Tried & Tested | Philosophy’s C Booster


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I simply cannot stress the importance of using vitamin C on your skin! If you don’t, START NOW! Vitamin C is soooooo important for your skin for so many reasons! I love the way it helps brighten, tighten and lighten my skin! I know, I know! We all have little Gisele Bunchen inside of all of us that dreams of a sun-kissed tan head to toe all year round! Why use something that brighten or lightens your skin?? Brighter skin means less pigmentation, sun spots scars, and of course, premature aging and no one wants uneven skin tone–Translation, much more even skin tone that requires less cover up!

So as much as I love vitamin C for my skin regimen, I honestly have tried more than my fair share! When I sat down with the lovely people at Philosophy I was excited to hear that the Philosophy C Booster is 99.8% Pure Vitamin C! I also loved the fact that it was a super fine powder that melted into any serum or face cream! It was like magic watching how fast it would just seep into any formula of product it was poured into! After seeing it, feeling it and trying it, I couldn’t wait to leave and actually start using it!

Now it has been quite some time that I have included it in my daily routine and I do like it! It’s pretty awesome, but as far as being the best vitamin C concentrate, I wouldn’t say that! What it does best is SERIOUSLY brighten your skin! Like for realz! It made my skin so bright and even toned and I really did like that! I also love the way it blends in with my serums and makes my serum a super kick ass vitamin C concentrate, BUT as far as making my skin super soft, it didn’t do that! I mean it did, but nothing in comparison to the Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate. Personally, my skin became so soft after using Kiehl’s that my makeup went on super smooth and beautiful! I guess I wasn’t surprised to see that the Kiehl’s had better reviews as a product all in all after trying them both!


13 Responses to “Tried & Tested | Philosophy’s C Booster”

  1. 1 Shamoos

    thanx for reviewing…I was considering this product before

  2. I love this product with all my heart! For oily skin people like me, it’s the best!!!

  3. 3 BeautyGlam

    Hi gorgeous! I have two questions about this product and the Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate…would I use the Philosophy C booster day and night and same goes for the Kiehl’s I use it for 12 weeks but is it day and night?

    Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!

    • Hi darling! I personally think it’s best to use products like this only at night just because mixing their already strong ingredients with the sun can create adverse reactions and sensitives! I always like wearing hydrating creams with SPF during the day, not too much vitamin C or retinol 🙂

      • 5 BeautyGlam

        Ok thank you gorgeous!!!!

  4. 6 vinu

    Where can we get this product Vitamin C.

    • 7 salma

      mabey on the phamicey but when can i use it at what time

    • 8 zuhra

      in sephora.

  5. 9 nasreen

    I’m glad to hear it brightened your skin, which one would you choose if only one?

  6. 10 Sobia

    Huda, if possible, please do a post on your current skin care routine! I’m curious about what eye cream and day cream you use now!


  7. 11 Smith

    Anyone who closely take a look at my photo albums can see a huge huge change in the quality of my skin ( esp my husband is super happy! ) . My sincere heartfelt thanks to u Huda! I follow your blog religiously and you are the best! Learned a lot from you which is very evident in all my pictures…. but sometimes everything looks soo confusing …so many products and I dont know when to use what. Would you please please do a tutorial on your daily routine….( morning and what should be done before bedtime). Hoping to see soon
    Gud luck to all the three sisters nd special hugs for u…mwah!
    Love ya!

  8. 12 Fatima

    Huda where to find scented oil in uae!

  9. 13 Sindy

    I love this blog is the best ever,i have all my question answer is amazing,i want to know if I can use the new intense repail from kielhs every night over the the powerful slr,and if I have to use cream on top of that,or just alone is fine,and as for the day what is best lotion or cream I know lotions have spf on it is it best to use cream and spf separated will that afect how my make up look please please I need help on this.

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