CONTEST TIME!! West LA Launch Tickets + Beauty Blender!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves!!

I am soooo excited because this weekend will be the opening of the West LA Boutique in Dubai! Honestly, we totally need something like this and I can’t wait to put a huge dent in their inventory:) The store will completely sell LA based or inspired clothing brands, like Blank Denim, Jeffrey Campbell, Belle Noel, and House of Harlow, among a ton more! It will be opening at the gorgeous Sunset Mall in Jumeirah and my sister Mona is doing the launch party! The party is going to be so much fun!!! I can’t give away too much about the party, but I can tell you it will be amazing! There will be a ton of things to come out of this boutique, so this is DEF one to watch!! Can’t wait to share the rest of the exciting plans soon!! 🙂

One of the things they will be giving away at the party will be the Beauty Blender!! Yaay!! I’m really excited because I got my very first Beauty Blender in LA, so this definitely brings me back!! The contest today is for 5 tickets to the event! But don’t worry, I can’t leave anyone out (especially all you international beauty lovers), so I will also be giving away 5 Beauty Blenders to 5 international winners!

So the contest today is for:

5 Dubai Based Winners who will win invites to the event (they can collect their prize there)
5 International Winners who will receive their Beauty Blender via mail

All you have to do is Follow Huda Beauty on Twitter and tweet “So excited to see @hudabeauty at the @WestLABoutique this Saturday!

You can also comment below telling me how much you love LA and especially what you love the most about LA! There are two ways to win! 10 winners total, good luck my darlings!! XXx


72 Responses to “CONTEST TIME!! West LA Launch Tickets + Beauty Blender!!”

  1. 1 maheenhaider

    Best brand in town .. simple and elegant .. 🙂 as per your requirement thats y i love LA.

  2. 2 nasreen

    I love La because the vibe there is so relaxed

  3. 3 Sara

    I love LA bc the fashion is boho chic and its the home to all celebrities

  4. 4 Sara

    I am very excited to hear about the West LA Boutique in Dubai. I was going to buy a beauty blender look alike from sephora this weekend, but pleased to know I could purchase the actual thing now. Thank you Huda xoxox

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I’m from (Hawaii). But I have to say that I love LA because it’s a beautiful juxtaposition of cosmopolitan and a Pacific laid-back coastal attitude. You can stuff your face with Korean Tacos downtown, hit up the craziest clubs in West Hollywood, attend a red carpet event, and still relax at the beach in Malibu, or people watch in colorful Venice Beach. “…LA, it’s the place to be. You’ve got to be there to know it, what everybody wanna see.”

  6. 6 Sabrina

    I love LA because there’s lots to do there; fun in the sun. LA is also a shopper’s paradise & my credit card needs to be dented 😉

  7. 7 mpa

    The reason why I love LA is because I haven’t been there…. Yet! It must be an awesome city as seen on movies!

    • 8 mpa

      I don’t know if we’re supposed to say where we live etc… But I live in France for studies temporarily. My home is Greece!

  8. i just love LA, its so classy and amazingly beautiful but i love huda more.. she is my inspiritaion.. love u huda.. you in my prayers daily.. god bless u

  9. 10 erin

    what i love the most about LA is the weather and the laid back state of mind

  10. I love LA because its such a vibrant and dynamic city, and not to forget, it is the ‘City of Angels’

  11. 12 Wedad

    I just read your blog post and let me say I am just as excited as you are cz i have an OBSESSION with everything abd anything LA related!! I lived there for 16 years until I moved back to the UAE and because I am so obseesed I go every summer and every winter vacation so this opening in Dubai is super exciting for me! I always stock up on stuff I love from LA and can’t get in Dubai

    so I hope this boutique carries a lot of LA products because it sure would save me the extra packages and suitcases I have to ship back after my visits!!I adore everything about LA!! The laid back vibe, the shopping, the restaurants, going to Lakers games at the staples center, walking down rodeo drive, robertson boulevard, the grove or even 3rd street promenade, the people, the Santa Monica pier, getting my hair done at Frederic Fekkai or Sally Hershberger ( if i do highlights i only do them in LA cz i dont trust anyone else with my hair except LA professionals!thats how obsessed I am) and last but not least the absoltuley AMAZING weather!!! There is nothing like an LA breeze! ( yes I’m even in LOVEwith the LA air!!) There really is no place like it!! I mean what is there not to LOVE about it!!! Whenever something or someone from LA comes the UAE I get soo excited that’s why I really would LOVE to meet you huda and I really really would LOVE to go to this event!!!

