Vitamin HB | Cleopatra’s Perfect Skin Milk Mask!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

We all try so hard to find the best ingredients out there to keep our skin perfect and blemish free, but honestly most of the ingredients we want are found in our basic kitchen products! I personally LOOOOOVE milk soooooo much for skincare! It’s incredible how amazing lactic acid (found in milk) is at giving us flawless, radiant skin! It helps remove dead skin cells, which means less scarring, wrinkling, and any other things keeping us from perfect skin! This face mask is so amazing! Not only does it feel great on, but it’s so gentle and very effective! You can use this as much as twice a week, and trust me, the results are amazing!



1 tablespoon powdered milk
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon aloe vera
lavender essential oil

In a bowl, mix ingredients together and apply to face working from the center of the face outwards. Let sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Pat dry and apply favorite moisturizer!


19 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Cleopatra’s Perfect Skin Milk Mask!”

  1. 1 Honey

    Love your homemade tips 🙂
    Is there anything I can use instead of honey? I get allergic when I apply it on my face! :(((

    • 2 Diana

      try strawberry. honey whitens skin, so does strawberry (crush it to form a paste)

    • Milk is pretty awesome alone! if you want, just skip the honey, it’s totally fine! 🙂

  2. 4 stilishbabe

    Reblogged this on stilishbabe.

  3. 5 Nehan

    Where can I get pure aloe vera from?

    • 6 Diana

      try local pharmacy

    • most pharmacies or whole food stores should carry it darling!

  4. This sounds excellent! I definitely want to give this a try!

  5. 9 Nathasia

    Hey huda hoe are you?
    I found youre tips on you tube and i follow
    Almost all youre tips. I’m from Holland and
    I really like youre blog youre soooo amazing
    Thnx for all the good tips.

    Youre new fan Nathasia

    • thanks baby!! Xxx

  6. gona try this for sure tmw itself! 😀

  7. 12 jamia

    hi huda when u say a teaspoon aloe vera u mean oil or something else??

    • The aloe vera I used was kind of like a gel, but honestly oil or gel, it’s fine! Just make sure it is a nice consistency and make modifications as needed! 🙂

      • 14 jamia

        thank u so much i will try it inchallah i hope it will reduce my scarves!

  8. 15 Sonyia

    Can u use yogurt or normal milk instead of powdered milk?

    • It would be a little tough for this recipe since it would make it very watery, I honestly would use the powdered milk if possible!

      • 17 Sonyia

        Oh okay 🙂 thanks ❤ does this recipe help with large pores!? ESP around the nose and cheek area!

  9. 18 husniye

    amzing tips
    love it ❤

  10. 19 Prugs

    can it be aloe vera gel?xx

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