Vitamin HB | How to Deal with Facial Hair & Breakouts!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi Huda,

I read your blog almost religiously and you’re the only person I could think of to ask help from… Basically, I just had my sides waxed and i’ve come out in acne where I have been waxed. I’ve got like red bumps on the side of my face and some have got white heads. It’s been two days now and all I have been doing is using simple soap, water and vitimin E moisturizer. I don’t really know what to do!! When I have bad skin, it usually brings me down a lot and I dont want to be using any harsh chemicals on my skin due to it being quite sensitive. Please could you help me?!

Ohhh darling!!! Uggggh!!! The worst thing ever!!!! Thank you so much for all of your sweet words and your support!! 🙂 I’ve been there and let me tell you, it sucks!!! I personally have a serious issue with being hairy and yes, that means I have a stache! Of course, you can thread your upper lip and surrounding area, but what about those side burns? No one wants extra hair on their face! Personally, the most effective way I have found to remove facial hair without any adverse reactions is with electrolysis! It is very effective, but VERY painful!

If you don’t want to go through all of the pain, I recommend shaving! I know it sounds crazy, but very light dry shaving once or twice a month is one of the best ways to remove hair in those areas and has been used for years, by beauty icons including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor! I wouldn’t recommend shaving everyday, but done every once in a while it can actually be very effective! Waxing, threading, and the like can cause serious breakouts since it seriously opens pores! Bleaching is also an option, but I tend to steer clear since it could cause skin irritations, and I personally have too much hair to bleach!

As for the breakout, I recommend NOT over drying your skin! When your skin has an adverse reaction, the important thing is to stay calm! Trust me! Do what your skin reacts to best, keep the same routine, but apply an aspirin mask if possible or use a spot treatment all over (avoiding the eye area).  Also using a chamomile mask can help calm the breakout and possibly decrease the swelling! Hope this helps darling!! 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with all my heart!!

32 Responses to “Vitamin HB | How to Deal with Facial Hair & Breakouts!”

  1. 1 vanita

    I had been in that situation a few months ago. Until I tried laser and I LOVEEEEEE the effect it has lighten my facial hair from 1st session itself, I agree its a bit expensive but the results are worth it. Do try it!

    • 2 lulua

      vanita is it working on peach fuzz? also what type of laser are they using? the peach fuzz on my face is driving me bananas!! thanks

  2. Huda!
    Thank you so much for this blog, and your vlogs, you are so incredibly beautiful, talented & kind. I discovered you about two weeks ago & have spent way too much of my free time on your YouTube channel. I feel like you’re a hidden gem — and even though I want to share your videos with the whole world, I almost want to keep you to myself! Ha!
    Anyways, very excited to see what else you can show us, my only request is that could you do more high end/drugstore dupe videos? That Maybelline eye studio gel liner video was great, I went out and bought it the next day 🙂 (It’s even better than the Mac fluidline, goes on smoother!)

    Take care!

  3. I jus wanna tell you what has actually worked great on me for acne.
    Mix few drops of water to half a spoon of turmeric powder to make a thick paste.
    Apply this to the affectd area n leave for 20 mins n rinse gently wid plain water.
    U can jus rub a piece of ice on ur sides to cool it post the application.
    Turmeric is available at any indian stores. Its known for its antioxidant benefits n is THE MOST
    WIDELY USED spices in INDIA.
    Hope this helps u.

    • 5 JJ

      I tried this once and it burned my skin really badly. Proceed with caution!

      • 6 ap

        I know what u mean… burning with turmeric powder can happen….
        it is because .. may be .. the turmeric powder which was used was not pure… most of the turmeric powder available in the market isnt pure… sometimes during grinding… it may be ground in the same machine as other spices… say chilli and such…. so it can cause burning….

        the correct way to use is to source “raw turmeric” (it looks like ginger but is bright orange when cut)… and make a paste in a mixer…use the paste as a face mask… keep the remaining paste in the fridge to preserve… its always better to use fresh though…
        it is an age old remedy in India for acne/skin problems/skin lightening etc etc…. turmeric is highly anti-bacterial..also, it might leave ur face “yellow”!! if so, rub a lemon!! 😛

        i personally use it as well…. i have highly sensitive acne prone skin with large pores…. most of the commercial products lead to adverse results for me… in fact i had a similar experience with face waxing… and God only knows how I managed to come out of that hell of a time!!!

        even cinnamon paste is good for acne… but u should always try on a patch… these spices are have active ingredients…and can cause burning sensation but periodic….

        or try neem leaves paste…. fresh leaves from the top part of the stem need to made into a paste… u can gulp a spoonful too… it can really clear up toxins from the blood… and can apply the same paste to ur skin….wash the leaves well before making the paste… Neem on acne can never go wrong!!