  12. 13 Queen S

    I would love LA even more when I actually visit….and the reason I do want to travel there is because it is not only a shopper’s paradise but home to all of the celebrities! I long to visit because people seem more health conscious, friendlier and happier! Would like to revel in the endless choice of delicious dining, observe the Art Deco architecture, explore the surreal topography….the list can go on and on! *Sigh*….wish I were there right now!

  13. 14 sonyia

    no matter what you do in LA, your behavior is appropriate for the cityyyyyy!! you can have fake breasts and drive a ford mustang or grow a bread and run around drunk. you can watch cops all day or you can be a porn star! LA is an amazing city! in the city its just you and a bunch of parking lotss. The best thing about LA is the way people carry out their styles! every girl looks like a model walking down the streeettt because everyone their is so into fashion!! i lovee LA and had the best trip there!

  14. LA is the most exiting city in the world beacuse there are so many celebrities and stores for things that you didn’t even think of.I really whant to go there because my mom tells me that we can’t go because we will spend to much.I hope I can win at least the beauty blender because i searched it all over the internet and in my country ,the shipping it’s over 100 $.

  15. 16 Sian Cook

    Ive never been to LA, but the most awesome thing would be the old hollywood galmour and the history of film 🙂 its awesome that we get a small piece of LA in Dubai with WestLA 😀 and OMG JEFFERY CAMPBELLLLLLLLLLL and Belle noel and BEAUTY BLENDER IN DUBAI!!! SO EXCITED CANT WAIT TO SEE THE STORE!!!!

  16. I LOVE LOVE and LOVE LA like crazy. There really is no place like it in the world. It is much more than putting it in here…. The three things LA just blows every other city is , fashion, beauty and glamour….

  17. 18 Melisa

    When I step onto the streets of LA it brings me into a whole different culture! Beautiful people, elegant places and lots of sunshine. I can’t wait to visit again so I can experiance the beauty & culture more!

  18. 19 Ashley

    I love LA! I am from Pasadena, which is quite close.
    What I love most about LA (and all Southern California) is the incredible variety of culture! I love the Asian & Arabic markets, and all of the incredible cuisine, the people, and the shopping! LA has something for everyone.

  19. 20 Genvieve

    I love Elay because there is always something to do! I love everything there and the people are really cool

  20. 21 sugar

    I haven’t been to LA so I don’t knw what I want or don’t want frm ther but I do want the beauty blender coz I’ve heard so much abt it 😀

  21. 22 dana

    oh I want this,, LA is a great place is because there are delicious rest, people, celebs, movies, ads, everything about LA is fun!

  22. 23 norma uni

    I LOVE the weathet But most Of all I LOVE the celebrities!

  23. 24 dana

    Wow, 10? Ok, so I should win, I hope 😛

  24. 25 tanya mansour

    Every time I am in LA I have a lot of fun and the city is always pumping

  25. LA is amazing because it has everything, Beach, Restaurants, Cafe’s, the best stores, perfect weather, a chilled out atmosphere, that small chance you might run into Ryan Gosling on the street, nothing is too much when it come to fashion, the sky’s the limit you could express yourself and go all out!!! what more could you ask for?

  26. 27 Najla

    LA is amazing because it has everything, Beach, Restaurants, Cafe’s, the best stores, perfect weather, a chilled out atmosphere, that small chance you might run into Ryan Gosling on the street, nothing is too much when it come to fashion, the sky’s the limit you could express yourself and go all out!!! what more could you ask for?

  27. I love LA because, when i walk through the streets of LA, i get so much inspiration by seeing all the different types of people and their unique styles. Its not as up beat and fast as NYC, but it has its own relaxed and calm vibe which makes me feel content and comfortable in my own skin. I also love that i can get such a variety of things to do, the beach the restaurants, AND shopping. Watching everyone enjoy the sun and shop, what else would you want besides this? I love LA 🙂

  28. I have not been to LA (yet)….I’m sure I would love it!!! Well, actually I made a connection in LAX if that counts, hehe!!

