Extreme Beauty | When Brows Get BOLDER!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m definitely one who’s biased to super bold brows! Having been born with brows so thick, I could write my name in them, I think the bolder the brow the better, especially if you can pull them off! As much as I love super thick brows, the latest look off Chanel’s runway was really awesome, but in my opinion, should stay on the runway! For some reason, so many online magazines are calling it a new trend, but really, bedazzled brows? Some girls actually wore it on the streets already! I’m not so sure I would ever try this, maybe a rhinestone at the end of one brow, but even that would have to be for a special occasion that would call for that! So, I want to know what you guys think, would you rock this and where?


11 Responses to “Extreme Beauty | When Brows Get BOLDER!”

  1. Pretty for runway, and runway only! 😉

  2. 2 hadeel

    sorry Chanel but you missed it this time!!

  3. epic fail!!!

  4. 4 Noor

    The beauty trends that look natural will defenitely be worn by many, if not all, fashion followers, but smthng that doesn’t look natural and dsnt really ADD to ure overall beauty wont be considered as a trend at all! In my opinion, this is waaaaay tooo much!!!!

  5. 5 hafsah

    They look so bizarre
    Lool x

  6. it’s deff not for everyday but I like the look in a photo

  7. 7 Mary Monroe

    deff not lol this should stay on the runway as many other crazy art that only belongs on runways

  8. 8 JJ


  9. hate it. looks like one from the muppets

  10. 10 Mariam

    Seriously!!!! hahaha …. it’s nice but not cool like natural eye brows!!! COME ON CHANEL!!!!

  11. I would wear it! ;p

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