Help Me Design My New Site!!


Hi my darlings!!

So I am preparing for my relaunch, and there is sooooo much work to do! I’m having a hard time choosing which image should be the main image when you click on my site! Let me know which one you guys like the most! 🙂 Thank you to Standa Merhout for shooting this and Toni Yousef for the amazing hair! What a great team!! 🙂


130 Responses to “Help Me Design My New Site!!”

  1. I love them all Huda! But the 3rd is beyond seductive and sexy!!

  2. 1st..

  3. 3 Rinu

    I dont care for the first one. I love the sexiness of the third one but in the second one we can see more of your pretty face. Pick the 2nd!

  4. You look gorgeous in all of them :* But if I had to choose it’d be the second picture! Can’t wait for the relaunch!

    PS. Won’t you do a monthly favorites video for march? 😀

  5. 5 Alya

    2nd and 3rd

  6. 6 Amna

    Yes, the second or third. If i had to choose one, the second! good luck darling!

  7. Go for the 2nd picture:)

  8. 8 riA

    first picture looks so fresh and exciting.
    second picture you’re a DIVA..
    and third is breathtakingly gorgeous!
    —cant decide really! pick them all! Good luck on the new layout! i cant wait! ❤ xoxo

  9. 9 Nat

    Third pic

  10. 10 Rachael Alvarado

    I like the first one…

  11. 11 Kristi G.

    2nd, your hair looks great in it!

  12. 12 sawilova


  13. 13 mariar0se

    You look gorgeous in all three of them but I really like the 3rd one the best!

  14. 14 BeautyGlam

    You look GORG!!! The FIRST one is my FAV! So fresh and just beautiful!! Xx Pick the FIRST one!! Xxoxx

  15. 15 Mariam


    It shows the full extent of your hair potential, defines every angle on your face, and you just look, to put it fancy – “a woman of substance” 🙂

  16. The 2nd one! The full shot of your face with your eyes open is something people would want to see as the main image when they first click on your website 🙂

  17. 17 Lizzette

    1st one!!!!!

  18. 18 Melissa

    Oh my, Huda! I LOVE them all! Absolutely Gorgeous. Even so, I choose the second one. It’s the Perfect in-between shot: Fun (photo 1) and Sexy (photo 3). ♥

  19. 19 kady

    the 2nd one is the best .. I like it more ..

  20. 20 Richa

    Huda my dear!
    All the pictures are lovely ❤
    However, the first one doesn't show your beautiful eyes
    #3 is sososososo seductive, and GORGEOUS, but— there is something about #2.. It is fresh, relatable, and shows your entire gorgeous face, and for that reason, I choose numero deux!!


  21. 21 Dr Muna

    No. 3. Its most sophisticated, i think more suitable for the website. 😉

  22. 22 zuhra

    i love the 1st one, you look stunning, but on 2nd we can see your beautiful eyes!

  23. 23 zina

    in all of them you look just perfect
    i would go for the 2nd one

  24. 24 Melisa

    The first one I don’t really care for, the second on is pretty, but the third one has to be hands down my fav. Why? Because you look sexy your cheeks are well defined & its just an overall awesome shot!!!

  25. 25 Zeinab

    I definitely LOVE LOVE the third one 🙂

  26. 26 Mais

    2nd and 3rd are so pretty..can’t decide which one is better!!

  27. The SECOND!

    The first is gorgeous but this is a beauty website & your big pretty eyes show in the second one. Your make-up, hair, and facial features ALL show in the second one – you have all three in one photo.

    The third is gorgeous and seductive BUT, your big beautiful curls don’t show & 7aram because your hair looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I love the third too but since we’re choosing one, it has got to be the second one over-all.

    Trust me; I sometimes spend hours deciding on a new profile picture or avatar, lol. It’s very frustrating when you can’t decide!! Good luck on the new website, can’t wait!


  28. 28 Sobia

    Definitely the third one! It truly stands out.

  29. 29 Dina

    1st one!!!

  30. 30 Faz

    How do you choose! They’re all fabulous! The first is super cute, the second is mature looking, and the third, super seductive. I wouldn’t know what to do 🙂

  31. 31 Anna

    I love the 3rd its the most natural and unposed. You look beautiful and I love that it looks fun and fresh.

  32. 32 hus

    your looking supper gorgeous in three of them!! to pic one i go for a seccond one….i lovvvvee 1st one tooo…! im your serious blog reader and i love ur posts and tips.. the awesome beauty blog i’v ever seen…cant wait to see ur new website!

  33. 33 Maryoouum

    The last pic- the one where you are looking over your shoulder. You know why? Because that just screams Huda Kattan- it’s a beautiful pic of yours and it’s somewhat mysterious…like people will go, “hmmm what’s she thinking?” and that goes well with your blog because it’s all about YOUR beauty secrets you share with us. Cannot wait for the new site yaaaaaaaay. Plss choose the last pic- you look totally gorgeous in all but 3rd pic is the best !!

