Weekend Fragrance | Sweet & Exotic Indulgence!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Fragrance is something NOOOO beauty junkie can live without and personally, I always look for something that leaves everyone wanting more! When I got whiff of the Giorgio Armani Cuir Noir, that is EXACTLY what I thought! This fragrance is everything delicious and completely exotic! The Tahitian Vanilla is unbelievably beautiful and the blend of Australian Sandalwood and Oud is seriously intoxicating (in an amazing way)! I personally love how this fragrance is soooo yummy and has an Arabic twist! I seriously am obsessed with this perfume!

9 Responses to “Weekend Fragrance | Sweet & Exotic Indulgence!”

  1. I will try it huda anyway

  2. Definetly going to have to check that one out-hope i like it!

  3. Cute Jacket! Is it a DIY?


  4. 4 L

    i love your nails!!!!! and your nailpolish, what brand/colour is it? love you hudaaaaa

  5. 5 Elena

    the price is even worse than the perfume.

  6. 6 Angelica Estrada

    is it available in the us?

  7. 7 Mary Monroe

    Oud is in the fragrances by Killian you should check it out although it is super expensive but the smell is one of a kind love unique smells so worth it!

  8. 8 ruby

    OMG Armani Prive Rose D’Arabie is LUSH!!!!!!!!

    Rose d’Arabie combines Damascus rose with patchouli, vanilla and Arab woods.

  9. 9 Sara

    Thanks.. Im gonna try it
    I luv ur nail polish. What brand/color is it?

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