Friday Favs | Things I’m Addicted To!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Haaaaaappy Friday darlings!!!! I hope you guys have the BEST Friday ever!! I was actually in Paris this past weekend, and it was International Women’s Day! I kind of thought, it’s a really cute holiday, but it should be Women’s Day EVERY Day!! 🙂 Hopefully these posts on some of my favorite beauty products will help make us feel pampered every single day!! 🙂 Love you all to pieces!!!!!

Tried and Tested | Ciate Nail Varnish

I looooove getting my nails done! It just makes me feel pretty! So when I got these nail polishes from Ciate, I was soooo excited to try them! The colors are GORG, but Click Here to Read More About Ciate Polish and Check Out My Favorite Colors

One Palette, Three Looks!

I have become insistently in love with my Lancome Blondette Fatale Eyeshadow palette since going to the Emirates Woman Awards. At the awards, I got so many compliments on my eyeshadow that I knew it was one every brown-shadow lover will adore! Click Here to Read More About One of My Favorite Dramatic Brown Shadow Palettes! This one is great for soft to dramatic looks! 🙂

Amazing Skin in a Bottle!

This product is serious business!! I noticed my skin immediately looked healthier and more radiant after I started using it! I was worried because my skin is so sensitive that I might have breakouts, but I have had extremely successful results from this product!! Click Here to Read About An Amazing Elixir, Great for All Skin Types!! So addicted to this!!


2 Responses to “Friday Favs | Things I’m Addicted To!”

  1. 1 Ada

    Yaaaay love favourites posts!!!

  2. 2 Mais

    i would like to know where can i buy Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery from in UAE?
    is it only available in Dubai? or do they sell it in Abu Dhabi as well?

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