Rad or Bad | Benefits’s Watt’s Up Highlighter!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I can say enough how much I LOOOOVE using highlighters! Personally, I believe they are a great way to soften the face, so it’s very rare that I don’t use one! They rank right up there with concealer and mascara for me, which is why I am super picky about my highlighters! I heard about Benefits new launch for a highlighter, but didn’t think anything until a product junkie client of mine said I really needed to try it! I just got it last week and I have to say, I am OBSESSED! It could very well be my favorite highlighter for a few reasons!

First, I love how easy it is for travel! It’s not liquid, it’s kind of like a cream-to-shadow formula, and the stick has everything you need! On one end it’s the highlighter and on the other end, a blender that works well for blending out the edges! The texture is amazing since it goes on super smooth and turns into a gorgeous powder! I also looooove the color! It’s kind of a coldish pink and looks amazing on every skin tone! The only thing I would recommend is that when you use it, you stipple it (which means you kind of pat it against your skin, instead of stroking it along)! Since it turns into a powder, if you don’t blend right away, you could have uneven areas, which means it works best stippled! There really is nothing I would change about this product and it’s definitely an AWESOME highlighter for everyone to use!

You can see how natural it looks! I applied a small amount on my cheek bones, cupid’s bow (upper lip), nose and chin! Looks kind of like a natural dewy glow! GORG!! 🙂


16 Responses to “Rad or Bad | Benefits’s Watt’s Up Highlighter!”

  1. 1 itzzia polanco

    Where can I buy it? I live in California..

    • you can buy this anywhere! Sephora! Ulta! Macy’s!

  2. 3 Reema

    Your looking soo pretty!! Have you lost a lot of weight?? I soo wanna try thing product! Can’t wait:) xo love u huda

  3. 4 Anum

    Oh you look so pretty! And your so right about highlighters softening your look! I just purchased three highlighters/skinfinishes from MAC’s Extra Dimension Collection and I absolutely love them! I’ve featured them on my blog http://dynopupbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/

    Lots of love! Anum xxx

  4. 5 GlamBeauty

    You look GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously!! Cant wait to go buy this and can’t wait for your monthly favorites video!:)) I need to go shopping soon hahaha
    PS where did you get your fab blazer from?!! Xxxx

  5. 6 Mary Monroe

    It’s beautiful! Love this blazer looking hott

  6. 7 Rinu

    I swear this pic reminds me of kim kardashian, the pose, the face..( not a comPliment btw) but i agree about the highlighter! I use the other one u promoted… Smashbox

    • 8 Yazmania

      You look gorgeous!

      Rinu: Can you please give me the name of the smashbox highlighter? Thank you gorgeous ladies

      • 9 Rinu

        Smashbox softlights in shimmer! Xo

  7. 10 hadeel

    i usd their Highlighter it was nice to finish ur look, but what i really loved and highly recommend is the eyebrow kit, it’s amazing it comes with two fantastic brushes and small tweezer. thanks to you for intreducing this great brand 🙂

  8. 11 passion

    Is it any different from Benefit’s girl meets pearl ? xx

    • hi darling! It is slightly! The texture is definitely nicer and easier to work with! They have kind of similar colors, but if I had to choose one I would DEFINITELY say Watt’s Up! I do love Benefit Highlighters!

  9. 13 Barbie

    Loovee highlighters!! My ultimate fav is touche claate by YSL! Will try this.. Love ur Zara blazer!

  10. 14 nooni

    hey huda !Love this highlighter!!thankssssss,can u also please tell us where exactly is ur blazer from?? love it !!

  11. 15 Ada

    Sooooo this will work on like Ebony skin tones too? Like NC 45/NW 40? Im sooooooooo desperate for a highlighter thanks yaaay!

  12. 16 Misbah

    i love the way u look huda…. its such a delight a to see you and then also te way you do your make up.I am become ur fan and can’t stop following you. I recently came to dubai and hence finding the rite place where i can go for grooming was more dan difficult keeping in consideration the amount i’ll have to spend was scary.but ur blogs help me find the rite products and help in grooming me.I am a teacher by profession struggling to get into make up artistry.Ur make up tips have made me popular in school amoung the kids.
    Thanx a tonn.i loved your blazer………..

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