The Best Cream Foundation Ever!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m a huge foundation freak! I wear it all the time, even though I do try to give my skin a couple days off, but sometimes that’s hard for a makeup artist! Even if it’s just a light amount, I am obsessed with even toned skin! Having said that, I think I’ve tried nearly 100 foundations–no joke! And while I love all different ones, I have to say I am unbelievably OBSESSED with the Vitalumiere Aqua Compact from Chanel!

I’ve always loved cream foundations because they seem to spread so smooth and naturally to skin, that it’s really easy to imitate natural skin and make it look like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all, which I LOVE! But this foundation in particular is seriously amazing! I absolutely love the coverage it gives me and how incredibly flawless it makes my skin look all day long! Some foundations are amazing when you first apply them, then as the day wears on, your makeup wears off and looks blotchy! This one stays smooth for HOURS! I’m also in love with the colors, typically I have to mix two, sometimes three foundations to match my skin! This one, I’ve been able to find the right match to get exactly the right shade, which is pretty amazing! This has been my favorite full coverage cream foundation, hands down! I’m LOVING this!


22 Responses to “The Best Cream Foundation Ever!”

  1. 1 manj

    What colour do you wear?

  2. 2 camilla jones

    is this good for oily skin huda???

  3. 3 werw

    is this good for bride who will be around camera flashes a lut??

  4. 4 maram

    Hi Huda, what shade are u in this foundation?

  5. I wear this in shade 40 Beige

    The only thing I would recommend is DEFINITELY exfoliating before you use this! The great thing about cream foundations is they stick to skin beautifully, but that also means they stick to any dead skin as well, even if you don’t know it’s there!

    As for oily skin, you can definitely use this as well, but I would use it sparingly, but the coverage will still be amazing, even used lightly! Try blending it with a wet sponge!

    • 6 werw

      what about for bride?

  6. 7 Jumana

    I just tried this not even a week ago and checked your site to see if you had tried it yet! I absolutely loved it and the coverage is AMAZING. You read my mind!!

  7. 8 Reema

    Huda can you pleassse do a comparison between this and the vitalumiere aqua liquid foundation? I’ve heard a lot of good things about this foundation but now I cant decide if I should get the liquid or the compact version.

  8. 9 Ashley

    Hi Huda love your blog!! What shade do you wear? I want to order this. You and I are the same color in MUFE . Please let me know I can’t wait to order this!

    • 10 Ada

      She mentioned above that her shade is 40 Beige!

  9. 11 sabrina

    How do we apply this foundatiion?

  10. 12 Sumaiyah

    I have the perfection lumiere, it makes me look like I have paint on. It’s great but too dark for me.

  11. 13 sawilova

    It won’t be available until the 6th of April in the UK apparently (but don’t quote me on that)

    And I have the same question as werw, is it flash friendly?

  12. 14 Sabina

    Hi Huda,
    I love your blog!! I live in NY but not in the city, so finding people that understand my skin tone is pretty difficult. I’m also really new to wearing makeup. My biggest concern is I have melasma. It is so hard to cover it up. Do you have any tips? Thank you!!

  13. 15 vuska

    This foundation is the new replacement of teint innocence, which i have been using since it was first launched in 2002 and it is the best ever, now the new one is more water based and i havent tried yet coz i still didnt finish my old one. by the way i am also number 40 🙂

  14. 16 Uma

    Hi could you pls tell me what shade are u in mac..just for reference for this foundation as you mentioned 40 thanks

  15. 17 renren

    It finally arrived in dubai? I waaaant…although i love the compact teint innocence.

  16. 18 persephone

    Reblogged this on phaedria.

  17. This sounds fantastic must try it!

  18. Hahaha I could tell how much you love this cream foundation, there’s an exclamation mark at the end of every sentence 😛

    I’ve got mild eczema so I’ve been on the look out for some cream foundation, I’ll def check this out, thanks!

    PS – I love your eyebrows 🙂

  19. dear, can you please tell me what to do with my facial creams that i can’t use (some make my skin too oily… others dry it out… others make weird blackspots come out… some itch… etc, some make me look like a pizza face )… and worse… they are expensive (such as vichy and clinique etc).. what am i supposed to do with them!!! i have a full drawer of creams i can’t use alone!

  20. 22 farahsha

    hey huda how about dolce and gabbana cream foundation? i m hearing positiv things about it.. plz do a review

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