Friday Favs | Gorgeous (Drugstore) Eyes!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves! I hope you guys had a great week! This week was HECTIC for me! TGIF, seriously! I had so many makeup appointments, that I am completely pooped and very happy for the weekend! 🙂 And even more excited for the West LA Launch this Saturday!! 🙂 Here are my top drugstore products for super gorgeous eyes!

Favorite Drugstore Eye Makeup Remover!

When it comes to makeup removers, I am super hard to impress! I don’t like it when makeup removers take forever to remove makeup, especially when you use some Click Here to Find out What Drugstore Makeup Remover Works Better than their Super Pricey Competitors!

My Favorite Drugstore Eyeliner!

I am super picky when it comes to eyeliner, so it’s pretty shocking that I found one I liked at all, nevermind the fact that you can get it for under $5! Click Here to Read About My Favorite Drugstore Liner!

My Favorite Drugstore Shadow!

It’s actually shocking how much I rarely go without eyeshadow! Some people find it overwhelming, while some find intimidating to use! I get it, but this one seems to make all those worries go away! Click Here to Read about My favorite Fool Proof Eyeshadow!

My Favorite Drugstore Mascara!

This one was a bit tough! I have a few favorite mascaras, but I love this one just because it seems to be the blackest that applies beautifully smooth and looks great every time! Especially on top of false lashes! Click Here to Read More About One of My Favorite Mascaras!


5 Responses to “Friday Favs | Gorgeous (Drugstore) Eyes!”

  1. 1 Shaiesta

    I love your Friday favs! I was wandering if you could do a review on BB creams I’ve seen them every where and read loads about them.

  2. 2 Sana'

    Hi Huda!!

    Following your reviews i have bought the Armani foundations Face Fabric and Primer as well. I have to say its extremely nice! Love them!

    I need to change my eyeshadows since they are old now, i looked at eyeshadows with Armani, Guerlain,MUFE…but after reading your review about Maxfactor Eyeshadows, could you give me your opinion between all the brands i have mentioned. and which one is by far the best. Thanks a ton! Love you!

  3. 3 Dina

    Hi Huda,

    I would love to know the brand and color number of the model lipstick ( the orange) it soooooo gorgeous ….thank you.

  4. 4 Mary Monroe

    I love you.. I missed so much of your post 😦 not like me

  5. 5 Auth

    make your makeup earlly classy- nothing too heavy, but stick to neutrals.for your hair, wear it in loose curls or a also might want to read some more, because Belle is a bookworm.belle also lives in france, so you may want to go visit a french bakery or something or visit with a french very kind to people, and befriend people you would normally not. extend a kind hand to those in need.sing a little more than you normally would, and stuff you like too.wear a lot of blue- belle does in her days before the yellow dress and just for the fun of it, watch the Beauty and the Beast. any girl loves it :]

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