What a Difference Hair Makes!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s almost impossible NOT to talk about Rihanna’s hair! She changes it more in a year, than some people do in a life-time! Personally, I’m always concerned about damage, otherwise I wish I could dye my hair that often! It seems the bodacious beauty has taken a trip back to her roots and is now rocking some super dark locks! I like them on her, but I really prefer RiRi with her red or blonde hair! She can pull it all off, but what do you guys like best? I say RED! 🙂


22 Responses to “What a Difference Hair Makes!”

  1. 1 rona

    i like black hair on her best!

  2. 2 Mariam

    Black =)

  3. 3 Maca

    Probably minority, but i loved her most at the beginning of her career, specially around “Unfaithful” video. I just dont like bold looks on her.

  4. 4 tailenelle

    The red is doing too much… She just looks better and classier with black. Lol

  5. 5 Melisa

    I love the black! Its a nice change she looks classy! Its a more understated look than what she usually goes for & l love it !

  6. 6 tailenelle

    The red is definitely doing too much, don’t care if she’s a star or not its just doing the most…..she just looks classier and better in general the black . Lol and i dont care for that bleach blonde too much, it washes out her unusually pale complexion.

  7. 7 Mary Monroe

    Red was fierce she pulled it off very well…. For now I do like the change

  8. I really do not like her new do. She looked the best with brown hair that she had in the beginning of her career I think. She rocked the red great too, but i prefer her natural look.

  9. 9 shagun

    I always thought blonde wud look very brash on someone wid her skintone but she’s carrying off the blonde hair impeccably. I lovee it on her!

  10. 10 Mais

    she looks good in black

  11. Hey Huda, I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award….check it out!

  12. 12 hadeel

    this dark brown is great on her, it’s bringing her eyes color up.

  13. I think her natural color fits her the best !

  14. 14 yash

    thanks very much for sharing gud information.

  15. 15 Lina

    She looks wayyy better.

  16. 16 Mariam

    Blonde all the way!

  17. 17 Gc

    Well, I don’t think she’s afraid of damaging her hair. She wears weaves an wigs.

  18. 18 Sahar

    Rihanna looks the best with an edgy black hairstyle. Of course Rihanna is wearing a wig. They say she is going bald.

  19. I hated the blonde! Red was my favourite! But I love this too, I wish I could pull off the one side shaved look!

  20. I love black! She is honestly now at her peek, I’ve never seen her look more stunning face-wise. GORGEOUS.

  21. LOVE the black. She looks so sultry and ethnic.


  22. i loooooooooooved her hair in black it looks much better than red and blonde .. especially with winged eyeliner ❤


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