Celebs Who Don’t Think They’re Hot


By Huda Heidi Kattan

How many of us think we’re really pretty? Truth be told, no matter what anyone tells me, I just don’t think I’m really that pretty at all. I hate to admit this, but most makeup artist are some of the hardest on themselves! We’re obsessed with creating and accenting beauty, but sometimes you need just embrace your own beauty! I saw a post on a zimbio about celebrities who are seriously gorgeous and don’t think they are! I started to think, how many of YOU girls don’t think you are beautiful?

When I meet most of you gorgeous women, I’m blown away at how stunningly beautiful you guys are, but do you guys really believe it? I think it’s time to embrace ourselves and realize beauty is so much more than what meets the eyes! We should do what makes us feel good, and we really need to start by loving ourselves and every bit! It’s hard, but we can all do it together! 🙂 I know this sounds a bit cheesy, but I am totally serious!


14 Responses to “Celebs Who Don’t Think They’re Hot”

  1. 1 Diana

    Brain is the most beautiful organ that anyone can have. Perfection is highlighted by imperfection. so we are all perfect! Brain can make you charming and interesting and that’s much more powerful than outer appearance. Even in the modelling business, having a pretty face is by no means a sufficient criterion.

  2. Heeey Huda! Actually I’m not that good looking … but when I see myself in the mirror without make up … I smile and thank God for what I have .. I think it has to do with how easy satisfied and pleased you’re with what you’ve got. And I am easy satisfied 😛 hehe ..

  3. 3 Mais

    Celebs are humans after all, and each human being has his/her own insecurities! it feels good to know that such people feel the same way as we ordinary people do feel..

    As a teenager I really hated everything about my looks! I was so insecure and having the worst acne prone skin didn’t help at all. With time l learned to appreciate what I have and I learned to focus on what I love about my looks instead of what I don’t. My amazing mother helped me a lot to reach such beliefs. Every time I went to her complaining about my skin and acne she used to remind me that I have beautiful large eyes, thick hair and eyebrows many girls would die to have….
    Now I’m totally convinced that no one is perfect, and every person is beautiful in his/her own unique way. External beauty can easily vanish if not accompanied with intelligence, good attitude and a kind heart.

  4. 4 suman

    megan fox is jus soo fit

  5. 5 renren

    I don;t really believe jess alba, megan fox, and nicole. Their comments seem like they’re trying too hard.

  6. 6 MakeUpNaive

    A guy once told me that intelligence & confidence, mixed in some nutty humor is the sexiest quality a girl can have!

  7. 7 hadeel

    we all seek to perfection….but he is not THERE!!!

  8. 8 Bunny

    Weird they all look beautiful with or without make up but they don’t have confidence

  9. 9 hafsah

    Huda are u serious ?
    I totally disagree with the second and third line
    You are so gorgeous that I truly admire u
    There’s nothing about u that I hate…
    Bbs ur stunning let me just tell u that my thoughts for u will never change
    Just stay the way you are
    Your my pengalicous sexy bitch 😉 x

  10. 10 Elena

    well, i dont think. i just know it. but ok with makeup on i m almost average

  11. 11 missyuae

    i always say that I will go out without any makeup .. but i never do !! every time i decide this i go back and apply some eyeliner , or some blush lool how many if you do that?! >.<
    it's true .. confidence controls our beauty for sure ..

  12. i feel the real beauty is in our heart
    good to have beautiful face, body…….
    i mean no need to be very obsessed

  13. 13 Mary Monroe

    I deff agree with you… beauty comes from within i believe your inner beauty exhumes your outer beauty, it’s important to know your worth everyone’s beautiful in their own unique way<333!

  14. 14 Sumaiyah

    Wow, these women should be grateful. I am so glad God gave me both my hands and feet!

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