Beauty Crush | Monie Ponie & Miss Mama ChooChoo <3


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Sometimes have sisters is the best place to go for inspiration! My sisters have some seriously good beauty traits! I would say when it comes to beauty it would be lashes–Me, Hair–Alya, and Nails–Mona!

Mona’s nails are seriously always amazing!! If you ever see her out, ask her to show you her nails!! Every time she leaves the salon, they ask her if they can take photos! They are pretty wicked! She’s obsessed with half moon and always does really pointy nails!

Check out Monie’s Blog for more photos on her nails! 🙂 I personally LOOOVE pointy nails, but as a mommy and makeup artist, it’s impossible to have! If you need help growing your nails out, try taking Prenatal Vitamins (without the Iron, since it’s not necessary for non-pregnant women)! Prenatal Vitamins make your nails grow super long and strong!

As for Alya’s hair, she has extensions, but the way she does them is seriously gorgeous! She always makes them super long and full! I love how she always has them add in a few pieces from other colors as highlights, which adds dimension to her look!

Of course Alya is in amazing shape too! She’s a fitness FREAK! 🙂 Check out her fitness & health blog! 🙂


11 Responses to “Beauty Crush | Monie Ponie & Miss Mama ChooChoo <3”

  1. 1 H from iraq

    Like raihana nails

  2. 2 Hanan

    Love you girls! Big fan! Ooo monas nails look hot, can you do a tut on how to do her nails?

    • Awww!!! We love you mooooore!!! Yup!!! I will ask her to help me with that!!

  3. 4 dana

    You guys are all pretty mashalla

  4. 5 Ada

    Did you know they have another sister and brothe?! I bet you they are just as gorgeous! Such a beautiful and talented fam!!!

    Loooove it!

  5. 6 Wasan Jazz

    I really like your blog Huda 🙂 and your sisters. lot of inspiration 🙂 I´m big big fan 🙂

    • Thank you baby!!! 🙂 Really means sooo much!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much :$ Love you Wasan and LOVE YOU HOOODIE! ❤

  6. 9 Mary Monroe

    You sisters are gorgeous!! <333 u alll

  7. 10 ROUDHA

    U all look beautiful !! And so in fashion ❤

  8. 11 ROUDHA

    U all beautiful !! And soooo in fashion love u all

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