My FAVORITE Serum for 100% Frizz-Free Hair!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Having unruly curly hair is really something to deal with! My hair is so frizz-prone that you could just hold a glass of water next to me and watch my hair grow like a chia pet! It’s hard! I love straightening my hair, but living on the beach especially with Dubai heat means gorgeous hair is something I can only dream of!

I am beyond excited to share this product with you because NOTHING comes close to how amazing it is! I’ve used serum after serum, but this one SERIOUSLY keeps your hair frizz free 100%!

A few years back on a rainy day, Sandra Bullock wore her hair pin straight to a red carpet event in Hollywood, every other celeb knew that with the weather, the only way to ensure they looked perfect head-to-toe was an updo with killer amounts of hairspray! Sandra’s hair stayed perfectly put and not even a hair was out of place, after word got out that the success behind her gorgeous mane was Frederic Fekkai’s Silky Straight Ironless Serum it sold out all over America and remained sold out until they started manufacturing heavier amounts! Pretty crazy, but after I heard the story, I was curious, so I put it to the test! OMG!!! My hair has never been silkier, more obedient and smooth! I am addicted to this product! I’ve used a lot of serums that helped keep my hair less frizzy, but nothing completely got rid of frizz, I kind of thought that was impossible, UNTIL I tried this! Nothing even comes close to the power of Fekkai’s serum! It’s pretty insane but you’ll understand once you try it!


12 Responses to “My FAVORITE Serum for 100% Frizz-Free Hair!”

  1. Where can we get it from in Dubai and what’s the price like?

  2. Where can we get this in Dubai and what is the price like?

    • 3 Noor

      same Q

    • 4 renren

      Bloomingdales, and paris gallery

      • Bloomies, Faces, Paris Gallery and I believe you can get it at in the states!

  3. 6 Mariam

    Interesting!!! =) …. definitely gonna try it…. Thank you Hudii ❤

  4. 7 Anisha Ramchandani

    where can I get it in Dubai?

  5. 8 Sal

    U can find it in faces, I used to buy some of his products from faces, all great stuff, now I will go for the serum.

  6. Does this mean it makes ur hair straighter? Its says ironless silky straight 😀

    • You don’t need to use an Iron, you can just apply it to dry or wet hair before or after styling! It’s seriously AMAZEBALLZ!! 🙂

  7. 11 Richa

    I am convinced
    I have to try this

  8. I remember you talking about Kerastase do you like this one better or do you use both?

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