Drugstore Product of the Week!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Last weekend I had such an amazing time in Paris! I’m actually waiting on the photos, but I was literally there for one whole day (believe it or not, that’s not my shortest trip)! While I was there I was SOOOOO excited to sit down with some amazing beauty editors from all over the world and lovely, amazingly talented Pat McGrath (who I LOOOVE so much) to talk about all the looks she created for all of her runway shows!

One of her favorite products to use, which I also love is the Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeshadow! I love this for soooo many reasons, but mostly because it literally doesn’t budge for hours! It’s probably one of the best products I’ve ever used on my eyes to create crease-less shadow that blends with amazing pigment! Pat said she loved using the lighter one, which is more pearl in color! It looks like it would create a great highlighter as well, and considering it’s staying power, it’s probably one of the best products you can use for a gorgeous highlight that would last all day long! I just found it on the top of so many blogs and Allure Magazine ranks it as one of their best products at a bargain price! AMAZING!!! I have to say, I am really loving Max Factor/Covergirl lately!

Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeshadow in Coffee, of if you are in the US, it is the Covergirl Intense ShadowBlast in Brown Bling 


2 Responses to “Drugstore Product of the Week!”

  1. 1 Richa

    I like the idea of using it as a highlighter!

  2. 2 nasreen

    I bought this after you used it in your video tutorial!! I really liked it, but never thought to use it on my face!! I will try that!!

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