Friday Favs | Contouring Essentials


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves!!!! Haaaaappy FRIDAY!!! I always love Fridays because in Dubai, they are the first day of the weekend (I know in the states and Europe it starts on Saturday, but in Dubai it starts on Friday)! So for me, it’salways a day of R & R! 🙂 If you’re hanging out at home or going out today, make sure you guys try adding some contour to your look! Contouring is SOOOOOO important! It doesn’t have to be heavy! It can be done lightly, but trust me it makes a world of a difference! 🙂 If you’ve seen these vids before, watch them again! Sometimes it’s a good idea to watch them again after a while!

Jaw-Dropping Gorgeous!

How to Slim Your Face!

How to Fake a Nose Job!

Some of my Favorite products to use for contouring are Benefits Hoola Bronzer (for face), Omega Eyeshadow from MAC (for nose), Tom Ford’s Highlighting and Contouring Duo for Highlighting or Benefits Watt’s Up Highlighter! Happy Contouring!! <3<3<3


12 Responses to “Friday Favs | Contouring Essentials”

  1. very pretty ❤

  2. 2 Ada

    Hey Huds!! Looooove your blog! What are some good colours for highlighting and contouring for darker girls I’m like NW40 (even though Im really in the Cool –yellow undertones– haven’t gotten the Cool colour match)?

    Benefit Hoola would be too light for me for sure. I would loooove to contour. People compliment my cheekbones and I’d like to bring them out more.

    Thaaaaaank you!!

    • I love using colors that are slightly cool in tone! I love colors like shadowy from MAC (blusher from MAC pro stores)! Lancome actually has a great range of bronzers in different colors!

      • 4 Ada

        Thank you thank you!!! Been looking for Bronzer for-evuh!! Now I can proceed with confidence, you’re the best 😀

      • Awww!!! Love you baby!!! <3<3<3<3<3 You're so cute!!!

  3. love contouring and your tips are so helpfull Huda. I read your blog every day. Best blog out there for sure on beauty and makeup.

  4. 7 Sindy

    Hallo huda,i wanted to ask you if is ok to use a tint mosturizer darker than u color,i was using sand from laura mercier but is very light on pictures,and I just got nars radiant spf 30,i was wondering if I still need a separated sun protection anf if is better lotion or cream for day time,please help me the girl at the store confuse a lot more by saying to use the same cream for night and day I know she is wrong,please help me.

  5. I like your comment HudA So beauty intee 🙂

  6. 9 alia

    hello huda im a bride to be and i am big fan of u.. i wanted to ask u if u put makeup for people?

    • 10 Ada

      She does!! She does makeup for weddings def I think she has a personal email for inquiries as such where you can contact her if you would like her to do it.

      Then from there maybe you can discuss date, rate, etc.?

  7. You are so beautiful!!! I just watched your video about ‘slimming’ face and I think I might have to buy a bronzer 😉 but I’m not sure of color because I’m sooo pale and I’m pretty sure it would look a little bit fake on my face but I’m tempted and I’m gonna try it
    thank you for sharing!:)

  8. 12 Mary Monroe

    fake a nose job is my fav ! 🙂 LOVE CONTOURING you do it best!

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