Weekend Fragrance | My His & Her Favs!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I looooove when there are those unique fragrances that become icons within the world of perfume! To me, Christian Dior Ms. Dior is definitely one of those fragrances! I have been wearing this literally for years! It was created in 1947, but has been recreated and relaunched many times! I love the gardenia, rose, amber, sandlewood mix, it’s not too sweet or too musky! It literally is perfect for ANY occasion! Does anyone else love this fragrance?

As for the men, the Dior Homme Sport smells intoxicating!! I remember when I first smelt this, I thought, now this is a fragrance that actually smells HOT! This is one of my favorite colognes and I love every time my hubby wears it! Girls, this is a great one to buy your other half! 🙂 Trust me, you’ll know why once you smell it!


14 Responses to “Weekend Fragrance | My His & Her Favs!”

  1. 1 B

    Your make-up here looks AH-MAZINNGGGG!! What foundation did you use? Thanks xx

  2. 2 Gabriella

    I love love love ms dior cherie!!! Reminds me on this beautiful trip to florence with the boyfriend 🙂

    BTW Just tried the selfmade lash enhancer and seriously my lashes are so super long like Never before- its really insane

  3. 3 Joan Garcia

    I use miss dior too love it! It’s super sophisticated ! Love U Huda!

  4. 4 joan garcia

    the other jar u have from Dior its the men fragrance u said?

    • Yup!! And it’s amazing!!!

  5. Mashalla you look stunningly beautiful in the pic !!!

  6. 7 Ale

    Luv ur makeup! Please do a tutoriaL 🙂
    Also wondering, what’s more effective for lashes
    the Dior primer u mentioned before
    or the Castor oiL? Thnx 😉

    • You should use both! Primer during the day and castor oil at night! They both are really different but work wonders for your lashes! I think you get faster results with the Dior Primer! 🙂

  7. 9 Jillian

    Wow I love that! I have a whole collection of dior perfume. But, girl, you really need to stop putting !’s after every sentence, it’s driving me crazy. =) luv ur blog tho!

  8. 10 Mary Monroe

    Ms. Dior is my favv I have to always have it !

  9. 11 hadeel

    oh you made me want to buy one for my man!!!!

  10. 12 Foufou

    could youuuu pleasee tell us what lashes do you use! ?? they are perfect!

    • I have a secret to confess! I am launching my own lashes, and that’s all I wear:) They will be available to everyone soon!! 🙂

      • Oh this is wonderful! Exciting

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