Body Bling–What I Can’t Leave the House Without!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ok, I have a huge secret to confess! This might actually sound funny, but a few weeks ago when I launched Saks’ Beauty Week, I got a lot of compliments on my legs! No, not because I have great legs, but on the color and skin tone! If you know me well, you know I NEVER leave the house without using Body Bling from Scott Barnes! I was soooo happy to see it at the West LA Boutique this Saturday, that I knew I had to write about it!

Huda’s Tip: Now, I want to let you guys know how I use it! First of all, I should probably start by saying I DON’T have flawless legs! I’m actually really prone to ingrown hairs, which sucks! Even though I don’t wax, I have to scrub like crazy, or I get ingrown hairs growing left and right like wildfire! They don’t exactly leave a pretty mark behind, so I have to cover that up! Ok, I actually mix a drop of foundation with a good amount of Body Bling, when I apply this to my legs it gives my skin the most beautiful tone and color! It looks perfectly even toned and flawless! Ever wonder how celebrities look perfect head-to-toe? Now you know! I literally do this for every bride I do (I do this for their decolletage and back)! For the legs, I recommend using the Original (which is quite bronze), for the decolletage, I like the Platinum since it is more pearly toned!

I think I might actually do a video for this, let me know if you guys want to see it!! 🙂


38 Responses to “Body Bling–What I Can’t Leave the House Without!”

  1. 1 shitsawilova

    Video PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 Maha

    want to see it !!!! does it stain the clothes though ?

    • 3 Ada

      That’s what I’d like to know! As well as like where you may sit? I’ve always wanted to try Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs which I know Kim K uses to cover her Psoriasis and others like J Lo uses (but she def uses Scott Barnes Body Bling as well if not more).

      Maybe something like this would be for special occasions or nights out and the Sally Hansen for everyday. Anyways video please!!

  3. 4 Dr Muna

    yessssssss to the video!!!!!

  4. 5 Richa

    Of course we would like to see a video! :p

  5. 6 Camila

    I wanna see it!!! Mostly because you’re so adorable and it always brightens my day 😀

  6. 7 lulu


  7. 8 Kathy Vergotis

    Hi my name is Kathy from Sydney Australia , yes it would be great to see a video. Also i love your tutorials they are really practical and informative. thanks from a fan in Sydney. x

  8. 9 Amna

    Yes, please very interested. 🙂

  9. 10 Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    Yes, please do a video Huda! I’ve got ingrown hairs and dark bumps on my legs that don’t seem to move no matter how much scrubbing I do. How would you suggest I get rid of them? Would waxing help? x

  10. 11 joan garcia

    yes!!! we need the video!!! and where i can buy it?!

  11. 12 Mariam

    VIDEO! I also have a question – how do you remove body hair?

  12. 13 Sara

    Video please 🙂

  13. 14 Missy

    Yes please!!!

  14. 15 Sakia

    Yes huda please do a vid on this and can you maybe film a day when you do a bride I would love to see you in action

  15. 16 camilla jones

    please do a video!!!! what foundation do u use with it??????

  16. 17 Char

    Yes PLease!!

  17. 18 Ash

    Yes Huda please do a video! I love them 🙂

  18. 19 Mariam

    Yes please!! do a video hudiii ❤ 😀

  19. 20 Julia Molina

    That would be GREAT!!

  20. 21 kady

    I am interested .. and yes to the video .. you were right I was always wonder about the celebrities
    good to know about this product

  21. Yes yes!!! A video 😀

  22. 23 Hallie

    Yes please!!!

  23. I agree with sll the others – would love to see a video. I’m getting married in August. Oh, if only I was in Dubai, so I could hire you to do my makeup.

  24. 25 Nouf

    hello huda,

    From wheeeeree can i get itt plllllllzzzzzzzzzzz??????


    • West LA Boutique in Sunset Mall in Dubai as well as online at

  25. 27 Sindy

    Please do a video,i use the urban d. And I want to know if it.s,any similar to that,or if it rinse of afer showe or if u use it after lotion or before.

  26. 28 Noor

    want to seeeeeeee ASAP!

  27. Pleeease show us how!! I have a major problem with my leegs i do lazer but still didnt get rid of all the ingrown and the ugly marks,

    Recently i stoped wearing shirt skirts and short dresses .

    No confidence at all

    • 30 Ada

      Aww Sara you should not feel that way! You are beautiful! Your confidence should come from within! Know that you are beautiful and a good person.

      Besides I hope wherever you are doesn’t get so stifling hot that you’re uncomfortable and wish you would’ve just worn that dress you wanted to wear :-/. Because that’s not fair to you at all!

  28. 31 giga

    yes yes yes……..

  29. yes we want to see!!!!

  30. 33 angelique aguilar

    Yes pleasssssse!!!<3

  31. 34 Shraddha

    video please!!

  32. 35 Mary Monroe

    Yes!!! I’ve actually been thinking of using a self tanner instead of going tanning.. What foundation do you use with the body bling?

  33. 36 Lisette Howard

    I’m OBSESSED with this product !!!! I use it every time I wear a short dress or on my arms with sleeveless outfits! I mix it with a little bit of body lotion, or my favorite perfumes body oil and it looks amazing !! So glad you posted this product bc its fantastic 🙂

  34. 37 ROUDHA

    Yeah I prefer to put a video and more information from where can we get it

  35. 38 Farah

    i would love to see a video so plzzzzz do one soon cuz summer is coming up and i would love to show my perfectly tanned legs 🙂

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