        Hope it helps!!

        Thanks Huda for the amazing blog!!

  4. 7 Elena

    instead of shaving, u can also use jolen bleaching cream. im very happy with it so go ahead and give it a try. best of luck xx

  5. 8 baba

    electrolysis is by far the best option if you want to get rid of most of it permanently! ive done it on entire face so i speak from experience

    shaving is not so smart to do if you know that your hair grows fast, for example i personally would never try shaving on my face or any other area except legs, because i know my hair growth is super fast, it grows back next day! so do take this into consideration.

    • electrolysis is the best! I did laser and after I become pregnant it all grew back! As for shaving, I have found dry shaving actually makes hair grow back much slower as crazy as it sounds!

  6. 10 Helping hand

    I have been there …thank you buds for all ur advice! I would also recommend a hydrocortisone 1% cream for the inflamed bumps…directly after any facial treatment like waxing or laser…I have seen that cooling the skin with ice and applying the hydrocortisone cream almost stops the bumps from occurring. And being gentle with your skin for a few days after…but avoiding the wax wd be lovely altogether! Also a paste if yogurt and tumeric can be healing and clear it up..;)

    • AMAZING ideas!!! 🙂

      • 12 sonyia

        you can also put aloe vera gel on ur face 🙂 its really good to apply aloe vera gel on ur face everynight

    • 13 sonyia

      after putting hydrocortisone cream can u put on ur moisturizer? or not

      • 14 Helping hand

        I would put the hydrocortisone cream on affected area after icing entire face and then apply moisturizer to the rest of face. Do like this for 2-3 days or until the breakout goes away 🙂

    • 15 sonyia

      i dont think that they are breakouts!! i think the hair follicles just sswell up thats why those red inflamed bumps come! how long does it take to clear up?

  7. 16 Mariam

    What about using halawa (arabic wax) for the whole face? Haven’t tried it yet because I usually get my facial hair threaded but I want to try it. Anyone done it before?

  8. Hey huda 🙂

    Ive been a silent reader since….ever ;p and ive hesitated alot before i posted this comment hehe

    I have wavy/curlyish hair…alot like yours, but i love wearing it straight or with soft waves, but honestly im sick of straightening it everytime i shower (which is every other day).

    Do u have any natural vitamin HB remedies that can help straighten or reduce its curls?? Or even any products/shampoos that can help? Im really tired of all the heat damage im doing to myself 😦

    Thanks ;*

    • Have you tried the Braun Flat Iron?! I use that all the time and it doesn’t get too hot! It also straightens hair beautifully! I’ll do a post on it! 🙂

      • I use babyliss, but the problem with the weather in the gulf here is that you need to walk around with a flat iron to keep up with the heat and humidity;p

  9. 20 husniye

    Hi Huda,
    I sent an email to you, but i received failure notice email. I sent to both emails
    Pls help!

    • I got them!! I will reply to your email! 🙂 Xxx

      • 22 sonyia

        i also recieved the failure notice email!!? did u receive mine??:(

  10. 23 sonyia

    thanks soo much huda! ive actually been looking for a hair removal method for my facial hair! u didnt mention anything about lazer is it good? ive heard an ipl laser is good to get done on ur face! alsoo is aloe vera good to put on ur face? please do reply!! much loveeee xoxo

    • 24 sonyia

      plzz reply!!

  11. 25 Mary Monroe

    I do electrolysis and i have found that it’s the best option, I’d never shave any hair on my face

  12. 26 Francesca

    Hi Huda,

    Any tips for pregnant women getting acne?


    • It will go! Just wait it out and don’t over dry your face! I used a spot treatment while I was pregnant, but they will go! It’s just the hormonal change!

      • 28 francesca

        Any type of spot treatment? Lol. I like your home made treatments so if you have one to share that would be awesome! I use to use tea tree oil but I heard it is not safe while pregnant for the little one. Thanks again Huda! Oxox

    • 29 sonyia

      try one of these! :

      – mix equal amounts of honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon and apply it to ur blemishes
      – honey and cinnamon only is good aswelll
      – tea tree oil
      – use ur face mask as a spot treatment! i have tried that a few times and some actually work out to be great!
      – mix tumeric and water and apply to ur spots

      • 30 sonyia

        ALSO!! ive heard jojoba oil is GREATT to use on ur face!! u can replace it with ur daily moisturizer! its supposed to be real good cuz the texture is like human sebum so it “tricks” ur body to not produce more oil or something along those lines haha! try it out 😀

  13. 31 Kamala

    Hey Huda,


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