Vitamin HB | What’s Your Beauty Routine?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my darlings!! As much as I preach beauty, most of us really don’t have a beauty routine! What exactly is a beauty routine? A beauty routine is a few things we do every night to keep us on our game! For instance, my beauty routine is removing makeup, facial massage, castor oil on my lashes, double chin exercises (yes, I know it’s silly, but I just can’t do without it) and leg lifts! I know it might seem so funny, but making this super small changes has DRAMATICALLY changed my appearance, trust me!

So here’s a question to you guys, what is the one beauty step that you ca’n’t live without?!! For me, it’s facial massage, love it and can’t live without it!


24 Responses to “Vitamin HB | What’s Your Beauty Routine?”

  1. 1 Kamala

    My Mom….. i saw her age gracefully with dignity….Shez GORGEOUS…….
    Am happy am her sweetheart.

    • 2 Kamala

      Stay happy n smile Heartfuly. Ur crow’s feet n other lines look really gorgeous when u r happy from inside. Make its a must in ur routine……

  2. 3 Lia J.

    Hi Huda! First off I LOVE your blog & thank you for sharing such wonderful tips because you’ve made quite a positive impact on my life 🙂 My beauty routine is after I wash my face, I brush my thick brows with a spooly brush then I pat my skin dry, apply my serum & while it absorbs take my dog outside then come in & apply my moisturizer. I sometimes like to do about 10 mins of yoga then it is time for beauty sleep 🙂

    • 4 Lia J.

      Out of excitement I listed my entire routine but the one I can’t live without is brushing my thick brows otherwise they do their own thing.

  3. 5 Mounia

    Hi huda, i read on your blog once about almond oil for dark circles since it has been my most important regimen every night!! It helps me get rid of all of the dark area under my eyes

  4. 6 antalia

    I massage my head every night for 5 minutes, this helped my hair become thicker

  5. 7 Jamie L

    wow…love your tips! I just use good old fashioned vaseline! I apply it to my under eye and also on my hands and feet!

  6. 8 hefsa

    i rub lemons on my knees..

  7. 9 hadeel

    i love my hair and i hate to see it dry, so i bought Pantene night therapy, as you recommended, and i use it every night before going to sleep

    • 10 Diana

      I also bought Pantene Pro-V serum for split ends and it did miracle to my dry ends from day 1. The hair is nourished and healthy.

  8. i clean my face and night cream.


  9. 13 Tima

    I use beeswax for my lips, and a rice mask for my face followed by a rice toner, than my favorite facial serum ( No 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum).. I take my night shower then i use my homemade lemon body cream.

  10. 14 afreen

    Face yoga is the one step in beauty for me

  11. 15 Aleia

    I just discovered your blog, and I love it. I just looked at your tutorial to make lips bigger and you explain things so clearly!! Def. keeping this site in my favorites!!

  12. 16 Lola

    Washing my face before I go to sleep! I hate sleeping with makeup on!

  13. Facial massages, face masks and getting enough water !

  14. 18 missyuae

    apply vaseline on my lips and bodyshop vitamin E cream to my body !! lool they are a MUST to me …

  15. Hey Huda! Beautiful lady! I too remove my makeup, but carry on with cleanse, exfoliate, toning, a night repair serum and a night time moisturiser. Sometimes I include lotus oil which helps my skin remain hydrated, smooth and reduces the appearence of blemishes! plus thanks to your awesome video on facial massage I found last year I do that too! if i can be bothered I’ll jump onto my stepper for a couple of minutes! finished off with a foot cream for my feet gives me a mini massage and im off to dreamland! lots of love Anum xxx

  16. 20 Mais

    My beauty routine:
    -At night: remove makeup, wash my face with a gentle face wash. Apply toner, eye cream and night cream or serum.
    -Morning: wash my face, apply toner, eye cream and sunscreen.

    The one beauty step I can’t live without:
    well, they are actually 2:
    Eye cream and sunscreen (sun can do a serious damage to your skin, and I live in UAE so you know how strong the sun is all year long. I make sure not to leave home without it)

  17. 21 Ale

    At night, salicylic acid cleanser, wait
    My skin to air dry. Then I apply a thin layer
    of the invigorating night gel (Ole Henriksen)
    Then an under eye serum (Olay) and then
    Midnight Recovery Concentrate (Kiehls.)
    Also, I can’t go to bed w/out moisturizing
    hands/feet & lip balm on lips

  18. 22 Mary Monroe

    facials and lip scrubs!!

  19. 23 Layan

    I am a freak when it comes to keeping it clean day and night and moisturise… To be honest I really don’t have time to do anything else!

  20. 24 Alya M.

    Dear Huda, this is my first post, but I’ve been a longtime fan 🙂

    My evening routine is pretty standard: cleansing followed by applying some rose water, camomile oil or the weekly facial scrub and mask.

    But! I have a favorite must-do morning ritual!! When applying nourishing eye cream, I gently massage the entire eye area with my ring fingers, as it allows to apply minimal pressure on the delicate skin around your eyes. It opens up the eyes, reduces puffiness, makes a great base for make up AND, for as far as I can tell :p, helps fight wrinkles. I’m turning 26 soon and I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years now with great results 🙂

    Thank you for your blog! Keep up the good work!! ❤

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