  34. 34 hadeel

    seconed picture

  35. 35 Saroosh

    I would say 3rd is the sexiest of all but we get to see all of your face in the 2nd picture which is beautiful. So, my recommendation would be the 2nd one! Cheers! xo

  36. 36 Nu Nu


  37. 37 Samaa


  38. 38 Mimi


  39. 39 Princess S.

    Second one! 🙂

  40. 40 PinkiiM

    2nd & 3rd photo

  41. 41 Roxy

    Ooh it’s all u so it’s all gorgeous obv! But I like the 2nd and 3rd more cause they show ur beautiful eyes!! I hope u can use them both for the banner, may be with the blog’s name or some msg between them!! Xoxo

  42. 42 Safiyya

    Second picture! But if you can’t decide, why don’t you use ALL THREE??! Like everytime one refreshes your page then a different picture of toi appears? A webdesigner must know the code of this.

    Love, S.

  43. 43 makeupnaive

    Id pick the third one, love love your bone structure in it.. Subtle, sexy, sensual..

  44. 44 Tala

    Wow loving this big hair!! I say go for the first

  45. 45 Danya

    3rd ! thought you’re smile is soo beautiful in all of them

  46. 46 Mariam

    I Love them all Hudiii ❤ …. but the 3rd one OMG!!!!!! …. no ward can describe it!!!!! :* ❤ ….. love you

    • 47 Mariam


  47. 48 Rania

    That’s really hard, u look great in all… I would say link them all together and put all three photos in a banner type hehehe. Since ur asking us to pick, the 2nd and 3rd are amazing…. the 2nd show’s more of your face & it’s more like a photoshoot. The 3rd one is more of an advert type of photo. I pick the 3rd for ur website :).

  48. 49 Khouloud

    I luv the 3rd one 🙂

  49. 50 Kat

    I LOVE 3RD PICTURE ! love you xx

  50. 51 Hind Abdallah

    you are gorgeous! but i like no. 3 more, only because the first 2 show big hair which gives an impression that your website is more for hair styling!

  51. 52 husniye

    2nd 🙂

  52. 53 Sal

    I love them all, however I love the the first one coz it’s different but the second one ur face is more clear , so it either the first or 2nd. P.S the 3rd one Is lovely but I thin you had similar poses before. Huda ur gorgeous an how.

  53. 54 jooj A


  54. Omg can’t wait ! It’s amazing what you’re doing and you’re bringing your best into it! I’ll go for pictures number 1 cause it’s spontaneous ! I really love it ! the hair is amazing ! but number 3 is seductive but I choose number 1

    Good luck can’t wait ! xx

  55. 56 Schanzay

    defintly the 3RD ONE huda!! u luk suuupppeerrr hawt in dat pic 😀

  56. 57 Victoria

    OMG Huda all 3 pics are gorgeous ❤ but my favourite is the 2nd its amazing.. Can't wait darling. Good luck ❤

  57. Second and third…I don suggest first one becuz your eyes are closed ❤ ❤

  58. 59 MysteriousWho

    I’d go with either 1 or 3. You’re beautiful!

  59. 60 Lana Elayyan

    I like the second one the best ,, you look amazing in all but I like the second one

  60. 61 Khuram

    Strong recommendation on the second … elaborates and highlights your facial features and hair… 2nd

  61. 62 Yulia

    you are gorgeoaus on all of them but I recommend to go for the 2nd

  62. 63 abby

    I love all three pictures but I think it should deff be the 2nd one because we can see your whole face, eyes open, hair gorgeous, beautiful smile and everything! I think you should deff go for the second one! You’re gorgeous mashAllah! xx

  63. 64 Eman

    The 2nd or 3rd

  64. No.2 or 3 they so beauty ♥

  65. the third one

  66. 67 meshaa

    3 …good luck 🙂

  67. 68 suman

    i loooove all the pics, but personally i loooove the 2nd one 🙂

  68. 69 jamia

    hi huda mashallah you like amazing on all of us but i prefer the last one, good luck for your new website i can’t wait to see iT!!!!

  69. 70 Shamma


  70. I wish more people would pick the first! You loook soo nice and natural cuz you’re laughing almost! I love that one, and your big hair ❤

    If you don't end up with the first one, I quite like the 3rd!

    Stunning huda ❤ mash'a allah!

  71. it would be the 3…but the second one shows more of your beauty!!! Loving the second one more!<3 Good luck!
    Can't wait for relaunch!

  72. I like 2 and three..2nd especially. It’s different. Over the shoulder look is typical …LOVE the BIG HAIR

  73. 74 Sakia

    I like the second one or third second more

  74. 75 Karen

    Go for picture number 3!!!! without a doubt!

