My Top 5 Blushes of the Moment!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m not sure if I said this before, but you can probably tell that I am pretty obsessed with blush! I actually love to wear a good amount on my cheeks no matter how much makeup I’m wearing! To me, it warms up your smile and makes you look MUCH healthier! I got a few questions about Dolce & Gabbana’s Blushers and my top blushers of the moment! I know I did a post a while ago on my favorite blushes, but they have changes a bit (of course with new product launches, etc), soooo here are my new top favorite blushes of the moment! A few are from the older list, since I still love them!! 🙂

My Ultimate Fav: Dolce & Gabbana’s Mauve Diamond Blush (I haven’t found anything that comes even close to being as amazing as this one), for some reason, it’s warm and cool, so it works no matter what look you’re going for, since it honestly looks like a natural flush

My Favorite Warm Blush: Illamasqua’s Hussy! I love this since it has a peach tone! It’s got to be the best peach toned blush ever created!

My Favorite Natural Blush: Pinch Me from MAC, I love how this one literally looks sooo natural in color! It’s not strong, so this is great for every skin tone, but it looks great for that natural look!

My Favorite Pink Blush: I looooove Pink Swoon from MAC! It’s such a soft pink and is great to use as a base for a more powerful blush! Sometimes I use different tones on my clients to create more dimension and a more natural finish!

My Favorite Soft Blush: I love Melba from MAC as well and it’s great since it is peach in tone. It’s just as soft as pink swoon, only peach in tone and they actually work great together if you mix them! I also use this for contouring the eyebrow bone and it works lovely!

My Favorite Cream Blush: Ok, I know I said 5, but I loooove Makeup Forever’s Cream Blush in #6, it is AMAZING if you want to keep your makeup on for the whole day without reapplying it! I always use it first, then apply a powder blush on top! The only thing, the blush does dry up a little at the top of the pump, but the colors are AWESOME!


12 Responses to “My Top 5 Blushes of the Moment!”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    Blush deff makes you look healthier! Can’t wait to try the D&G also hussy I’ve noticed you use it much, looks great<3

  2. 2 Rania

    I was wondering what’s ur favorite drugstore blush ?

  3. 3 Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    I can’t even begin with blush, I’m completely in love with it! My faves are NARS’ Lovejoy, MAC’s Sweet as Cocoa and Sleek’s Sahara blush. I wish they had Sleek in the UAE because their blushes are ridiculously cheap but super pigmented!

  4. Where exactly is the Hussy blush sold in Dubai? The last time I went to Areej in MOE it was sold out and Sephora doesn’t have that many Illamasqua products 😦

    • 5 Lola

      at Bloomingdales Dubai Mall 🙂 i loved it and the pigment is perfect but I think i wanna try the MUFE one.

  5. 6 salma

    i love the blush sometimes i dont use the whole makeup just only blush

  6. 7 faryanna

    La Femme blushes are super pigmented and really worth, brilliant choice of colors for all skin type, you should check it out

  7. i think clinique also has a great range of blushes and the finishes are super 🙂

  8. ya, in these parts of north carolina (raleigh area);; i have yet to run across the Hussy blush 😦

  9. Yeah, here in the raleigh area, i can NOT find the Hussy Blush ANYWHERE! any ideas?

    • I actually bought mine from!! It’s there darling!! 🙂

  10. 12 Ashley

    Omg! I ran over to bal habour and pick one up! Thanks for the tip! I would have never thought about d&g.

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