Why Does Lindsay Lohan Look So Old?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Does anyone remember back in the day (like 7 years ago) when Lindsay Lohan was actually a really pretty girl? I know, it’s hard to remember given her current state, but why did such a beautiful girl take a turn for the worst? I mean seriously, the pic above, she looks like she could be one of her mother’s gal pals. In my opinion, the serious partying, drug abuse, and trips to her plastic surgeon was just a bit too much! It’s pretty incredible to see how someone much older, say Jennifer Lopez could actually look more youthful! It’s honestly not about age, more than it is about how we age!


11 Responses to “Why Does Lindsay Lohan Look So Old?”

  1. 1 RC

    I completely agree with this….I am in my early thirties and people keep coming to me asking if I just finished uni! Even my mum and dad dont have a single wrinkle – they have glowing skin, touchwood. The only reason is that we all looked after ourselves, never abused our bodies, exercise well, dont even drink tea or coffee, just water. we also maintain very simple skin care regimens. Plus if you live a productive life, doing what u love and maintain a certain sense of your values, the inner glow comes out. I hope Lindsay joins a detox spiritual rehabilitation centre – its never too late to kickstart a better life.

  2. 2 mpa

    iT can’t be her! She looks like 40+++ what happened????

  3. its true… jail can change people

    • 4 JJ


  4. 5 Noor

    drugs, super smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle… obviously its going to add up.. i used to think she was unbelievably unique looking and simply beautiful and fresh… now she just looks used up…which is really sad since she’s really young!

  5. Woah, I hadn’t seen a picture of her for a while, she looks 20 years older than she is! I’m lucky, my whole family all look a lot younger than they are and I’ve followed. I’m 23 and a few months ago someone thought I was 13!! People normally guess my age at 16-18 though, it’s a bit annoying at the moment as I’m pregnant so I get “looks” off people who think I’m some irresponsible teen or something x

  6. 7 manar

    That bleach blonde doesn’t help either

  7. 8 fofa

    i remmeber her old movie’s when she was such a pretty and bright. now she looks totally different :O

  8. 9 Mary Monroe

    I agree, the way you take care of yourself as you age definitely shows in the long run, as for JLO she’s is just amazing I love her for staying natural one of the few celebs to do so and still look amazing!

  9. 10 missyuae

    they say jail makes u a real man !
    now i believe it !

  10. mom says (and i agree) a person’s age is in their hands, you cannot put makeup on them, nor surgery. so it’s their real identity….
    accordingly, i make sure my hands look good… no matter what.

    LOOK AT HER HANDS!! how bad they are… (my grandmother who has lived through a lot has prettier hands … amazing).

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