What is Up with Rihanna’s Hair?!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m not really sure what’s going on with RiRi’s hair, but seriously it needs to get fixed ASAP! I can’t tell if she is mad at her hairdresser or trying to start a new trend! Who knows but whatever it is, I hope it stops! Perosnally, I’m not crazy about the roots, although I do love a bit roots for contrast and drama! This is just too much in my opinion! What do you guys think? Do you guys like it?


24 Responses to “What is Up with Rihanna’s Hair?!”

  1. 1 Noor

    I loved her with red hair!! She looked gorgeous then, but whoever dis this to her needs to be sued!! 😲😲

  2. 2 Richa

    Oh lawd
    I prefer a more natural look! Like a deep chocolate brown

  3. 3 ruby

    I don’t think the blonde goes with her skin tone she should have a darker hair color that would suit her nicely.

  4. 4 Safiyya

    Obviously she’s going for a coup de soleil 😛 .. X, S.

  5. 5 Julia Molina

    Her hair looks dirty!!

  6. I’m not really liking her style lately – looking a bit trashy…

  7. 7 MEmneina

    I think her hair is nice this way. Her hair couldn’t have possibly grown that fast for the ‘dark roots’ to even be natural. It’s obvious that it was dyed and done on purpose. It doesn’t offend me at all.

  8. 8 Sara

    She looks like a skunk! I prefer red hair

  9. 9 Khulood

    Maybe she is going for the “I can’t afford to go to a hairdresser” look? I’m not digging her style lately. There is a difference between being stylish and being trashy.

  10. 10 yvette

    she has that whole punk rock look i love it!!!

  11. 11 Isy

    Well I think those hair aren’t that wonderful…but I also must say that to me Rihanna is soooo good looking that she could even have violet hair with green roots that she would be beautiful as well ;P Anyway I prefered her red hair look!!!!!!!! Want it back *.*

  12. 12 noora al

    I love her so much no matter she doz to her hair
    She has this anglistic voice LUVvvvv it

    • 13 Isy

      Yeeep! I DO agree with you Noora al! ;D

  13. 14 mpa

    I think she wanted another tattoo. A kiss maybe?
    If it would be smaller and I meaann alot, it could be nicer!
    Now it looks bad. Really bad

  14. Yeah … that’s too much! me no likey!

  15. 16 Sumaiyah

    She looks trashy! That hair has got to go!

  16. Honestly, i loved her red hair more than anything – it defined the true meaning of LOUD
    Yet this hair suits her so so much, and she pulls it off so well

  17. I would loved her hair if it went gradually from darker to lighter, but this one has an obvious difference color line which makes it ugly.

  18. 19 shaikha

    i have to disagree with you!! i dont know why but im loving her hair

  19. 20 hadeel

    i believe the hair style is the problem not the color..it’s so 80’s look

  20. 21 renren

    I don’t really think this should be a big deal. It’s her hair, she’s tried something out. Maybe she personally likes it so we’re not really in any position to state that she has to change it or anything similar to that. And this is coming from someone who isn’t a rihanna fan. But really, what she does with her hair is none of our business, and besides…the beauty of style is if it’s very personal and individual to that one specific person.

  21. Rihanna could could dye zebra prints on her hair and still look hot!

  22. 23 Amanda

    Honestly, every big celebrity goes through various style transformations, some a hit, some a miss. This happens to be a miss. Personally I think she looks cute As a blonde, not digging the roots but I have a feeling she doesn’t give a shiiiiiiii

  23. It’s personal pecefrenre, really.Some guys LOVE the natural look, and other guys prefer the fake everything.How much you let this concern you really depends on how interested you are in having a guy that is attracted to you for how you look as compared to someone that wants you to look like every other bleach blonde, makeup covered thing that walks around in a miniskirt.Someone that needs for you to look a certain way to please them usually needs you to act a certain way, as well. If you’re okay with parading around as trophy wife’ then more power to you. I prefer au natural.

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