY has helped with my sleep deprivation, is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye cream. Ok, I’ll be honest, when I first got it, I really didn’t think it was that great! I tried it and I read a ton of amazing reviews, but it just didn’t work for me! My eye problem is serious! I know I’m supposed to sleep and after writing that last post about the importance of sleep with beauty, I actually got a little scared! But let’s face, if you work too much, study too much, play too much or just have kids, it’s hard to manage a healthy sleeping pattern!

I honestly hate it when I wake up and my eyes are super puffy! I am obsessed with using my cold towel compress, but on days when I need an extra oomph, I use the compress and I apply a SUPER generous amount of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye under my eye serum! It has helped me look AMAZINGLY awake on days when I honestly got 5 hours of sleep! It always make me look well rested and I love that it boots bags while I sleep! It’s always nice to know something is helping me with the beauty process! 🙂


10 Responses to “Tried & Tested | Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye”

  1. 1 Mais

    Any idea where can i find Kiehl’s in abu dhabi? or is it only available in Harvey Nichols in Dubai?
    Have you ever tried Dr. Sebagh products? If yes, please let me know what do you think about them. Thank you 🙂

  2. 2 lala_boo

    Huda can you tell me what serum you use combined with this cream? im turning 25 and i think i need to start using eye cream as i dont wanna get wrinkles yet! do you think i need it??
    xxx lala

  3. 3 faryanna

    You should try loccitane Immortelle precious Eye cream too, I had dark circles too and it really helped!

    • 4 bee

      I have this imortelle cream but don’t think its amazing 😦 maybe I’m applying it wrong?? Can you explain your routine faryanna?? 🙂

  4. 5 Rissa

    the concentrate is fantastic too. i use both at night and i really do believe that they help me get to sleep and when i wake up in the morning, my skin is super soft.

  5. 6 Mary Monroe

    Do you apply the serum after the cold towel compress… I’m obsessed with the cold towel for my eyes I’m really excited you’re talking a lot about the under eye puffiness it’s just frustrating to have that. Thanks Love!

  6. 7 souade

    hi Huda,
    thank you for this post, please which eye serum do you use?
    i tried a lot but always disapointed.
    Bisous ma chérie
    Souade from Paris

  7. 8 Noor

    I know what you mean about not getting enough sleep, rest etc! I think in conjunction u should use Kiehls midnight recovery concentrate and the Overnight biological Peel and let me know what you think… well don’t use them together! Those two are life savers if i need to look “radiant” and “fresh” the next morning!
    hehe I’m not a big fan of every kiehl’s product but I’ve had amazing results with these two.. was very disappointed with the acai range.. Before i forget! Their Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is amazing! i had a few blemish scars and they have worked wonders on fading them out and making them look more even! let me know!

  8. 9 Sindy

    I love how pretty you are,i just buy this anf the face MR as well,i use clarins and is rally good but it look like am not getting the same effect,i jus find about the the faceshop is a korean brand and is like miracle u should try,they have everything and not exp.

  9. 10 D

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