  29. 30 Nimsi


  30. 31 Nimsi


  31. 32 Marissa Vishnu

    Hello Beauty,
    I love LA ESP for the ambiance and of course there’s the best shopping!!! I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes ( just ordered my 6th pair lol)
    Have fun at the launch party- would love to be there in person!

  32. I just love Los Angeles because, there really is no place like it in the world. There are more things about LA that I adore than I could possibly put into one readable article, so I will limit myself to the things that keep me coming back. The three things LA just blows every other city in the USA out of the water with are – convenience, culture, and beauty. Another great thing about LA is that it’s centrally located to virtually everything: You want the beach, drive a max of 30 mins and the ocean’s right there for you. You want amusement parks? Drive an hour tops, and you’ve got Six Flags, Disneyland, and Knotts. You want snow? Again, drive an hour to the mountains, and you’ve got it. LA’s also got a multitude of museums for the ones who love to learn, and then… there’s the night life. Basically, everything you could ever want and need is in LA. You just can’t stop loving it !
    Elsa El Osta
    email :

  33. 34 Noor

    Loving Thier Beauty products, and, most importantly, i’m having greater confidence in them now that u’ve recommended them! Love the products/brands u recommend :)!!

    Love, Noor (Currently studying at the UK)

  34. I love Huda Beauty!! I have never been to LA, but from what i have seen on TV and the internet the fashion and style there is amazing and unique, its like chic modern beach wear! LOVE IT!!

  35. AWW… I was super thrilled when I read the title of this post – I thought YOU were launching something here in California that I might actually be able to attend! Lol This is just as exciting however…

    It’s hard to love LA for just one reason, but I mainly do because it’s so reminiscent of home (Dubai) – where glamour is celebrated and diversity is embraced:)

  36. 37 Rachael Alvarado

    I love LA because that’s where I’m from!! There’s No where like it- the people are one of a kind and they’re spirit for they’re city is die hard and amazing… There’s so much to do In LA also…
    Go dodgers!!!

  37. 38 Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    What I love about LA is that it’s totally different to London (born and raised!!). I love London but the weather is forever changing and we’ve got the beaming sun on Tuesday and by Tuesday evening, it’s raining cats and dogs so with LA, you know what you’re getting which is straight up sun rays! Some lovely vitamin D to boost your mood, give you a gorgeous tan and shopping (Melrose Avenue, anyone?)!

  38. 39 kiran

    Huda dear,

    NY has got nothing on LA fashion. Anytime of day you can go out & see people dressed as a Rockstar, to a hippy. Beautiful fashionista women with sun kissed skin rockin’ high heels. Being resident of Ga, USA, I hop over to LA at every chance I get to enjoy the beautiful weather and experience the diverse culture and try the most amazing food. nom =)

    P.S Great blog, I learn and pass your great tips to my friends and family.

  39. AWW… I was super thrilled when I read the title of this post – I thought YOU were launching something here in California that I might actually be able to attend! Lol This is just as exciting however…

    It’s hard to love LA for just one reason, but I mainly do because it’s so reminiscent of home (Dubai) – where glamour is celebrated and diversity is embraced:)

  40. 41 Elena

    i dont know what all these are, but i really want that beauty blender sooooo bad 😀

  41. 42 Camila

    I love LA because I’m a film student lol. Many people dont like LA, but what I love abou it is tht it’s Si versatile that you can make your own world out of it anyone can pick out activities places to hangout, style and dining that suits each one of us uniquely 🙂

  42. 43 Anna saab

    I luuuvvv L.A. because of all the shopping and the nice weather, where I live it’s cold most of the year :(…. Ur awesome Huda!!!

  43. 44 purvi

    Hey…love LA …hope to win from u…:)

  44. 45 Roxanne Madrid

    I’ve only been to LA once for business. What I did love about LA was the diversity and all the yummy food.

