WINNERS!! West LA Boutique + Beauty Blender Giveaway!


Hi my loves!! Sooo it’s time for our winners!! 🙂

The International Winners of the Beauty Blender are:

  1. Comment 35 Saba Khan
  2. Comment 20 Genvieve
  3. Comment 57 Meghan Stanley
  4. Twitter: @FellaMob
  5. Twitter: @Yosufeia

For the launch party, I will email everyone who is invited, I have been given a few more extra tickets, so I will actually be able to invite 10 people! Hope to see you guys tomorrow at Sunset Mall in Jumeirah!! So excited!! 🙂 Party starts at 6pm! Can’t wait!!!

5 Responses to “WINNERS!! West LA Boutique + Beauty Blender Giveaway!”

  1. hey huda.. you have sent me msg on twitter am i invited from u as a winner? pls tell me

    • 2 Nehan

      Me too. I received a msg on twitter as well.

    • 3 Nehan

      plus im wondering, are you allowed to bring along a friend?

  2. 4 Mazaher Hammad

    I also got a message on twitter. So confused now :s

  3. Thanks Huda! I am so excited!

    – Saba Khan

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