  75. 76 Roxanne Madrid

    The 2nd one for sure.

  76. wowzers!!! hottness, my beauty queen!!! love them all!!!! but my fav is 2nd! ❤

  77. How exciting, good luck and I look fwd to the relaunch 🙂
    All the photos are absolutely gorgeous but I love the third!

  78. 79 georgia_greece

    ….3rd!!!!!!!! :*

  79. 80 Brandi

    I like the one with your eyes slightly closed. I really love the one with your hair pulled to the side, but you look like that a lot of times in your videos. I don’t love the opened eye one just because your hair looks tangled a bit. You are beautiful so it’s hard to be so picky;-) great shots!!

  80. 81 Bedoor


    I like the one which u e close ur’s eye

  81. 82 Afaf

    wow you look like a kardaishan here so gorgeous !! i like the third better i love the pose and the hair is not taking too much space

  82. 83 lulu


  83. OMG.. huda you look goddess of beauty. all are awesome but I think 2Nd one is best… can’t wait to see your website….

  84. 85 giga

    number 1, you look so cheerful there and careless, really beautiful

  85. 86 Meghna

    THE THIRD ONE. Looks like a very classy photo and after seeing that picture ANYONE & EVERYONE would want to be you and will instantly follow your blog 😛

  86. 87 werw

    you HAVE to do a make up video tutorial of your look in these pics! GORG!

  87. 88 Barbie

    DEFINITELY the first!

  88. 89 Nihal

    The second one is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

  89. I love the 2nd and 3rd! id say go with the second 🙂

  90. 91 JJ

    I like them all, you look absolutely gorgeous!!! But I’d choose the first cause your just bursting with happiness in it.

  91. the 2nd one :o)

  92. 93 B


  93. 94 Yasmin AlBalushi

    3rd One ❤ !!

  94. 95 missyuae

    ahh u just make me wanna dye my hair BLACK !!!

  95. 96 Yasmin

    You are absolutely stunning Mashallah!
    Love all your pics but definitely the second image the most. Can’t wait to visit your site once complete! All my love baby girl! X

  96. Huda habibti, the third one is gorgeous! Love you! -@DeenOverDunia

  97. 98 H from iraq


  98. Definitely the first one, shows exactly what you are, a fun and beautiful person that enjoys sharing that with all of us!

  99. 100 luvforhuda

    the 2nd one! You just look so happy and radiant, everything your blog represents!

  100. 101 May

    Diffidently the 3rd picture!

  101. 102 mitsa

    I think the 2nd picture. The 3rd one is really sexy

  102. 103 Mani

    The first one! its flirty and fun 😀

  103. 104 Sumaiyah

    I love the first one!!

  104. 105 Sanaz

    I’d go for the second one. Lovely voluptous.

    Your eyes are open and close at the same time in the first one which…..yeah. The third one is nice also but not as nice as the second.

  105. 106 mjalbader

    MASHALLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAA I LOVED THEM ALLLL HUDA!!!! u have an amaaazing heart that can show in ur face :*** I think the second is the one ❤

  106. 107 AyeshaZ

    2nd for sure

  107. 108 Noor

    1st or 3rd

  108. I love the first one.. Because it doesn’t give out your whole look/face and so there is that urge to click and find out more!

  109. 110 lulu444

    helloo !!!
    mmm i think the last picture is amazing !

  110. 111 noor

    the second picture

  111. Second or third pic!

    • 113 Aisha

      i vote for the third one ^_^

  112. 2nd! because we can see your hair and your gorgeous smile and your facial features all in one picture, i’d say thats exactly the type of picture any beauty website would need! the third is also fabulous but since it’s a close-up i prefer the 2nd !!

  113. 115 Rayyah

    all very beautiful masha2allah but if i must choose its either 1 or 2 but i will choose the 2nd picture because it is more mature and you look very fresh and we can see your whole face ❤

  114. the second

  115. 117 fofa

    2nd or 3rd,, but i like 3rd most….you look super gorgeous ❤

  116. 118 Hanan


  117. 119 Aleia


  118. 120 Abeer

    side pose for sure!
    you’ve got that seductress vibe goin’


    Love Ya!

  119. 121 amber b

    Definitely #1. chic, fun and shows ur personality!

  120. I love all of them but the 3rd one it’s just great!

  121. 3rd!!!! 🙂

  122. 124 faith5


  123. 125 Mariam

    FIRST one!!!

  124. 126 Nouf

    2nd or 3rd

  125. 127 Reem

    2nd or 3rd bettteeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  126. 1st of 2nd. 1st looks so much fun, and ur hair looks BIG and beautiful.

  127. *1st OR 2nd

  128. Pls make it fast

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