Which Brows Are You & What Are Your Dream Brows?!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I honestly can’t remember when it started, but as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed OBSESSED with brows. I just love the way they change a face and how dramatic brows can even create personality! Recently when I sat down with Max Factor’s Global Art Director, Pat McGrath, one of the things I asked her about were brows! It seemed that she used bold brows as well as bleached brows a lot on the runway this year and really every year! When I asked her which one was more on trend, it was pretty obvious that it depends on the look and the show. I’m not sure if for every day we would wear naked brows, but bold brows are serious fun! Here are some gorgeous looks, tell me which ones you guys like more?! And would anyone wear barely there brows? I’m also curious, if you could have any brow, which one would it be? I would loooove to have Audrey Hepburn’s straight bold brows!


29 Responses to “Which Brows Are You & What Are Your Dream Brows?!”

  1. 1 Saroosh

    super bold or bold and natural. i have dark brows but they are like caterpillars scrawling over. i like those made filled in brows. could you tell me how to have those? and i wanna go light, do u recommend i color them lighter and then fill them with pencil?

  2. 2 Saroosh


  3. super bold or bold and natural are the ones I would love to have myself:)

  4. 4 Mimi

    Clean and natural

  5. 5 Ena


  6. 6 Mais

    love the bold and natural like kim’s

  7. 7 Nina

    I like bold and natural brows (: it looks really good and full of beauty! bytheway I love your eyebrows huda …. perfect enough for me really and i like it when match with the hair color, i think it’s important point …. Although I sometimes see girls do not follow this rule .. they look pretty!

  8. 8 Yusra

    I Love yours Huda and Kim’s ones. I also love Amar’s brows (a lebanese singer)

  9. 9 Elena

    i like marwas’ brows. just perfect

  10. 10 Monica B

    I am clean and natural but will love to have bold and natural like kim !!!!! the hair stop growing in some parts 😦 …..but i learn how to fix them with huda help 🙂 ……

  11. 11 zuhra

    I like bold and bold natural.
    my eyebrows r like invisible 😦
    so i just wish to have brows like urs Huda!!!!

  12. 12 Queen S

    Bold and natural wish I had super bold….but Alhamdella for these at least…

  13. 13 Rebecca

    in between Super bold and Bold and Natural is PERFECTION

  14. 14 faryanna

    I prefer Salma Hayeks and Kim’s.:)

  15. 15 lina

    I have clean and natural brows, before they were the same but thiner. I made this look just few weeks ago. But if I got the chance i would love try the straight brows! Do you know how to do it Huda?


  16. 16 Alia

    do you mind getting my eyebrows done huda? I love your eyebrows

  17. 17 Sumaiyah

    I have the lightest brows ever. It’s more of a light brown but obviously noticeable. My fave is the super long brown! They remind me of my brows except shorter and less clean! lol

  18. 18 Mariam

    I love super bold dense eyebrows, that need no filling! Strangely enough, I also like the super long eyebrows! I heard somewhere the colour of the eyebrows has to be a shade or two lighter than you hair, or something like that? Is this true?

    But do you know whose eyebrows I absolutely covet? Anne-Catherine Frey (http://vanessajackman.blogspot.ca/2010/11/paris-fashion-week-ss-2011anne.html).

  19. 19 salma

    i wish my brwos being bold or super bold , i colored them every week

  20. 20 Mary Monroe

    I love thick brows your’s are amazing! ❤

  21. 21 hadeel

    mine are the worst ever!!! very dark but they are spread here and there!!!

  22. 22 Stiina

    clean and natural

  23. 23 AlyaMawaleed

    super bold or bold and natural

  24. 24 Mariamm

    I would like to wear eyebrows like yours ❤ bold & natural.

  25. 25 sousou

    bold and natural

  26. 26 Najoua

    super bold and bold and natural are gorgeous 🙂

  27. 27 mariar0se

    I love the bold and natural look. I get my eyebrows waxed because I don’t know how to shape them myself. You should make a video on how you do your eyebrows. I love watching your tutorials! (=

  28. 28 Aisha

    mine are bold and natural but sometimes i like super bold in some people.. but i really really hate extreamly thin brows they are ugly

  29. 29 Asphyxia

    Bold and natural w/super long

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