  45. 46 Sara

    What I love about LA is the diversity. The different types of fashion is reflections of all the different cultures blended. You’ll see kids in acid wash skinny jeans w/ vans, and a wooden cross around their neck.. or guys in chinos and converse. Then, you’ll walk down the street and see girl’s with sky scraper heels, snake skin mini skirts, and neon tops.. or boho girl’s w/ sun dresses, nude sandals, and a scarf around their head! It’s amazing what you’ll see, and how confident everyone seems to be in what they are wearing (even if it looks completely ridiculous)!

  46. 47 Nikita

    What I love about LA? The sun.. the sand.. the glamour! Enough said!!

  47. 48 madeline

    I’ve only been to the airport in LA and walked around the area for a bit, but it was sooo hot and had beautiful palm trees! The shopping was also fantastic 😉


  48. I have never really been in LA but it seems like the dream city to be in! All the fashion, beauty going on there just seems amazing! And the weather is to DREAM FOR! I would love to visit LA in the near future!

  49. 50 Sarah

    LA is such a fun city because there is always something going on, but there is also a laid-back and peaceful coastal feeling, with the palm trees and the ocean right there.

  50. 51 ursula

    Yippppppeeeeeeeee the beauty Blender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking for it sooo long!!!

  51. Went to LA last summer and absolutely fell in love with it! Also did a semester this year at UCLA which was awesome!

    My favourite spots in LA have to be – Whole Foods Brentwood, Hollywood Hills and Venice Beach. Who agrees?

  52. LA is amazing!! Fun, great weather, great food!! 🙂 Thanks!

  53. 54 Carissa

    I have never been to LA (with the exception of a layover, which definitely does not count). I would really love a beauty blender, though!

  54. 55 Seyra

    I love how every time somebody mentions LA they smile, it’s the ultimate party city! Everyone is so daring they’ll whatever wherever all in the name of Fashion!! I’d love to go to enjoy the beaches and sun! (I live in England) We have all the shops but sometimes shopping feels like a chore because of the dreary weather. If I was in LA I’d be shopping ALL the time!
    I’d make the shopping centres my catwalk!!!

  55. 56 Roxanne Shaikh

    It would be amazing to win the beauty blender (by the way never been to LA) Heard a lot about the beautiful city

  56. 57 Meghan Stanley

    What’s not to love about LA?! Except the traffic of course. It has a completely different vibe than the East Coast; relaxed, fun, and the city never sleeps! It’s the place where people aren’t afraid to take any fashion risks, the sky is the limit!

  57. 58 Krista

    Love LA – the WEATHER! Beautiful.

  58. I’d love to win a beauty blender, always wanted to use one! I’ve never been to LA but I’d love to someday! x

  59. 60 Ashna

    LA must be a wonderfull city with all the celebs living there and the sun is always shining! I can´t wait to visit LA one day and feel like a celeb walking down the street in LA city! I also love the fact that LA Ink made LA more famous, I am not in to tattoos but I will definately consider to get a tattoo 🙂

  60. hello huda,
    im from europe and i wish i would be able to see LA once in my life , its one of my biggest dream and by the way winning a beauty blender would be so nice 🙂
    have so much fun at the party :)) love youuu

  61. 62 Sindy

    Dear huda,i use only tint must.not fundation at all,i want to know if I can used the beau ty blender w/my tint must.?

  62. hi Huda, thanks for the giveaway, this blender is sooooo cute, i just wish I was in Dubai so that I could meet you.
    Twitter @angelcharm1
    About LA, I have never been there but its my dream destination
    love you sweety.

    • my Email angelinrhythm(at)yahoo(dot)com

  63. Love Anything and Everything LA because its all about artistic and uniquely creative things. From fashion to food its just a style haven! ❤

  64. LA has one of the most mixed, unique blend of people yet it all joins together so perfectly. It seems so exotic and foreign, with the array of people taking risks, yet their confidence shines through!

  65. 67 Ikra

    I have always dreamt in visiting LA, I love EVERYTHING about it!!
    The weather, buildings, shops (:

  66. I love LA because of the sunny weather almost everyday the places the beach and it is well known for the movie studios 😉 thnx

  67. I’ve always wanted to try the Beauty Blender because it looked so cute but isn’t it hard to keep clean?

  68. I love the Beauty Blender!

  69. I love LA for the sun and the shopping!!!

  70. I love LA because I have friends there and being from cold scandinavia it represents sunshine, beaches and a lovely summer feeling for me! 🙂

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